52) “Booty”

52) Booty
By: Johnny Blaze

When I meet the right girl,
I’m going to meat her right, girl
Hold her by the hand, spin her around, give her a nice twirl,
Then slap the booty, ou so soothing, ass round like a pearl
I actually have a crush on you
When you came into the lunchroom,
Your booty was intimidating because it took up so much room
To be honest when you put that coffee in the microwave,
I was hoping for it to explode so that your booty can sit on good ol’ Dave
My God, how can you have such a figure?
I mean if I really think about you long enough, my dick gets bigger
Can you blame me though?
She dresses so sophisticated, tight skirt with the pantie hoes
And every time I see her glow,
My mind is hypnotized, all I can think is Woah
I actually become speechless when I see you on the weekend
That’s why I now wish for the week to end,
So that I can see you again
When you open your mouth and speak,
That British accent has me feeling weak
Love the way you handle business
If I was your age, I would easily give you this dick
At first when I met you, you immediately knew my name
Meanwhile the last bitch couldn’t remember it, dang
You might actually be a blessing in disguise
Because when I hear you call my name, I actually feel good inside
Unlike the last bitch who would only call me up for coffee favours
When she doesn’t appreciate shit so I’m glad she’s gone, see ya later!
And to the one before that, she was a tease
Jeez, her booty was nice too, but she has a boyfriend; I’m so fuckin’ cheesed
‘Cause even that girl was beautiful
Her only problem was she was dramatic like High School Musical
She actually cried to me because of a club member harassing her
That guy was a douche; a jurassic jerk
Man, it’s hard not to like how the reception is,
If you didn’t know by now, I’m talking about the receptionists


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