39) “Seven Eleven”

39) Seven Eleven
By: Johnny Blaze

[Verse 1:]
As I walked up the street from my house so to speak,
I see my neighbour J.B with Linda whom went to Cuba for a week
We had a brief chat, stayed zen, just increasing peace
But it was when I arrived at Mike’s where I saw liquor, many types
Some J.D. here, Crown Royal there,
Sat down and had a sip from a 40; the taste was fair
Getting the kush with none other than Thomas,
Was a responsibility we both accomplished
Brought the good stuff back to the party,
Went straight to work, no food, no drinks, I’m busy, I’m sorry
Grinding these buds weren’t easy and like Pac said, “Hate to sound sleazy, but tease me, I don’t want it if it’s that easy”
So Thomas rolled some blunts with all of that green,
It was established Mijo and I make a great team
Know what I mean?
Lexxxi tasted like peach that night,
Mixed with some green? Alright
Everyone was getting their buzz on, even Bradley yo
Haven’t smoked with him in years, not to shabby bro
The time has come, we were ready to get shtoned,
Made our way to the bridge, wait, hold!
It’s Fairy and Dam Dam, with flowers oh for me?
You shouldn’t have buds, they weren’t but I was fuckin’ with him cause that’s my B
-My brother, for real, not in blood but known him from time
I love him to death fuck anyone who won’t accept that and declines
So we invited them to come to the party later
But right now we gotta get shtoned I can already see Gator
The bridge was dope, did Guns Blazing; that’s my signature toke
It was two blunts, one joint, Gator was like “It won’t work bro”
But it did, proved him wrong and ignited it
I was delighted, but then I heard Mijo, gotta see what’s the deal yo
With Sergio behind me, we reached the top of the bridge,
Derek yelled out “Mijo!” and laughed like a kid
But so did I, he was dipping, shout out to FryHyde for always being a wise guy

[Verse 2:]
Went back to Mike’s and he fired up the grill,
Everyone was coolin’, no foul movement, just chill
And then the sweetest fuck on the planet walked in
It was Matthew no longer crowned Chubs
But that’s my homie too, don’t fuck around son
I made him a drink and when he asked what it was,
I said J.D., Sa-prize muthaphukka!
It was sure enough to get him buzzed
Then Bia Bia, Mar Mar, and a handful of people came through,
And I discovered there was more 40’s, it was true
So you know I was sippin’ those,
Even Bia realized chugging a 40 was like woah!
So she took the bottle from me but I wasn’t mad it was empty anyway,
Yung Shleep came and it was a better day
He packed Ashley, that’s my main squeeze
A day one bitch who will never let you down, she’ll put you at ease
Then Mijo returned and so did FryHyde
Why I oughta, naw I lied, I love that guy
Mijo came clutch, some top secret ganja and in minutes we rolled it up
So it was time to get high again lost count at this point
But who am I to give a fuck? Just pass around the joint
Even the girls Mijo brought joined…

[Verse 3:]
It was clear that everyone was either drunk, high, or both how cute,
It was time to play beer pong with 40’s; that’ll suit
It was drunk Diego and Gator vs drunk Michael Scofield and I, Davey Wavey or Johnny Blaze
My day one homies know ain’t a damn thing changed
But yes, peer bong was exhilarating
When we missed, we stressed
Ricardo giving advice on the sidelines,
We never got the chance to hear Gator spit some rhymes
Then I had to switch teams, ’cause Diego was drunk like Mr. Lahey
But he was determined to finish the game, that’s great G
Mijo filled in for Michael and it was a battle of drunk Mijos
And these guys were dyin’, laughin’ yeno?
What impressed me the most was drunk Diego because he actually managed to still play beer pong, scoring and shit
His shots weren’t even bullshit, they were quite legit
But it was time to call it quits
It was late and we had to get him home quick,
Or else he’ll get sick
Gotta look out for my homies no matter what kid
Kudos to Marco for playing afterwards even without beer,
A replacement was made, it was Crown Royal, cheers!
When everyone was beyond wasted, went to Mercer and had real talks, no waste shit
It came to the point where I had to sober up and go home but the only thing on my mind wasn’t time,
I was thinking ’bout my bed and how it seemed like heaven
Oh shit, I forgot, I didn’t go to 7/11.



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