118) “Super Glue”

118) “Super Glue”
By: Johnny Blaze

I dressed the tree with dangled lights and shiny ornaments,
Can’t see past the stars, car alarms wake up the older heads
Pops told me “Son, when the moon’s full, you grow!”
Said to him, Why’s that?
But he didn’t have the answer, as u-sual!
Went from, angry lil’ child! To a, Zen-headed teen!
Now I’mma, completely drained adult!
And my head is in-between!
Two clouds, wild, had to levitate to see the sun!
With my shades on, I stare into the light,
Can you alleviate the dark?
I’m haunted, I’m cursed!
Can’t get behind the wheel, ’cause I’ll drive onto the curb!
That’s never happened but I’m giving y’all imagery!
Angry to Zen, then! Becoming drained; that’s a trilogy!
I walk in the night, in search of a Tosta, Mis-ta!
Halo above me, point at fools just-like-Friez-a!
I’m in my fourth form
Just might be, a rare kind of breed; unicorn, with four horns!
Even though, I am alive, oddly, I’m dead inside!
Cut open my gut, out, spills rotten organs! And a fat, para-site!
It’s been eating me up, since I left, elementary school
Teacher! Teacher! How did you ignore that growing, was-a-ghoul?
Run around cemeteries, gathering up the crew!
Hey soul sista! How was your lunch?
Meet anyone new?
I’m different, I’m desperate,
Say some negative; I’ll let it eat up my intestine!
My blood boils, they served me cold bread! Fuck! My halo foiled
Back on earth and may-be! I needa dig up ol’ dirt
“People don’t change! We just walk in circles,”
So when I bury my fury, rise! As this spectacle’s bound to be hurtful!
Obliterate the cashier and the rest of ’em,
Much like what happened to Planet Vegeta; you neva heard from them
Shut the blinds, there’s nothin’ to see, here, folks!
Store’s closed, come back when the dead be woke, ha!
That’s why we go to Wake’s ’cause we in bad shape!
Guilt, drives us cray!
Similar to my mind’s state!
Ay yo! You better listen you fool!
I came here for good food, and you did me so rude!
I should head-butt ya, stupid, blank, face!
But in, good, faith, I can’t!
This ain’t, G-T-A; makin’ a scene, brings out the lames!
The cops, the popo! The police and stuff,
“There ain’t no justice! It’s JUST, US!”
Word to Sweet, he be tough
Pull up to the house and remember what CJ said, in the beginning of San An-dre’s!
“Fucked everythang up” and that’s how it be, nowadays!
The journey continues, need new threads, head on over to Binco!
But the person who works there, looks like a gringo!
Oh! We in the same boat!
Not nor-mal! We suppose to abandon our mor-als!
No! No! Not in this lifetime!
Call me Gato Blanco, ’cause I still have all, nine, lives!
Yup, this the truth, ‘tween me and you,
I’m stuck on bein’ broken so I guess I need some super-glue!
I guess I need some super-glue!
I guess I need some super-glue,
I’m stuck on bein’ broken, so I guess I need some super-glue..


E= DLP #3: 27) “Bound 2”

Bound to fall in love
Bound to fall in love (Uh-huh, honey)

[Bridge 1: Johnny Blaze]
All them other boys’ lame, and you know it now
When you meet a real man he’ll never let you down,

   These are words said to an old elementary school acquaintance. We reconnected when she broke up with her boyfriend after three years of being together. This is me giving her some words of encouragement.

Bound to fall in love
Bound to fall in love (Uh-huh, honey)

[Verse 1: Johnny Blaze]
What you doin’ at school? Working on the year book?
A tough task indeed, no need to feel shook
You living happy but still feeling stressed out,
Fuck the dude that hurt you, he’s the one that’s missing out!

   Typical small talk. “What you doin’?” “Working?” This girl’s feeling stressed, trying to wrap up her yearbook project for school, all while trying to move forward from her break up. She’s tough.

