I’m currently eating a footlong and these two girls are arguing. No, not white girls but black girls; and they’re doing it so politely. I mean lets get something clear here. In today’s society, some black girls are prone to having a reputation for being “ratchet” so to speak. But these girls are keeping it a hunnit. Soul!

To my left, sits a douchebag who used to bully me in grade 9. Fuck that guy. And he’s with his girlfriend still, I’m actually surprised. Because this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this guy outside of high school randomly. Last time I seen him was when I still had a girlfriend. It was weird. I was going to see my ex-girlfriend at her school, and I did so often because of how my semester one, grade 12 schedule was organized. I was rarely at school that fall. It was literally a year ago around this time when that happened. That time however, I actually talked to him. He said he was there because he’s seeing his girlfriend who was in the same grade as mine at the time. Now keep in mind though, this guy was in grade 13 when I was in grade 9! Ha! What a dumb ass! But nah seriously, he’s still a douchebag. Yet, today, I made it clear I didn’t want to interact with him. I just, didn’t care really. Even though he made it a miserable grade 9 year for me, it’s pretty crazy that he’s been with this girl for over a year now.

Speaking of long relationships, congratulations and a big shout out to my brotha Dam Dam for hitting a new milestone with his girlfriend. I’m not sure if it’s cool to mention her name or not, ’cause I don’t know her that well, however I love Dam Dam, he’s a wise guy (why I oughta! Sike.)


Well, I guess this concludes today’s blog post. It wasn’t anything major like “The B.L.A.Z.E. Blog Post Series,”  but it’s still cool that I can write things and have some type of audience. Thanks by the way for making my blog a success, I truly appreciate it. Fact is, I’ll be hitting a new milestone myself; 1000 blog views. Let’s make it happen guys! 🌞Thumbs up sign

Speaking of blog posts, you gotta check out my adorable homie Matthew’s food blog. It’s sweet, just like himWinking face. You can read his blog right here:

Okay now this concludes today’s blog post,

-Stay Zen and Prosper

David Lazo-Pineda


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