32) “Project Turn Up”

32) Project Turn Up
By: Johnny Blaze

[Verse 1:] (Day 1)
I smoked three joints before even heading into the party bus,
It was reckless of me to do so, but pardon my tardiness
‘Cause I was fried for hours man
We drove for awhile, then we made it to the Cottage, damn!
But it was pitch black and that, didn’t go well
People could’ve fell into the pit, though it wasn’t deeper than-a-well
I grabbed my shit and approached the porch, still feeling gloom
Everybody bum rushing the door; what they wanted was a room
And suddenly we found one; a bunk bed for four
That’s The Toke Park Boys, no room for whores
So we explore the Cottage, it was huge to say the least
Now we got to check the fridge, beer had me like sheesh!
There was liquor for days, but hey,
We all took a shot and went into a room,
Started rolling up some pot,
Then after God knows how many beers I had,
Saw this bottle of Bacardi Puerto Rican Rum 75%,
And hence the percent, it was finna get me bent
As soon as the liquor touched the inside of my throat, I felt the need to choke, but nope, I was drunk and still wanted to toke
Then Reckless shouted “Yo it’s 4:20!”
So we chugged a beer then Jay came with a bottle of Cîroc,
Tasted like medicine ask Chris, we shared the same thought
Everything after that was just a blur
The Bacardi touched me in ways, but my mentally was Eh, sure
So needless to say I was a drunk fuck
Ruben helped me up when I ran out of luck
It sucked but hey, that’s the way of the road
And I may be quoting Trailer Park Boys, but that’s the way shit goes

[Verse 2:] (Day 2)
I awaken from being seated in a chair,
I looked like shit, not to mention my bright, messy hair
To be fair though, I did make it to my bed and this was Saturday afternoon
Spent the whole day rehabilitating from the night when there was a moon
Although I avoided drinking that day, smoking a blunt had me feeling okay
So it wasn’t the worst day ever, I can’t complain,
I overheard people talking about cops in our lane
Such a shame, how paranoid people got
How could they come in? They need a warrant for that!
So that act, is something that, wouldn’t happen
I’m laughin’, because of how wild things got,
Heard so many stories and damn my mind was still lost!
Went to bed for the last time and things were getting cold,
So I wrapped myself in a hoodie, and went to sleep like Ohh

[Verse 3:] (The Last Day)
It’s seven in the morning on a Sunday,
And everyone was knocked out; guess they had a fun day
“TURN UP!” was all I would hear, but today, it was Jayman and I who conquered what’s here
Enjoying the morning sky, Courtney woke up with squinty kind of eyes
She was pretty turnt up too
But I wasn’t there to witness it so yeah go ahead and boo
-Me but it’s whatever, back to the story,
We wanted to climb Blue Mountain but the path was confusing like a pregnant teen on Maury
So we head back to the porch,
And Nicole says “Eric Salina’s parents are here”
We tripped out, it was true though so have no fear
Eric came and left, but his phone was stolen
Not to mention his wallet was taken, that’s not cool like when people say I’m from Poland
Smoking weed in the morning, the definition of a wake and bake
Went into the kitchen for some chicken, seen a die on the table, guess somebody gave it a shake
I thank God that I didn’t throw up anymore, I was fully recovered; my body was rested
The motive of the day was to eat, smoke weed and have zero stresses
‘Cause this was our last day here
Taking selfies like I’m on Instagram straight flexin’
We travelled to The Village and headed to Sunset Grill
Breakfast at noon? Sweet, my taste buds were surreal
Then we ate Menchies; frozen yogurt was amazing,
Not to mention I had the munchies, cause earlier I was blazing
We explored The Village, the sight was incredible
This was a beautiful place, but not somewhere I would settle yo
‘Cause I need diversity in my life,
I can’t live in a community full of white people
Even though I blend in cause my skin is bright
But that’s light work, baby food, ain’t worried bout nothin’,
We got back to the Cottage waited for somethin’
That somethin’ was the party bus, packed our bags and there was a lot of us
And still nobody could find Eric’s phone
I still feel bad that he went home
-Alone, and this isn’t a Maculay Culkin movie,
A drunk DLP’s attitude would be like Don’t move me!
But hey, shout out to everyone who attended Project Turn Up, Blue Mountain was blessed, can I get a amen?
The Cottage life is something I want to relive again


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