I know you’ve been dating him for years now
Three years seems longer than Drake’s eyebrow

Drake's eyebrows


Left the guy now he’s gotta reroute
Bite the tongue; no bad words from thee mouth

   She left him and I have nothing bad to say about the dude and even if I did, I would “Bite the tongue” and keep my mouth shut, for argument’s sake.

A home doesn’t need to be a nice house

   Yeah, it really doesn’t man.

I need a vacation, somewhere far, maybe south

How you gon’ tell me why my life’s bad?
Fuck you I never needed you in my life Dad!

   I can’t remember why I was so upset with him. He’s the hardest working man I know and I owe him my life. Sorry Papa.

Uh, this that bomb shit
This that “Why you smoking, thought you were done?” shit
This that clean your pipe once you smoked a bowl shit

Got a new friend, frig off to the old bitch

   I was appreciative that I had made a new friend with this ol’ elementary acquaintance. This was also a dig to RAGE for abandoning me.

[Bridge 2: Charlie Wilson & Johnny Blaze:]

[Charlie Wilson:]
I know, you’re tired, of loving, of loving,
With nobody to love, nobody, nobody (Uh-huh, honey)

[Johnny Blaze:]
Close your eyes and let the song keep you peaceful,
One good friend is worth a thousand people

   This is one of my most thought out lines written. It paints a picture for everyone and also ignites a provoking idea: 1 > 1000

Bound to fall in love
Bound to fall in love (Uh-huh, honey)

[Verse 2: Johnny Blaze]
I wanna be there for you no matter what
Whenever you’re feeling down, I’ll bring you up

   Look, it’s no secret. People who read my blog should know by now, I’m fuckin’ sensitive; facts. When I build bonds with other humans, I become more sensitive; more caring. It’s a gift; it’s a curse.

I think that you’re so damn cool,
I mean damn we went to ele, elementary school

Hey, you remember where we first met?
I thought, you were emo don’t get upset
But hey, your nails I couldn’t forget
‘Cause you scratched me but you weren’t a threat

   We first met at recess in elementary school. She was new to the school at the time and kids were talking about the new “emo girl.” I’m not sure how it happened, but I remember being chased by her one time during recess and she’s hella quick cousin. Girl caught up to me and sunk her nails into my back, like a back rake move in pro-wrestling.

And I know, you never liked ______ yet,
That girl, is someone who just jet

   “______” refers to my first love from Power Trip.

But hey, not all relationships are perfect

And hey yo, we made it through a break up
So hey, maybe we shouldn’t think much
We doin’ good, we came clutch

   Back to having a conversation with this new friend. It’s me saying to her look, you ended a relationship, my relationship ended, yet somehow, we found each other and now we got each other’s backs–or at least, I had hers..

I’ll ask you what you want in life
Have you ever thought about being a loving wife?
Maybe, I’ll be a good husband one day,
But first, the woman in my life has to stay

   Now I’m getting serious with her; asking her what does she truly want out of this life, thinking about the future, and if she sees herself married. Then I flip it, and wonder if I’ll get married and if I’ll be good enough for someone to settle down with, which is why I say, “But first, the woman in my life has to stay.” There’s always doubt; anything can change in an instant.

After, everything is said and done,
I can honestly say you’re the realest out of everyone

   I’ll admit, this is quite the clingy line; I tend to jump to conclusions. Assuming that because I had her back, she had mine, which was naive and yet I went on and said “you’re the realest,” but anyone can be the realest. They just have to be honest with themselves and with others.

