7) “Steve’s Job”

7) Steve’s Job 
By: Johnny Blaze

No-no-no, no!
My nigga Steve got terminated!
How could this have happened?
Rose said he was sleeping on the job,
Also known as nappin’
He shoulda known better
He was someone I sorta looked up to
The kind of guy who would smoke not one, but two,
-Blunts at a time,
Now I’ll never see him again,
He’s such a cool guy
He be gettin’ high, all the time,
-But never at work
Scratch that, he once wanted to hot box the sauna
I didn’t have papes ’cause I would’ve got caught by Mama
He would tell me stories of him and his son
I remember the day he told me I was like his son
I was the one
Steve’s Job, no longer more
But could this be better for
-Me? DLP?
Will the job opportunity come to me?
I know if it did, it would make Steve proud
Not ’cause I took his job but because I’m being grown now
So this is a farewell to my good friend Stephen Casey
Roll some doobies and smoke it to the face G
Goodbye Steve


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