Sober Living: Day 5

Hey guys, just thought I’d keep you updated on what’s going on in my life right now. Last weekend, some friends and I celebrated 4/20; the annual gathering of marijuana activists who consume marijuana in whatever way they please. This was my second year celebrating the event in Downtown, Toronto. I noticed there were more people who attended the Dundas Square rally this year compared to last year. I guess the revolution truly is growing. However, after 4/20 was over and done with, I had the urge to take a break from consuming marijuana.

I haven’t taken a break from using cannabis in well over a year, which means I am indeed a frequent marijuana user. The longest I’ve gone without using marijuana is one hundred and thirty days (four months). Take it how you want it, but in my opinion, a break was needed after 4/20. Naturally, I shared my idea of taking a break with my homies at school and they agreed; a break should occur.

So it began, and the rules were simple: no drinking, no smoking, no affiliation with drugs, period. The first couple of days were odd, especially during school hours where my friends and I use marijuana the most (refer to my March 17th-21st: The Universe Made Me Do It post). Lunch time seemed boring; you could see it in the eyes of my peers as well. The only thing on our minds was “So what do we do now?”

For the most part, many can agree finding a new hobby can cure the boredom that we were experiencing. With that being said, I am pleased to say I am five days sober, which is the longest I’ve gone sober in over a year. I currently keep busy by reading, writing, listening to new music, working out more often like I used to, and I hereby vow to put more of an effort in my school studies.

I may be a stoner, but don’t ever question my work ethic. I might be taking a break from smoking weed now, but I know one day I’ll return to this habit. Surely when I’m older though, I’ll use it less frequently. My Papa would say “Boy, you’re young and wild,” and though I took that as a poor excuse to smoke a lot of weed, I enjoyed using it. It influenced me to be happy, appreciate life and that’s what mattered to me at the time. However, using it to the point where I have zero motivation to do anything and overall affecting my life negatively is not good, naturally. This break will be good for my friends and I. We will stick to this break until we cannot no more. This concludes Day 5 of sober living.


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