[Bridge 2: Charlie Wilson & Johnny Blaze:]
And I know, you’re tired, of loving, of loving
With nobody to love, nobody, nobody
So just grab, somebody, no leaving this party
With nobody to love, nobody, nobody (Uh-huh, honey)

[Johnny Blaze:]
Johnny Blaze on the mic, have a goodnight,
Johnny Blaze on the mic, have a goodnight,

Bound to fall in love
Bound to fall in love (Uh-huh, honey)

   Despite our hard times getting over our individual break ups, the hook feels like it’s the one now giving us, the words of encouragement. Her and I are, “bound to fall in love” again, though it may not be with each other, we will fall in love with other people but there’s no cheat code to figure out if the love we get, is the love we deserve…


Word to Mr. Anderson


E= DLP #2: 26) “All I Want Is You”

[Verse 1: Johnny Blaze]
Damn, you gone cold man,
I never thought I’d see the day that we’d be friends man,
Now I’m pondering how we got old man,
Known you for more than one, more than two,
More than three, four, years man
Vato Loco since the beginning of time,
“Don’t worry, it’s okay,” you told me, “It’s alright”
Then you forgot about the homies,
Forgot about the homies,
How could you leave me and have me feelin’ so lonely?

   This verse is a reflection of sorts. It’s about my relationship with an old friend, who I will refer to as “RAGE” for your convenience. I’ve known RAGE since kindergarden. Back then, she would pick on me, which is where the, “never thought I’d see the day we’d be friends” line came from, which transitions into, “now I’m pondering how we got old” because it’s wild how time passes you and things change.

   “Vato Loco since the beginning of time,” Vatos Locos was my group of friends from about grade five to grade eleven I would say. Nothing gang related, I promise. The name came from one of my all-time favourite movies, Blood In Blood Out: Bound by Honor:

Protagonist Miklo Velka throwing up the Vatos Locos Forever hand sign

At the time, all I ever wanted was a group of close knit friends that I could call family, much like the family bond displayed in the movie.

There was a period in RAGE and I’s friendship where things drifted. I upset her by telling her my honest opinion of her boyfriend and would apologize for making her feel bad. She’s the one saying, Don’t worry, it’s okay… It’s alright.” In reality however, she was mad.

   “Then you forgot about the homies, forgot about the homies, how could you leave me and have me feelin’ so lonely?” RAGE was angry. She started to distance herself from not only me but from the Vatos too. There was a feeling of abandonment inside me and it sucked.

[Verse 2: Miguel]
I wonder sometimes,
I wonder if I, was wrong
Tryna do right by you got me here
Now all I am is alone

   Miguel actually supports how I felt back then with those four particular lines.

‘Cause her eyes,
And those hips,
And that (ass),
Don’t compare, at all (no)
And at, best, all they do is distract me but now, deep down, when I face it,

   Haha, except this part. I never looked at RAGE as someone I was infatuated with. She was more of a little sister from another mister.

[Hook: Miguel]
All I want is you
All I want is you (now)
All I want is you now
Now that you’re gone, gone, gone

   All I wanted was for RAGE to be my friend again, that’s the whole point.

[Verse 3: Miguel]
‘Cause being your friend, was killing me softly
Hear voices, wondering where I went wrong
It was my fault, in the wrong time,
I wonder so often, regret gets exhausting

   Miguel puts the right words together to capture how I felt: “It was my fault, in the wrong time, I wonder so often, regret gets exhausting.” RAGE was one of my best friends at the time and not being able to go to her, sucked donkey dick. It was indeed exhausting and quite frustrating.

‘Cause her eyes,
And those hips,
And that (ass),
Don’t compare, at all (no)
And at best, all they do is distract me but now, deep down, when I face it,

[Hook: Miguel] (x2)
All I want is you (mhm)
All I want is you (now)
All I want is you now (sugar)
Now that you’re gone, gone, gone, gone, gone

[Bridge: Miguel]
‘Cause they don’t smile,
Or smell like you

No they don’t make me laugh,
Or even cook like you

   Yeah she was a funny ass girl. For the time we were friends, she and I made each other laugh often, feeding off each other’s humour usually, and holy cow! She would bake the BOMB-EST cupcakes:

RAGE’s homemade cupcakes had me like

And they don’t photograph,
Nah, they don’t sex like you
Let’s face it, I can’t replace it
That’s why all I want is you now…

[Verse 4: Johnny Blaze]
I wake up in the morning and think What happened?
Trying to find the answers; Kanye West
You flew like planes, no joke, you jet
Was our friendship, something that, you regret?

