The Dawn of a New Era

Ladies and gentlemen, Summer is over as of today. It is now time for some of you to discontinue your drug habits that you picked up over the course of two months and begin to not only live soberly, but live life productively. Yes, the days of popping Mollys at raves, smoking ganja with your homies, playing beer pong with people you just met are officially over or for now that is. Because lets face it, tomorrow you will be going to your first day of College or University! How crazy is that? Seems like just yesterday you were wearing a uniform to school and trying to figure out “X” on an isosceles triangle. But this was something that was bound to happen. Even in High School, teachers would stress the importance of “finding yourself” and discover what you truly love to do in hopes that when you eventually figure out who you are, you can go to College or University and become a successor.

Although all of this may be overwhelming for some, you must look on the bright side of things. Some of you are blessed because you are allowed to move out and live on your own! Who would not want that right? No more bitching from Mom and Dad or your siblings because guess what? The only person that can tell you what to do, is you and only you. But, “With great power comes great responsibility” (I’ve always wanted to write that one, thanks Ben Parker) and needless to say, living on your own is a testament of how well you can manage being a mature individual in today’s society.

Too much responsibility eh? No big deal, nothing wrong with living at home with your parents/guardians and/or siblings because quite frankly, not everyone has the privilege to move out or to afford residency for that matter. And nothing says “College/Uni life” like spending money on material items that are an essential for success. But it’s like what Ray from Trailer Park Boys once said “That’s the way she goes.” Therefore, be prepared financially, mentally and physically because you are going to spend however number of years studying your asses off to maintain that average you worked for in High School. I mean, they probably don’t give a shit about you because all they want is your money. In the end, it truly is up to you to decide if you can make it or break it.

Now don’t let that intimate you one bit! Use this as the motivation to conquer everything that comes your way. You want to prove everybody wrong, remember? All those teachers and adults that said “you won’t make it” or “there’s no future in that field,” can go frig off! You want to make it in this world and if I were you, I’d go back to the same people who told me no and tell them I proved you wrong! Wouldn’t that be awesome? Fuck yeah it would.

If you’re wondering “Why is DLP writing about College/University? Isn’t he going too?” The answer to that is yes, but in due time. First I will be taking the year off to dig deeper into myself whilst working because ma’fuckas need money. So, I shall see you guys in September 2015 no big deal 🙂 Anyways, I better end this blog post soon so you guys can prepare yourselves for the big day tomorrow and with that being said, I’d like to dedicate the following poem to the Class of 2014:

The Dawn of a New Era

By: Johnny Blaze

Hey class of 2014,
It’s me, good ol’ David LP
I’m happy to see most of you guys are going back to school this fall,
I’m sprung over Summer still, but hey, in school try Adderall
Don’t be worried y’all,
Word is that drug will help you maintain focus,
So studying will be easier, as long as you’re under the potent
And we all know that’s important
Yeah this is the dawn of a new era
You are given the opportunity to reinvent yourself, start over,
But girls, you don’t have to put on too much mascara
‘Cause you might scare uh, the fell-ah’s
And you don’t want to do that,
Lookin’ to find “the one?” First you must chat
It’s easy, get to know new people don’t think it’s sleazy
I know it sounds cheesy but this is your time to shine
Fuck High School, you get to study what you love so continue the grind
In hopes that one day you’ll say “The world is mine”
And in due time it will
Just hustle hard and don’t fail
This is your only chance to prevail
That goes to females and males
Well, I wish you good luck on your first year of University or College
When the time is right, party hard and in the end, attain valuable knowledge.

IMG_4566-Stay Zen and Prosper,

David Lazo-Pineda


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