58) “A Freestyle About Nothin'”

58) A Freestyle About Nothin’
By: Johnny Blaze

When my mind reaches it’s full potential,
I have the ability to write what’s inside my mental,
Which is an essential,
The fundamentals of being a writer,
Is to be one with your mind and in due time,
You’ll be fine,
Drink coke with the lime,
Write another rhyme,
Don’t commit any crimes,
Just write a lot of lines about pussy, money, weed,
Happy 4/20! Will I get high? Naturally!
Actually, I rap drastically
Fans can call my style wicked and catastrophically, logically, and relatable too,
So you can listen while pissin’ in a urinal, it’s true
I’m a long haired warrior; Roman Reigns
A woman with beautiful eyes shall remain,
Sane, I’ll be your Superman, be my Lois Lane,
Superfly like Jimmy, weed loud like Whitney,
I used to have a shaved head no Britney,
Can’t fuck a white bitch ’cause she reigns from Whitby
To be or not to be that is the question,
I’m just a human being, not aiming for perfection,
Rather suplexin’ anybody that tries to question my way of livin’
You think I’m soft, but watch, you won’t be saying grace on Thanksgivin’
Lord willin’ I don’t break your legs,
I’m peaceful, so to speak hoe,
You gotta go upside down and drink from the kegs
Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!
Smoking the ganja, grind up a nug,
You feelin’ real snug, pussy tight like the cocoon of a bug
10:40PM my brother eating CT crunch
Belly so big, you woulda thought he had lunch, brunch, and managed to squeeze in dessert and for the worst part,
He smells like a fat kid who acts ratchet
Bury me one and I’ll bury you son
I am the sun, number one, bound for greatness
I know a chick who will probably read this and say “I hate this”
Or we can pretend that I didn’t write that,
Knew from day one I’d be like Matt
Matt? Chubs?
He’s got a great heart and for the most part,
He just wants to get his dick wet for his better interest no taxes included,
Kinda like the government sending me tax influence
Fuck the government, if they send me money for real,
I’ll act like Evander; knock them into a Holyfield
At the beginning of this verse I mentioned a member from The Shield,
Roman Reigns? Lois Lane? Scroll up, you’ll remember the ordeal
EinsteinOfRap, Johnny Blaze or DLP,
Remember my name is my name look out for the D, LP
Grunt like Rick Ross? Stop it, you’re a cop aye?
Officer, Wale hands on him if Stalley has no Gunplay?
Reach a bill like Meek Mill
I see Rockie’s Fresh rolling with Maybach O, 
French Montana is a traitor, still fucking with Diddy and Bad Boy bro
I’ve never seen a rapper wear a chain with a peace sign,
They drive Bugatti’s, Ferrari’s, Maybach’s, but I’m okay with driving a Nissan
If this is Total Slaughter, ask Royce to bring five 9’s,
One for every member of Slaughterhouse, and one will be mine
Kendrick don’t go to School, boy, now his I.Q. Is Ab-soulutely Rocked like Jay,
I’m TBE, no TDE,
Floyd got money he doesn’t need no TD, G!
I’m so pale you could say I’m a bucket
But fuck it, your bitch basic, she loves butt fuckin’
Show your cards, your poker face? Man you bluffin’!
Stop cussin’ I’m bussin’ it to back to school
And duel any fool that claims their Blue Eyes got Dragons too
Ye, ye, went to Dragon beach in the Summer and smoked a blunt during the week
-end, KC came along, that’s Kryzanne Cristobal
No fortune, I’m tellin’ you she’s doper than a crystal ball
Write in a composition book? Sorry no thanks,
I know that’s Daniela Beca’s blog title
But there ain’t enough pages for me to write
-In, this a freestyle about noth-in’
Grow my hair like Asher Roth
Get all the Tangerine Girls and put one finger in the air just like this
Then I’m gon’ pull it, yes I’m gon; pull it, yes I will pull it, yes I will pull,
-The plug on the stereotype that taking a year off to work then go to College is something most slack in, then they won’t be eager to learn some knowledge?
Bullshit, do you even know who I am?
The procrastinating King dude I can do well under pressure; Dodge Ram
Bam, told y’all motherfuckers I would make it big
My blog doin’ numbers from Canada to Sweden kid,
I’m living Proof that being Bizarre is Kuniva
Open the Porter, see Eminem eat M&Ms, even a Kon Artist can be a Godiva
It’s safe to say, I ran out of material so I guess I’ll pick up this razor blade, cut space and go David Blaine,
So that mean I’m gonna disappear from the atmosphere
But this a freestyle from the top of my dome,
Told my Mama I ain’t coming home
Cause I’m King David, here I am, sittin’ in my throne
I’m so high up but watch out, I’m getting into my zone
Don’t judge me because I am stoned,
And yet somehow, some way,
My blog is going around the globe…



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