   There were a lot of days were I would wake up in the morning and feel empty, as if asking myself: “Damn, how did things switch up so fast?” 

“You flew like planes, no joke, you jet, was our friendship, something that, you regret?” When RAGE wasn’t on speaking terms with the Vatos, it felt like she went on a plane and escaped from us for her own benefit. Had me wondering: “Was I really a shit friend? Does she hate me so much that she regrets being friends with me all together?”

And can we intertwine?
You found someone that these plain bitches couldn’t find,
Is it possible that you’ll get married in due time?

   A common theme that occurred in Vatos Locos, was whenever one of us got into a relationship with someone outside of our clique, there always seemed to be friction going on within our group. When RAGE was in the early stages of her first serious relationship, the Vatos tried our best to accept and support RAGE and her boyfriend’s relationship. The dude was cool, calm and collective. Rare type of human, so much so that I think RAGE scored when she began dating him compared to other girls at her school dating him. RAGE and her boyfriend were inseparable, like a newly wed couple.

I knew you were the wifey type, baking sweet cupcakes,
You discovered a new life, better find your love Drake

   At this point, I realize: “Hey, perhaps she’s really in love with this dude,” hence, she found her love; very Drake.

I say I’m sorry, you say “It’s alright”
Damn, said it with sincerity, why ain’t we tight?
I thought we were homies,
Yet you really low-blowed me,
Like an attitude of hatred

   Looking at this part right here, I can see now how insensitive I was. As if apologizing was enough to heal a friendship, not yet realizing that whatever I said about her boyfriend, had hit her to her core and couldn’t be fixed by saying “sorry.” I reiterate the “It’s alright” line that she said in the first verse to highlight that now she’s saying “It’s alright!” expressing the tone that she’s heard enough of my sorries and has had enough of my shit.

   “I thought we were homies, yet you really low-blowed me, like an attitude of hatred” The low-blow line wasn’t in the original. I changed it because it used to include Youforia’s real name (see E= DLP #1). Ironically, though I say: “you really low-blowed me” it’s probably how RAGE felt when I said what I said about her boyfriend.

Look at your life now
Just betrayin’,
You don’t wanna be friends, come to me and say it

   Like many things in life, we go through stages of emotions when it comes to people we care about. At the beginning of verse one, I was disappointed and confused as to why RAGE was being distant. The start of verse four reveals questions going on in my mind which leads to now. Now I’m fuelled. I’m frustrated. I want things to be how it used to be; Vatos Locos Forever type of thing. This is why I accuse RAGE of “betrayin'” because it felt like she turned her back on Vatos Locos without ever coming up to me and saying, “Hey, I don’t think we should be friends no more” type of scenario. She just decided “fuck ’em” I guess.

I’m displayin’,
My thoughts on this paper like I write for real

  So here we are, the cup has runneth over. My frustrations have spilled everywhere and now I’m doing the ol’ self deprecating thing, where I’m totally sweeping the idea of being a real writer under the rug.

I’m sayin’,
Before I promised you that I would never leave,
I loved you like a Sister; don’t ever disbelieve

   My favourite line in this piece. I made a promise to RAGE that I would never leave her side, be there for her when she needs me to be, which in my defence, I have, since she is the one who decided “Nope, fuck this white boy, I’m out” and not me. Despite all this, I did in fact love RAGE. If you’re lucky enough, you will meet people who you easily click with and as that friendship grows, so will the bond. This bond we shared, felt real. When you look at someone as a little sister that you never had, you will do whatever it takes to make sure that nobody hurts them; you protect them. Not because they’re fragile, nay, protect them because you love them and when you love someone, you go out of your way to make sure they’re alright but, I guess I failed in that department. Perhaps I was hurting more than helping…

[Outro: Miguel]
That’s why
All I want is you now (mhhm)
All I want is you now (yeah)
All I want is you now (sugar)
Now that you’re gone, gone, gone, gone
You know that you’re gone (I want you back)

E= DLP #1: 12) “Power Trip (Dreams Pt.2)”

