50) “Ranting/The Hooded Man”

50) Ranting/The Hooded Man
By: Johnny Blaze

[Verse 1:] (Ranting)
You can’t put a price on art,
So why the hell did I sell my Iron Man painting, thinking it was smart?
Guess I valued a dollar more than I valued my ability to do something amazing,
I’ll never see that beauty again, Ironically I sold it to “The Man” in a suit, what am I, crazy?
I used some colours so I never did anything shady
But $60 bucks isn’t deep enough
Pocket full of lint, wallet full of stuff
This the shit that, they teach about in school
But I was a dumb ass, sold the one good thing that I painted; I’m such a fool
Because in art class, teacher always had some shit to say
“I don’t like this idea, you should go a different way”
No bitch, this has some sentimental value
Why would I throw it away?
This bitch must be poppin’ Valium!
They told me “Just go with the flow” but I never understood
My ass backwards, Acid Rapper, give me a Chance, I could out rap ya
I think some kids are stupid in school it’s quite silly
I could introduce them to R. Kelly and they would interpret it as “Arr, Kelly!”
What the fuck? Dude, R. Kelly isn’t a pirate,
He pissed on a girl once, but that’s because he was thinking with his private
I’m sorta coming (cumming) to the end of this verse
So call me a wanka, see a nice booty don’t grab it, just spank her
But she turned around and pulled out a pistol
Shot me in the chest now I’m thinking This is it bro

[Verse 2:] (The Hooded Man)
What happened to me? I thought I’d be laying dead in a hearse
Who’s that? Ou crap, sweet lady I called Nurse!
She approached me, went in her purse,
Handed me a CD; it was Jay Z’s The Gift and The Curse
Oh sweet, something to listen to because first I fumbled, now I’ll recover
That was my first NFL reference
My next sentence shall hover
Writing from a hospital bed,
Can’t go to sleep, all I can think of is Everyone in this hospital is dead
So I unplugged everything that was attached to my body
Ran down the hallway, took the elevator down to the lobby
Because obvi, I’m tryna escape this place,
But first I had to get a coffee
The bitch over the counter called security ’cause she suspected I was on the loose
So I threw the coffee in her face, apologized then vamoosh!
The doors opened, I can see the night’s light
But before me stood a hooded person, *bang-bang*
I was out like,
Grabbing this person and screamed Why did you do this to me?
The person took off the hoodie and it was, it was me…


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