42) “Prom Dressed”

The B.L.A.Z.E. Blog Post Series Day 4

42) Prom Dressed
By: Johnny Blaze

We were so young when I told you I would take you to my prom,
Things would’ve went according to plan but then you dropped a bomb
What’s wrong? Well, you sorta abandoned me and we never got together again, how outstandingly
-Lame, and yes it is a shame things didn’t work out,
Probably would’ve been with you right now no need for me to scout
No reason for me to be looking for the one when at the time you were my hunico, todo mi vida
But I grew up and realized I could find another señorita
And I did but that didn’t last too long
I mean damn she was sweet, I even saw her thon-
Oops that’s inappropriate,
I should apologize to my associates,
‘Cause damn girl these days you lookin’ fine as hell
And my homies tell me to move on from the past but my mind can’t spell
M-O-V-E -O-N,
So I smoke weed and the potent makes me pretend
That everything’s alright
But it ain’t
I usually come back to these thoughts
No stupid that was sarcasm,
I wanna be successful but my anxiety causes me to have a-spasm
-Attack, and in fact I can prove it like this:
I seen the picture of you in your prom dress
Damn girl what are the odds that you picked black?
Because I did too!
I mean I had a prom date, but she met molly and I even bought a suit!
All black, white shirt, black tie
Then you wore all black, like why aren’t I your guy?
Would’ve been totally rad,
If we were prom dates, this would occur before grad
We would slow dance to “All of Me” by John Legend, do you know the song?
Of course you do, so do I, hold you tight and maybe sing along
Naw, I’d put my arms around your waist, tell you how beautiful you look
Stare into those lovely eyes and if I shed a tear, ah don’t get shook
I’ll laugh and you’ll laugh and I’ll sing “give you all, of me”
And you would play with my hair and get closer
While I kiss your lips and whisper This is my closure
Yeah the night could’ve been awesome
But you live far, past Vaughn son
Anyways, I was just thinking about you ’cause I saw your prom dress,
I’m such a loser for thinking about this girl, God damn it, I’m such a-mess
Prom dressed


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