57) The “Nothing Good Ever Happens After 2:30AM” Freestyle

The “Nothing Good Ever Happens After 2:30AM” Freestyle

By: Johnny Blaze

Let me be great
No, let me live good
Stayed home for too long I’m in my hood in a hood like I should
Causing a riot with my content,
Tell the Ferguson police not to shoot me, I’m in the top ten
-Percentage of writers tryna make it out here
Funny how I gotta diss the government in order to make it, it’s weird
It appears that my peers disappeared
Nope it’s just me, D.L.P,
Was suppose to drop the L and keep the I,
So D.I.P would be the proper initials to my government name, no word of a lie
How ’bout I go ghost on you niggas, ’cause y’all played me
Whoopee! Jump in front of a train guess that make me Patrick Swayze
Not a dirty dancer but my rhymes are dirty get the Mr. Clean,
Fuck it I’m disgusting, disinfect your spleen in a washing machine
Don’t think I fell off the map just yet,
I wanna go to California and buy a one-way ticket through WestJet
Look at how amazing my skills are
Over 140 characters I’m fresher than Uncle Phil’s car
Get it? Car freshener, get my dick wet in the backseat of a Cruze
After she sucks me clean I’ll kiss her cheek and probably snooze
-For a bit, I’m so sick, I love this game and Johnny Blaze can’t call it quits
What’s wrong bitch, can’t you see I’m tryna cuss and rhyme?
Wipe the cum off ya mouth before you speak to me, it’s dripping like slime
I’m on my way to the airport,
Fuck Toronto, Cali got the bud and that’s why I’m going there for
Therefore, do me a favour and don’t miss me
Miss please, you’re misty like a mountain, call you a Zeppelin song
Might have to keep in touch with you baby girl, no worries it’s okay, you belong
-With a guy like me, if I ever see Taylor Swift, I swear to God I’ll give her a roundhouse G
And it will be sweet satisfaction
She might have to write another love song ’cause my kick gave her a contraction, haaa?
What do you mean shes havin’ my baby?
Fuck this, I’m atta here, might have to get slim just to be shady
And I fucking hate that lady!



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