46) “Uh,”

The B.L.A.Z.E. Blog Post Series Day 3

46) Uh,
By: Johnny Blaze

When my pen ignites
My identity is insight
I am Johnny Blaze,
Never gave a fuck about school,
Always went to class in a daze
Then complained about my grades,
Like What do you mean I’m just a 65 percent average?
So I unleashed hell with my skills and the result; I became a savage
My poetry is what did the damage
My writing was like a beautifully layered sandwich
Spent my Summer in school and still never went to ‘Land bitch
But life is one heck of a ride
At first it’s all swings n things then you slip n slide
You know I’d never lie
I’ll say what I want, no regrets, I’m just that kind of guy
Lies, lies, lies Dam Dam said
Never released Punk-Ass Bitch because it would have people drop dead
‘Cause sometimes, what comes out of my mouth or from my pen,
Can unfortunately damage some friends and nevertheless offend
Doesn’t relate to those who are in grade 10,
Just applies to the bitches who are my age, that’s the purpose and then,
Some will talk behind my back, yada-yada-yada
But some of you are wack, spoiled and stuck up, buying fuckin’ Prada?
Ta loco
Kind of makes me wanna put you in a choke hold
That’s not like me
Gotta stay zen, can’t act like a hype beast
Me smoking meth is highly unlikely
That escalated quite quickly right?
So did the Malaysian airlines and I can’t believe they never found that flight
What I’m sayin’ is I’m feelin’ higher than a kite
This isn’t a Superbad blog post, this is Jonah Hill tight


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