56) “Bench Boy Freestyle”

56) Bench Boy Freestyle
By: Johnny Blaze

You like the female Napoleon Dynamite
Be careful what you say next, you might die tonight
No slow it down I just dissed you,
I said you are going to die, alright?
I’m on some Conceited shit
Sittin’ on this bench seeing sweeties walking by like Ay girl, what you dealin’ wit?
I’m willin’ out screaming Fuck Nick Cannon
I guess when you have Amber, you seem to feel like a Wiz no Khalifa, but what about Shannon?
Watching this truck come back from the slaughter
“Don’t have a cow man,” I’m the coolest thing that happened since Beyonce’s daughter
Jay Z taught me how to stay faithful as a kid
But bitches act crazy, elevating like Solange, then you catch a roundhouse kick
I’ll never let a woman tell me I should quit smoking weed again,
If she wants to act like a bitch and pretend,
I’ll close the book on that one, fin; that’s the end
“No fucks given” like Childish Gambino
Dress the way I want, don’t care if people look at me like I’m a weirdo
And here yo,
Is what I’m about to preach
Annabelle means beautiful Ana,
No bananas, I’m worshipping whatever appeals (a peels)
So squeal if you want but,
You might see something haunt
-ed, even when I write a lot, I never get exhaust
-ed, a thot is,
-ous so stick uh,
Your dick in one if you please,
But the consequences of fuckin’ a whore might prevent you from sleeping at ease
Which means, you’ll undoubtedly catch a disease
So do me one favour and stay away from me please
Bench boy freestyle, waiting for the 161 saying Whoo like an owl
But I’m standing now,
My email is jcho-pow
Say it aloud,
Or get your lunch money taken away like Penny Proud
Yeye on that Family Channel flex
Hannah Montana is a wrecking ball and
-Aw, y’all know the rest
And if not then you failed the test
But stay zen and prosper, never mind stress
Okay, okay, okay,
You don’t believe in staying calm and collective
But girl you gotta see life from this direction
It’s a midst of perfection
Writing like Immortal Technique
Society is no longer capable of being strong; they’re being weak
Even Ross won’t spend a mill on Meek
He’s in prison, he needs a winnin’
Or else we’ll see Stalley no longer be a sheep
He’ll become a disciple, and he’ll always have a side hoe
Disrespecting religion for a livin’
‘Cause it’s funny how you go on your knees for dick
And go on your knees for Je-sus
Two times that’s it?
Things are about to get Louis Litt
But Harvey I’m your Specter said Mike Ross
Even he got the blonde one and Rachel Zane, both cuties but still, that’s a lot
And Donna, damn, no last name just Donna
She glows like when my light ignites the marijuana
I guess you can call this #Connorism
But I’m sitting waiting for the bus and thinking Connor isn’t
-A lord yet, though he has skills of a young dope head
Yo-yo-yo, yo! This is a freestyle about sitting down
So when a sexy girl is puffin’ loud,
I’ll get very aroused



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