64) “You Know Why I’m Here”

64) You Know Why I’m Here
By: Johnny Blaze

[Verse 1:]
You ever sit down once in a blue moon,
And quietly think to yourself while your body is immune
-To everything around you?
This must be called daydreaming,
Gotta say it’s such a nice view
See life can move pretty fast kids,
If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it
Word to Ferris Bueller
That’s why I dream during the day only ’cause it’s cooler
Though I have nights where I don’t sleep
Nightmares scare me,
I sweat but wake up with cold feet
To the nights I can’t remember,
They stay in the past like that one December
It’s whatever
I know I’m not perfect at times,
I try to perfect my rhymes
Had to scrap my life plan and draw a new design
-With guidance from Dam Dam
Fuck Guidance, they ruined me and my damn plans!
But it’s mostly my fault,
Half way through my year off then I had to push and halt
So now, the game’s changed; Project X style
You won’t see me around for a while
But I’ll come back like Jesus, no better yet like D’ Angelo
You’ll see how far I’ll grow
-In a year or so
So, where do we go from here?

Enter the mind of a maniac
While he still has his brain in tact
Fact or fiction, 9.99 is an upside down subscription
Sick, sick, sick
No typo, God’s hands can’t disarm a clock from going tick-tick-tick
Do I have your attention now?

[Verse 2:]
Had a dream I was slapping a booty,
It belonged to this girl I used to know
She has a man, he’s cool but so what, sue me
She was being bad,
We was sitting on my living room couch,
To my right was this other girl, oh man
The Other Girl asked “What are you writing there?”
I said Bitch, you know why I’m here

[Bridge 2:]
Enter this brief moment of silence
Blow jobs are like flowers for shy men
“You’re in good hands, relax, I’ve done this before”
I turn to my left and slapped the booty some more
“You don’t know it yet, your mind in another world, I’m livin’ mine like a whore, eh”

[Verse 3:]
She remixed my remix
The Bad Girl was nibbling on my ear,
The Other Girl was swallowing semen
I felt comfortable, like getting stoned without the weed involved
Had no idea this girl would be back on my dick,
She was on her knees and refused to stand tall
Switch positions came to my mind,
She looked at me dead in the eyes,
Flashback hit me when we were once suited for each other like ties
But why?
Why am I dreaming about these two particular women?

“He got in a fight with these guys at a bar, got arrested so they’re on house arrest.”
That sounds terrible my dear,
She begins to go on all fours and twerks
“You know why I’m here”


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