March 17th-21st: The Universe Made Me Do It

March 17th-21st was the most informative week of 2014 thus far for me. Let’s start off with Monday (boo!)

Monday was the day students went back-to-school after the march break. It was quite surreal. I recall being in class not knowing what the date was so I decided to put “March Break Hangover Day” on my paper. Later, I smoked Mary Jane with some friends and it was good.

Tuesday was the day where I realized March Break was actually over and I found out one of my teachers was away. This meant I had a free period, which in stoner language is translated to “sesh!” I smoked ganja with some friends and it was good.

Wednesday the universe decided to give a dog a bone. All my teachers were away and I didn’t even know that was possible in high school! I skipped the whole day, smoked cannabis with some friends and it was good.

Thursday I decided perhaps the universe wants me in school today, so I attended all my classes like a good lil’ Jimmy. However, I didn’t think I would survive religion class sober, so I smoked marijuana with some friends, headed to class and it was good.

Religion class was interesting. We discussed the 7 Day Creation Story from the bible and the previous night I actually did the homework (unlike some people in the class) so you could say I was prepared. I asked a lot of questions and judging by the expression on the teacher’s face, I could tell she was mind-blown by how much of a deep thinker I am. Her answers didn’t suffice my needs, I thought maybe I should be in a philosophy class. Later that day at school, rumours spread like wildfire that tomorrow an optional drug test would be in progress. This wasn’t exactly the best news for my buddies and I (since we’ve been using dope all week thus far). Although this rumour was going around, my friends and I didn’t let it phase us. You can probably guess what we did that influenced us not to worry about it.

Friday morning I woke up and checked my Twitter timeline for details on this “drug test” situation. Turns out you can’t believe everything you hear. Naturally a miscommunication occurred. Instead of a drug test, there was a drug abuse assembly where attendance was optional:


There was also a philosophy school trip to Robart’s Library which is one of the largest libraries in Toronto. Although I wasn’t apart of this philosophy class, I had friends who were, which meant I could work some magic and pose as a philosophy student for the day (because who wants to be at school when your homies aren’t around?) We planned it out carefully and before you know it, I was on a philosophy trip with a class that in my opinion could possibly be future philosophers themselves. Since the location of the trip was in Downtown, Toronto, my friends and I felt the world was ours, or at least they thought so. I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first. I’ve been avoiding the downtown area for months because it reminded me of times I spent with a certain somebody who shall remain anonymous. With my mind up in the clouds, I didn’t want negative vibes to ruin this day of endless possibilities.

As I looked up in the sky, I realized the universe was testing me;


Downtown was mine for the day, I even ended up at a location I never thought I would return to, but I did and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I believed that was the test; to return to certain locations and not feel an ounce of sorrow. I was feeling quite happy, not just because I was stoned, but because I felt the last chapter in the book of moving on was complete;


To end the lovely Friday, my friends and I returned to our second home; The Vapour Lounge (or VL for short). Yes, we returned to the luxurious and beautifully designed Vapour Lounge for the first time since January. Many joints and bowls were smoked, great music was played; positive vibes all round. While in the process of creating a FIFA 14 tournament, my friends and I met a dude who goes by the name Gucci.


Yes, I can live my life knowing I met a guy named Gucci who used to say “Brrr!” Nice guy, he even shared his joint with us. Needless to say, the day just kept getting better.



There was one person I had a interesting conversation with. A 30-something year old man with a pony tail, was at the VL bar getting his smoke on. He was telling me how this place is better than rehab. Rehab? Yup, apparently you can go to rehab for smoking weed.


He shared some insightful information about rehab. Professionals at the rehab centre established the ponytailed man was bipolar and he was off weed for six years 958e80ec04c69086af05a2d53d1268c2

Nevertheless, he left rehab, stopped using all the other hard drugs that he was addicted to and now only smokes weed for recreational use. I was surprised when he said “Marijuana helps calm down my bipolar disorder symptoms.”

After leaving VL, there was one thing on my mind: was I looking into the future? A man with a ponytail, smoking weed on the regular, sharing stories about how great life is and goes to VL to get his recreational smoke on? Should I be scared? Should I be worried that using weed too often could get me into rehab? Maybe, or maybe not. All I know is everything happens for a reason. I’m enjoying life while I’m young and come Monday, March 24th, 2014 if you asked me why I did the things I did last week, I’ll tell you why; the universe made me do it.


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