66) “Life’s A Beach / The Way They Make Me Feel

66) Life’s A Beach/The Way They Make Me Feel
By: Johnny Blaze

[Verse 1:] (Life’s A Beach)
She asked why I drank the Coronas,
Seems like this is worse than when she found my marijuana
Sitting here, back at Dragon Beach
It’s cold, I found a Dragon,
Well he found me,
But I’m still feeling weak
Ironic, used to be built strong
Now I’m a lost soul to my family, all I do is wrong
So I wrote this song,
-Just to express my emotions guys,
It was either that or kill myself; aka end my life
Yup, its actually come to this man
I’m at 5%, can’t feel my hands, damn
Life’s a beach and I’m just wind to the sand,
You wouldn’t last a minute in my boots,
You just don’t understand…

[Verse 2:] (The Way They Make Me Feel)
They make me feel like a degenerate
A devil child, cut my wings,
No longer heaven sent
Delicate, like I get thoughts of a predicate
They wonder where I’m going; Llewelyn
I’m tellin’ you guys right now,
I feel dark like my eyebrow
I’m softer than a white owl
Moaning misery like a-cow
See I’m just some type of animal,
Shoot me down but weed and beer are my antidotes
And I quote,
“You are a fucking idiot, you take things that aren’t yours,
-Say no more…

[Verse 3:]
Trying my best to fix my life
But I’m broken, super glue couldn’t fix it, right?
Yup, exactly
Can’t fix someone who’s broken,
Writing ’cause I feel like shit,
The world’s closin’
-In, on me, it sucks,
Should I roll some dice to change my luck?
Tough cookies LP,
You’re a loner,
And nobody will help me
They made me feel like I’m a monster
Man all I try to do is Stay Zen & Prosper
They make me feel like I’m sick in the head,
I imagine me 6-feet and dead
What a dread,
But instead, I fall, I trip, what’s sprung?
Where’s Summer? It’s Winter; I’m drunk
Glad I continued writing in my Rhyme book
Contemplated ending life but I was shook,
Life, can’t end like this,
Where’s my future?
Grown man, lone kid
Depressing poetry for your bitch asses
Quiet dude, never wanted to make an “Ask” eh,
I’m tired
Tell me what the fuck is real?
Good lord, can’t believe, this is the way they make me feel…



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