63) “A Twitter Cypher Pt. II”

63) A Twitter Cypher Pt. II
By: Johnny Blaze ft.JDF

Where my cypher nigga at?

[Johnny Blaze:]
Whaddup? It’s JDF & DLP, the sequel to A Twitter Cypha
Gather ’round everybody, make a circle and we’ll decipher
-Our lyrics,

This shit I’m spittin’ is a freestyle; no written,
-Composition, it’s the G style,
It’s been a while,
-Since DLP n JDF freestyled

[Johnny Blaze:]
You already know homie,
I got haters who are jerks; masturbators,
But they don’t know me
So what should I do? Kill them slowly?

It’s a fact we bubble wrap niggas,
I’ll rap ’till I trap niggas,
I’ll do what it takes to stack figures, can’t you see I’m making fixtures?

[Johnny Blaze:]
I think these lames need a fix sir,
A chemically imbalanced mixture,
Destroy their mind-frame,
I’m painting a vivid picture

I’m cooking just to cop it,
Anything for profit
It’s a big picture you can’t crop it
The hot topic, you better stop before I pop it

[Johnny Blaze:]
We Breaking Bad like Heisenberg & Jesse Pinkman
Our methods can’t be corrected,
‘Cause we are bright, don’t blink, damn!

The method’s simple:
Add DLP then multiply with JDF,
Now you got a rap crew that hits harder than meth,
Gonna steal the crown, no theft

[Johnny Blaze:]
My brain’s on auto
-Pilot, I might be quiet,
But question my ability and I will cause a riot
Hungry for more like I’m on a diet

You can’t repair what’s been broken twice,
I lost my soul twice, now I’m rappin’ without a life,
I’m dead, spittin’ blood on my bed

[Johnny Blaze:]
Can no longer contain these thoughts in my head,
I write, hoping it can help me get bread
Or else I’ll be toast,
-With no hope

These fucking thoughts are growing
It’s no wonder my hairs getting long, I got a song to put you to sleep, but it ain’t no lullaby

[Johnny Blaze:]
All I do is rhyme
Bitches “watching me” like that Young Buck line
Just grateful
Though I’m white, I’m brown; no racial

[Outro: Johnny Blaze]
Hol’ up let me say this before my time is up
Breaking 140 characters, I’ll lay the Smackdown ’cause I’m RAW, uncut
The Ebola epidemic has been forgotten
I was sick for two days and this bitch at work approached me with caution
I often think ignorance is bliss,
So quit judging me if you don’t know shit!
You sloth looking chick,
I’ll throw you off a cliff,
Watch you fall to the bottom,
Then I’ll visit your body; it will rot by Autumn
This time around the Twitter Cypher was darker than Wesley Snipes in “Blade,”
Part II,
-Brought to you,
-By JDF & DLP; a.k.a. Johnny Blaze


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