[Hook 1: J. Cole]
Got me up all night, all I’m singin’ is love songs
She got me up all night, constant drinkin’ and love songs
She got me up all night, down and out with these love songs
She got me up all night, drownin’ out with these love songs
She got me up all night, (yeah) all I’m singin’ is love songs
She got me up all night, (yeah) constant drinkin’ and love songs
She got me up all night, (yeah) down and out with these love songs
She got me open all night, (uh-huh) got me open all night (hey)

[Verse 1: Johnny Blaze]
Okay, back when I was in love with my neighbour’s niece,
And even back when I still had my heart at peace
The pain used to hurt,
Thought I was cursed,
No love found, but I found weed so it worked 

   When I was in the seventh grade, there was this new girl at my school. She was a standout not only because she was a fresh face but because she seemed more collected than the other girls. I’m walking home one day, I look across the street and my neighbour’s son was just coming home too, however, he was accompanied by the new girl. Turns out they cousins. What are the odds right? Fast forward to beginning of eighth grade, we ended up dating whatever that mean’t back then, and, I was convinced this was my first love. She ended up moving out of the city during the Fall and, I was hurt by a girl for the first time. Thought, “This just had to happen to somebody like me huh? Can’t fall in love without some shit going down.”

   So the Power Trip story begins before I had met my first love, before I would get broken hearted and plants the seed of this reality, that my coping mechanism for misery would become, marijuana.

We had a thing, who knew?
I even wrote the song Dreams for you,
Dreamed that my dreams were true,
Inception like I leaned on you,

   That first line is me being a smart ass. My relationship with the new girl was pretty well known. My first kiss was recorded in front of majority of my classmates, crowded around us while it was raining mind you. The first song I ever wrote titled Dreams, was in fact, about my first love. I never published that one, mainly because some things you just gotta keep close to your heart.

   “Dreamed that my dreams were true.” After she had left, I spent the first few months, kinda lost. I vividly remember sitting in the back of my eighth grade classroom zoning out and just daydreaming about her, specifically unrealistic scenarios where she would walk down the hallway and re-enter the classroom, as if she had comeback for me.

   “Inception like I leaned on you.” Honestly, the feeling of needing someone in order to not feel lost, had hit me in such an unfamiliar way. I thought the scene from Inception where the walls start leaning against each other was the perfect way to describe my need to lean on her for comfort:


Scene from Inception

Stupid shit, some stupid shit,
Never let go,
I was so stupid, shit

Now a Vato got stronger, took a power trip,
I was alone for awhile, but I’m good, I’m grown now,
And, to the same bitches who used to poke fun at me,
Life got better ’cause I was finally happy
And I met someone I was feelin’ euphoric,
Oh, you should know, I learned to ignore it

   “I was alone for awhile, but I’m good, I’m grown now.” It came down to the point where being depressed that I couldn’t see her anymore, wasn’t serving any justice for my health. I eventually had to accept the fact there was nothing I could do about the situation so like the saying goes, “Man up!”

   “And, to the same bitches who used to poke fun at me,” In elementary school, I was picked on a lot for the size of my head by both boys and girls. Calling me names like “Football head,” “Hey Arnold,” “Stewie Griffin,” “Watermelon Head” or more notoriously, “Big Head.” I was picked on so much, that it had subconsciously made me believe nobody would wanna be with me, since I’m just some circus freak to them.

   “Life got better ’cause I was finally happy,” came from the perspective that despite my first love moving out of the city, I would later find a new person who made me happy or whatever my idea of happiness was at the time. Being with this new lover made me feel euphoric. I even gave her the nickname Youforia; an idea that came from the Mac Miller song, Youforia:

   “Oh, you should know, I learned to ignore it,” is me being passive-aggressive, taking back the fact that even the relationship with my new lover, didn’t end so well.

