54) “A Weed Rap”

54) A Weed Rap
By: Johnny Blaze ft.FryHyde

[Verse 1: FryHyde & Johnny Blaze]

The kids want buds, not talking about friends,
I’m talking about strains, how ironic,

[Johnny Blaze:]
-Because these bitches have no zen
Get it?
These hoes ain’t loyal, they steal, they’re spoiled, they’re counterfeited
But this a weed rap, “I need that” like Cozz aka Cody Mac
My team ill like Dreamville that’s not a statement that’s an actual fact
I should reinvent Halloween
When you go door to door as a teen,
Instead of saying “Trick or Treat” like a fiend,
Say “Sativa or Indica please”
And presto, ganja in the bag now lets sesh bro
Mmm this loud is the best yo
Got it from the connect who moved back to Toronto,
I ain’t a Soulja Boy but I need the weed pronto, pronto
So what the process like?
Easy, put the weed in the grinder real nice
Turn, turn, turn repeatedly
If people walk by, just wave my G
Now you gotta put the dope in a sesh pape
Don’t lose it or I’ll break ya legs eh?
Take it easy now,
Get the ziggys out now ask “Filter or no filter pal?”
Once you figure that out guy,
Roll the weed tight like FryHyde’s
-Joints, make it a fatty and you earn bonus points
Twist the end and you’re finished man
Now get your lighter out and light it up
Writing like I’m about to retire bruh
So high but I could be higher yup
The hash in this joint could surprise ya cuh
I burned too many brain cells down to be worried about my brain cells now
I said,
I burned too many brain cells down, down, down, down, down, down…

[Verse 2: Johnny Blaze]
Got me feeling like I’m Chance The Rapper,
Jurassic like a Toronto Raptor who’s about to enter a fucking rapture
So who do I listen to when I’m stoned?
Mac Miller, Bob Marley, Badu and oh yeah, can’t forget about Bone
The “Weed Song” is actually my favourite record to smoke to
If I had it my way, I would definitely Guns Blaze it; that mean I’d smoke two
I love myself like Kendrick, I’m yellin’ out “doo-doo-doo-doo, doo!”
FryHyde doing Sudoku, I’m just sayin’ like Goku
That was a Super Saiyan bar so quit monkeying around
You tryna Nappa, bitch I’m Frieza yet reckless like Vegeta
No, no, no slow it down bitch take that in again
You napped, ah! Bitch I’ll freeze ya, reck-less ’cause I’m actually not Vegeta, duh!
If you didn’t understand that it’s cool because I don’t, fuck wit, you!
You lil’ scandalous ass bitch I ain’t fuckin’ with you!
I got way too many other things that I rather friggin’ do,
Than to be, stressing over you
Yeye I fucks with Big Sean,
First time I heard him was in the G.O.O.D. Music Cypher, he was laid back and calm
Then he spit that bar where he said he was the don and I was like Ou that was bomb!
Speaking of bomb things, I’ll never forget last winter when I purchased my pipe
Thought it was blue but it’s sorta purple but regardless it’s so tight
I actually named the pipe Ashley,
We go together perfectly like Gucci Mane and a Trap beat
Yup, yup, yup you already know this is a weed rap story,
No more Rob Fords, chow-chow ma’fucka,
Teach me how to Dougie while I make a s/o to John Tory

[Outro: Johnny Blaze]
And I’m gone,
I’m gone
No seriously guys, I’m baked like a panzerotti,
Never trust a Thottie even if she got a body
But I’m gone
I’m gone
Said this is a weed rap story,
No more Rob Fords, chow-chow ma’fucka,
Teach me how to Dougie while I make a s/o to John Tory



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