68) “L.O.V.E. (Lack of Visual Empathy)”

68) L.O.V.E. (Lack of Visual Empathy)
By: Johnny Blaze

Love is the most misunderstood concept in the world
You can’t see it,
You can’t touch it,
You can’t hear, taste, or speak love
But love finds it’s way to break your five senses
And guides your heart into a new dimension
But what is love?
People can love their car,
Love their job,
Love music
But think deeper than that
People enjoy getting from point A to B without worrying about transit because they have a vehicle
People enjoy making money, not the job itself; having money makes life comfortable
People can claim they love music but they just seek for a zone of alone,
Time to pay no mind to anything but what’s on their iPod, phones, laptops…
We are drones
Cloned to one another in which individuality is something rare like a rose growing from cracked concrete
“Naw b, I love my girl, I’d do anything for her”
So does changing how you live your life really mean you’re in love?
Does sacrificing beliefs and morals for someone who doesn’t appreciate nor acknowledges it or even a slight bit recognizes what you do for them, is that really, love?
Some argue that love is something we “feel” but what does love feel like?
The closest thing I can recall is losing the one person who accepted me and my flaws at an early age
Like the universe didn’t want us together so we both went our separate ways
But I was heartbroken
At an early age…
And they say “Kids these days”
Yeah well kids in my days had some experience with relationships
Even if the relation was shit, it still was in the ocean, be the captain; take control of the ship
That was what I thought love was
Love was when you can’t sleep at night because you would hopelessly think that maybe when you go to class the next day,
Sit at your desk, turn around and look at the back door opened towards the hallway,
And hope that maybe you would see that pretty brunette with blonde highlights and the prettiest eyes just walk right by say “Hi,” and walk inside,
Sit next to you and refurbish old times
If love isn’t about crying when you come home because you re-read the same old letter she wrote you in pink ink with the last sentence reading “You are the best boyfriend I’ve ever had”
Then I am naive as the rest of society
The idea that people need a partner in order to be truly happy is astonishing
Really says a lot about people
Why, the thought of feeling safe is great,
But why feel great if nobody feels equal?
Why do we depend on people to feel a certain way?
Has society permanently entered a phase,
Where one cannot simply go a day without their… “Bae?”
The idea that we cannot be happy with ourselves but depend on others for security is silly
I’m not even going to touch on the subject of kids having sex ’cause they’re not even wrapping their willy
But that’s society for ya
And love is nothing but a four letter word
Previous generations will shit on us like birds,
‘Cause they think they got it all figured out, mmhm, *clap, clap,* bravo
You think you guys are the most intelligent of all, *clap, clap* you’re wrong yo!
This is OUR generation, we ain’t living in the past
And if you want to succeed in life,
Learn to accept what’s happening fast,
Then you’ll last
Accept that technology will change constantly
Accept that kids are smoking dope,
Accept that most people don’t give a fuck about Jesus or religion
We are originals, but we have to exhibit
-Our minds and reach our full potential
Love is just a silly idea that literally has people going mental
How many of you have lost a best friend because they got too attached to their partner?
Yup, yup, that’s society for ya!
And these are the same people who said they always got your back, oh yeah!
Well they lied
They aren’t true to their word, but if the relationship ends, one might contemplate suicide
-Which is never a good sign
So you comfort the friend:
You’ll be fine. Here, drink some wine
Why comfort these people who abandoned us?
Well, cause love makes people go mental
The cycle goes as follows:


Then it ends
Lack of Visual Empathy is killing my zen



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