But, I’m doin’ me, I’m doin’ me,
My drink spilled on me, I should change my tee
I’m saying…

[Hook 2: Miguel & J. Cole]

Would you believe me if I said I’m in love?
Baby, I want you to want me
Would you believe me if I said I’m in love?
Baby, I want ya

[J. Cole:]
And we are, we are, we are
Got me up all night
And we are, we are, we are
All I’m singin’ is love songs
And we are, we are, we are
Got me up all night
And we are, we are, we are
She got me
And we are, we are, we are
She got me

[Verse 2: Johnny Blaze]
Well this has got to be the dumbest crush ever,
If I could ever change the earth, I would definitely change the weather
Love is evol/evil, I’m reversing the letters but,
Fuck it, I’m on one, you feel me?

I’m on a power trip, I like it where I stand,
Expressing myself was always the plan
Like, give me twenty pages, pages,
Pen and patience, I could fill those pages, pages

   I’m basically saying, you give me twenty blank pages, a pen in hand and some patience in mind, I’m confident that I have the power to fill up all, twenty of those pages with words that tell a story; my story.

But, I’m in my city just going through adolescence,
If I was a teacher, don’t question why I add a lesson

Can’t help but feel trapped in a pokéball each day,
Meanwhile you caught them all, such a cliché
Now typically I go for the ones that aren’t e-zay
And you got me freeze-framed,
You yellin’ “Please, kay?”
For Pete’s sake girl pull it together,
You fucked up one time, we’ll get through it however,

   “Can’t help but feel trapped in a pokéball each day,” This feeling of misery would chase me long enough for me to believe I was trapped; a prisoner to misery.

   “Now typically I go for the ones that aren’t e-zay” I don’t chase after “easy girls.” I chase the ones who are hard to figure out, the ones who seem to have something hiding behind their eyes.

 “And you got me freeze-framed,” There was a time where Youforia had opened up about something she had done and I felt like my world had been put on pause, kinda like a freeze-frame shot in film.

   “You yellin’ ‘Please, kay?'” is Youforia being upset, trying to say something along the lines of “Please, don’t be mad, I’m sorry” type of thing. That’s why I’m throwing my hands in the air so to speak, reacting like “Damn girl, get it together. You fucked up, ok, but we will get through this”


[Hook 2: Miguel & J. Cole]

Would you believe me if I said I’m in love?
Baby, I want you, to want me
Would you believe me if I said I’m in love?
Baby, I want ya, yeah!

[J. Cole:]
And we are, we are, we are
Got me up all night
And we are, we are, we are
All I’m singin’ is love songs
And we are, we are, we are
Got me up all night
And we are, we are, we are
She got me
And we are, we are, we are
She got me

[Hook 1: J. Cole]
Got me up all night, (all night) all I’m singin’ is love songs
She got me up all night, (all night) constant drinkin’ and love songs
She got me up all night, (all night) down and out with these love songs
She got me up all night, (all night) drownin’ out with these love songs
She got me up all night, (yeah) all I’m singin’ is love songs
She got me up all night, (yeah) constant drinkin’ and love songs
She got me up all night, (yeah) down and out with these love songs
She got me open all night, (uh-huh) got me open all night (hey)

[Outro: Johnny Blaze]
Back when I was in love with my neighbour’s niece…

111) “Prioritize”

111) Prioritize
By: Johnny Blaze

[Intro:] (x2)
Prior! I, tize!
Pri, or! I, tize

[Verse 1:]
I smoke, the, gan-ja! I do!
Release, these, inner stresses that I, induce
To be smart is to be function!-al,
Become an incredible, highly, praised!…

Prior! I, tize!
Pri, or! I, tize
Prior! I, tize!
Pri, or! I, tize, (itze, itze!)

[Verse 2:]
Set a goal for yourself!
Food for thought is, the best, wealth
Focus on accomplishment!
Make sure that you are on top of it,
On top of it! On top of it!!
On top of, it…

Prior! I, tize!
Pri, or! I, tize
Prior! I, tize!
Pri, or! I, tize, (itze! i-tze!)

[Verse 3:]
When you’re feeling mad,
Breathe easy so you can stay, zen
When you plead defeat,
Try again, and then, sing, with me

Prior! I, tize!
Pri, or! I, tize
Prior! I, tize,
Pri, or! I, tize!

