40) “If I Should Have A Son…”

“If I Should Have a Son…”

By: Johnny Blaze

If I should have a son, let it be known first off that I was the one. I was the one who had to grow up with a father who was never there for me or cared for me. He was just there for us financially. I was the one who had to deal with the fact that growing up, my father was nothing but the first three letters. Fat. He was a fat man; a man who you will never meet and I won’t allow you to meet him, ever. Not even at his grave site. But who am I kidding, calling my father a man is a compliment and he doesn’t deserve such false recognition. If I should have a son, I’ll make it my mission to fit the definition of Dad, now peep this transition.

I will be the one who plants the seed into your mother’s soil. I will be the one who puts headphones on your mother’s baby bump just so you can hear Bob Marley thump. I will be the one who teaches you everything you need to know about old school Hip-Hop and slap you silly if you listen to Pop. I will be the one, when push comes to shove, no matter what happens when you’re born, I’ll show you nothing but love. Because I will be there for you day in, day out, rain or shine whatever the weather. I’m telling you this because when I was growing up, I didn’t know any better. I thought perhaps life is but a dream and my childhood was nothing but a nightmare. You might scare, away all the pretty girls with your brutal honesty and if I should have a son, you’ll be so modesty.

Now when you go to elementary, I don’t want you to be that kid in the schoolyard who thinks he’s better than everyone. You will be the best thing that has ever happened to me; my trophy son. I’ll pick you up and hold you high in the sky, and as the sun shines, recognize, that kid, you’ll always be mine. If I should have a son, I’ll watch him discover himself as he enters high school but word of advice, don’t do drugs it’s true, it’s not cool. I witnessed first hand how a student can go from a 90 percent average to not caring about anything and became a drug addict.

I was never good at sustaining a relationship so if your mother leaves me, I’m sorry but I’ll maintain you if, you promise to never leave my sight. I might be the clingy type but deal with it kid, I’m going to hold you tight. And I will never let you go, even when I get old and my skin starts to show, signs of aging, I’ll be watching you graduate high school, go on to college and become something amazing. But be careful, the universe has its ways of making life difficult. You’ll realize, as you get older that women are complicated. You’ll get heartbroken more times than you will fall in love, trust me I’ve been there kiddo. Sometimes you can’t always be a hero.

When the time comes and the universe throws you a once in a lifetime opportunity, accept it, no questions, especially if it’s a woman who loves you for who you are inside and out. Then you’ll have a job but be smart, don’t get into something you won’t like. Do what you love to do and enjoy life. If I should have a son, he’ll eventually get married and start a family of his own, and I will still be around to be a grandfather; wise and bold. Last but not least when I die so to speak, I want you to remember this, don’t think it’s weak. Stay zen and prosper, that’s my life’s motto son. It’s time to pass on the torch, you are the chosen one.


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