62) “Poetry of a Madman”

62) Poetry of a Madman
By: Johnny Blaze

Will you still kiss me even if I have coffee breath?
How ’bout I chew on a piece of gum, it will reduce the smell; now no coffee’s left
What? It bothers you that my clothes stink of weed?
Baby I’m like Biz Markie,
“You got what I need”
And to you, I’m prolly “Just a friend”
But what am I talking about?
Shit, when I said that, my gum came out
Who cares,
I got anxious tendencies,
My mind and my heart, share
-The same feeling
Man I’m stoned; craving a banana, no homo, I’m just appealing
Or a peel… Ling?
Ring ding dong
Ring-a-ding ding ding dong

Things just got creative like a Dr. Dre song
Am I wrong though?
Can this woman accept “green” like she on GO?
Get it dude? On the GO,
-GO bus, don’t flip, we can be safe; trust
But, she should accept who I am, And love me for me,
Then it can be,
“Just the two of us,” like Eminem and his daughter Hailie,
I can’t swim, but I’d be down for some sailing
Hmm… It appears that my destination is near
The world is a hemisphere,
But if things swerve to the Edge,
Hey it’s a Christian; fuck it, gave him a spear
Dudeee, why is everybody trippin’ for?
How come when I express myself,
I offend their health?
People need to listen MORE!
Why is it such a problem that I listen to Hendrix?
Man if you don’t like me, good,
You can all eat ten dicks
See when my pen is lit, my penmanship is like a pendant, bitch
Swinging words left to right on the paper,
It’s a step-by-step process, fuck the stairs, gotta take the escalator
Or the elevator,
My brain bright, bring the lightsaber
*wah, wah… Wah-wah-wah*
Okay I’m done, bye, see ya later!

Poetry of a Madman


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