108) “How Great”

108) How Great
By: Johnny Blaze

I think the lesson to be learned from all of this, is to appreciate every little thing in our lives while we can
Cherish the moment
Reach! both your arms out towards the sky,
Praise this life you are living and breathe in the air that is, essentially freedom
… How great is that?

[Verse 1:]
Scribbling, scribbling, rip out another page,
Poetry of a madman; still I write insane
My domain, was profane,
For years, used God’s name in vain,
My ego was the-size-of-a-crane,
But I felt tiny-as-a-grain
I grew wholeheartedly, apologized for my sins,
Prayed for forgiveness, guidance, strength, and been grateful since
Made a promise that I would never be disloyal for thou is King and I am Prince,
Even though I do not attend church, I am faithful through holy hymns
Glory be, glory be,
To you know who who helped when I had dropped to one knee,
He-healed-heels, laughed in pain; ended my chuckle with “Hee,”
Now I flee, I am free,
Trying not to sound hyperbole
Only one, who gave me spirit of courage, was thee,
Inductee, to-tha-hall of, “I believe”
How, great!
At last, David came to his senses,
Long ago, the kid was suffering from depression,
Around the same time, when he was just a Freshman
Praise due to the most high, now I sound, preachy!
Written in a notebook made of hemp and, the colour was that, of a kiwi!

(Flow Change)
Saying life is sweet as the first-bite from a Fuji Apple,
Lick my lips, every single time I see a booty rattle,
I’ll admit, fit women, get me all, dazzled
Fun-sized, thick thighs, oops, I have, babbled

(Back To Normal Flow)
Quit playin’, playin’, games sweetie,
How great were we?
The greatest inde-ed,
We even hit on Ash-le-y
Ashley is my pipe,
Down, but speak words into the mic,
Loud, sound, do I mean sonically?
Not quite


[Verse 2:]
Never thought I’d ever see the light of day, before May?
I was focusing on how much I weigh
Pushing petals over and over,
Spinnin’ in cycles, sweat, dripped, down my shoulder,
Skippin’ like vinyls, broken, flip to Side B, no dope, I-was-sober
Months without a job,
Bills pilled up like scrap in my garage,
Whenever I opened my eyes, all I saw was a mirage

(Flow Change Like Before)
Is it true when you’re off weed, for weeks upon weeks?
That you go into Cannabis Withdrawal,
Meaning your reality becomes mystique?

(Back To Normal Flow)
At first it was scary,
Craved cannabis, can I just,
Go back to normal already?
Took some time, changed the paradigm,
A break away from it all wasn’t so deadly,
I confined into my redesign,
Read books when I would feel edgy
A Shepherd sold his sheep to advance in his quest for hidden treasure,
Wasn’t enough, he shined glass cups ’til he could move onto future endeavours
To the Pyramids, to the Pyramids,
Travelled through the desert with peers and amid,
He finally made it, discovered his destiny; all seen through a dream
The dream became reality,
The scene was serene; ultralight beams, ruled supreme
Mastered alchemy, how can he,
Take what he learned throughout his journey and use it to his-advantage?
Like the Shepherd, I am in-search-of-an-expert-who-will-teach-me-to-be, candid,
Lettuce/let us go ham/h.a.m. for the bread; that’s-a-sandwich
There’s layers to my soul; peel ’em off one-at-a-time,
There’s levels to these lyrics; try and decipher all-of-my-rhymes,
He who Stays Zen, shall al-ways-thrive,
Those who repent, will cease their demise

How great

Look At Lil Chano From 79th: #Chance3

Three is the magic number for Mr. Chancelor Bennett a.k.a. Chi-Town’s very own, Chance The Rapper. Chano has had quite the year so far: not only did he make a Saturday Night Live appearance with Kanye West, but he got to perform with Kanye, side-by-side; someone who he’s idolized since The College Dropout era. Chano also spent majority of this year so far working with Kanye on his now infamous album, The Life of Pablo. Chance co-wrote Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1, Famous, Feedback, and Waves; a song that only made the album because Chance really wanted it to be on it. (Thank you Chance!) As mentioned on my previous post (see the post here!!!Chance spit some of the most memorable bars on Ultralight Beam; the first track off TLOP:

