55) “A New Day”

55) A New Day
By: Johnny Blaze

My head is finally clear,
The end is not near,
But rather the beginning is here
See I just woke up from a life-changing dream
You wouldn’t believe what I seen
It was Halloween
Thots were looking mean
Mean as in deeeecent
Booty was poppin’ and it was pleasin’
The environment seemed to be around Wholesale,
And for some reason there were a lot of us, but oh well
I think the idea was I was in College and it was a trip or something
I was posted up by the old Portuguese Variety shop then I was approached by some thing
This petite woman with short hair, a pink top, and beige short-shorts,
Came to me and I didn’t even think Abort, abort, abort!
Instead, we started talking and stuff,
Took a little walk and found out she loves rap; how tough
-Is that? She seemed a bit shy because her hair was shorter than usual,
But I said Nah, I like it, messed up her doo, she smiled and it was beautiful
I was diggin’ this chick,
That same day, she even met my College clique
For some reason there was a black guy on my team
Which is tight ’cause meeting new people was the theme
I didn’t quite understand what she was dressed as,
Who cares though, asked her what her name was but then a truck passed
So all you heard was I’m David!
What happened next was awesome, we connected, we laughed, we mated
We wandered around the plaza, rapping Big Sean songs and screaming out lyrics,
This girl was incredible, she knew every word, I swear I could still hear it
Before the dream came to a close,
She said “Would it be really crazy if I told you I really like you?”
I said If it is, then guess what, I’m just like you; because I too really like you
From that moment, I owned it
I was with my peers and this lovely lady, you could say I was in my zone and,
The last thing I said was
The future is yesterday, forget about the past
The present is what matters,
(I looked at the woman who was already glazing up at me whilst holding me snug)
And I’m happy at last




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