65) “Misery Loves Company”

The B.L.A.Z.E. Blog Post Series: The Day Special

65) Misery Loves Company
By: Johnny Blaze

Misery loves company,
That’s why it always comes for me
Sitting on this bench,
Beer in my hand ’cause I’m stressed
Guess, why I’m strugglin’?
For one, my Moms is constantly buggin’
Two, I got bills to pay; true
Three, still haven’t applied to College; eee…
Four, I could probably think of more
But why waste paper?
I got more friends than haters
I got more views than a single clue at what I’m gonna do,
-With my life,
That’s why I write,
My only outlet, it will be here when weed’s not,
Thinking How will I get my shit together?
I need to stop,
And roll
A doobie? Ou wee!
Can I share with a girl? Have her livin’ a little loosely?
Excuse me, I gotz to turn the page,
Literally and metaphorically
*Pauses to take a sip from beer can*
I’m here man!
Wish I had more cash, more booze,
Might not be able to stand!
I slam women in writing ’cause I’m a loser, I’m not exciting
Just a quiet kid, long blonde hair,
I listen to Rap a lot; I constantly swear
Where, am I right now?
Toke Park, a kid wearing a Kanye-style mask,
Just passed by like a cat meows
Gonna see Damieow
And Dee-aye-geoo too,
Like Goku, I got two
-Balls, really want a bitch to suck them all
Ew, my verses just got dirty like Ol’ Bastard
But I know she’ll be on her knees and calling me “Master”
Nah, but in all seriousness,
I need to “Finish, It!”
Need to go to school and get good grades,
But I’ll probably go home and play as The Alliance; that’s Ryback and Johnny Blaze


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