I made Sunday Candy, I’m never going to hell
I met Kanye West, I’m never going to fail
You said ‘Let’s do A Good Ass Job with Chance three,’
I heard you gotta sell it to snatch the Grammy
Let’s make it so free and the bar so hard
That a day one, gosh darn, part you can’t tweet”

Since Chance The Rapper confirmed via his Twitter, that his third project will be entitled Chance 3, fans can expect it to be a mixtape because of the similarity the artwork has to his previous work Acid Rap, which was released in 2013. For those of you who’ve been living under the sun, here is the artwork for that particular mixtape:


Now if you’ve paid any attention whatsoever, you can identify that the Chance 3 artwork is comparable to the Acid Rap mixtape cover based off the background of the skies and the way Chance is perceived as drawn out of pastels or of something of that creative nature. Another interesting thing to point out is that Chance is actually wearing the same long sleeve shirt that he wore when he performed on SNL with Kanye West, The-Dream, Kelly Price and Kirk Franklin on the Chance 3 artwork. I guess he must really dig that outfit.

Any who, here’s The EinsteinOfRap’s Top 3 Things To Expect On Chance 3 which at this point, could be released any day, out of the blue so to speak.

#1. Kanye West

I think it’s safe to say since Kanye received help from Chano for a good portion of The Life of Pablo, it’s only fair that ‘Ye returns the favour. Besides, Chance has a lot to live up to with the success of being apart of Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment‘s SURF and lets not forget about that random yet entertaining collaborative mixtape Chance did with Lil B The Based God. Needless to say, I can definitely see Kanye producing or lending some vocals for a verse or a hook or a combination of the three. Maybe Kanye will reform the Ultralight Beam team because how cool would a Ultralight Beam II sound? Maybe start that song for Chance 3, have Kirk Franklin speak and have Kanye end the song instead. These are just ideas though, don’t take my word too literally!

#2. Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment

It’s obvious that Chance The Rapper, Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment are in sync. You can’t really mention one without the others, and they have made some incredible works together. Some of my favourites in the past are Long Time II, Sunday Candy, Coast Is Clear and Warm Enough to name a few. It would not be a surprise to me if you hear Nico Segal a.k.a. Donnie Trumpet, toot away on his instrument when Chance 3 finally drops, and supporting Donnie, The Social Experiment. What would be a surprise however, is if Chicago native Vic Mensa is featured some how on Chance 3. Vic and Chance are indeed good friends and are apart of the SAVEMONEY collective, plus, we haven’t heard from Vic since No Chill dropped with Skrillex.

#3. Taylor Bennett

Many of Chance The Rapper’s fans don’t know that Lil Chano from 79th has a younger brother named Taylor Bennett. In fact, Taylor is an artist himself, following in the footsteps of older brother Chance. Just last year, Taylor released his debut album for FREE, entitled Broad Shoulders. For the first time in Taylor’s hip-hop career, he collaborated with Chance on the last song off his debut album, a track which is also called, Broad Shoulders. The song is reminiscent of the vibe fans felt from track number five Brain Cells off Chance’s first mixtape, #10Day. Here’s Broad Shoulders:

Again, since Chance was featured on Taylor’s album, I think it would only be fair to have Taylor spit some bars on Chance 3. It will introduce Chance fans to a new artist and it will help Taylor get more recognition as an artist, since he too is on the rise.

I hope Chance 3 drops soon, maybe some of my predictions will come true (really hoping for a Ultralight Beam II as an intro) and whether Chance 3 is free or not, I will definitely be getting my hands on it one way or another. Speaking of getting your hands on things, you can visit chanceraps.com right now and purchase some limited edition posters. Until then, stay zen and prosper as always!