72) “Frieday the Thirsteenth”

The B.L.A.Z.E. Blog Post Series: The Night Special

72) Frieday the Thirsteenth
By: Johnny Blaze

[Verse 1:]
Woke up, late for school
No big deal, my teacher’s cool
Yeah, we call him “Matt,”
Facts: there was only 2 of us by the end of his second class,
-And, I found out I got a 85 on my law, 90 on my sociology tests,
Bet, I could continue the good grades like I’m on a roll
So now my goal is to be Honour Roll
Then I’ll proudly accept that honours scroll,
And get staff to take pictures of me, then I’ll show the globe
Via my blog, you guys are great,
Hope you liked my “i” song

[Verse 2:]
Earlier, received a text from Diego
Sorting out what we were gonna do bro,
So I met with him after school, soul!
We actually met by destiny,
I was putting on my headband then I see a mexican next to me
“Oh hey man”
Said the yung Chino,
We used to smoke dope and stay lowkey doe
“Sergio’s gonna be here soon,”
Sergio’s here?
He’s one of my peers, from High School too,
Nah, that’s my homie, but I’ll explain why he wanted to duel
We met with him at Gabbys; a bar so infamous to me
I mean there’s one by Dragon Beach, my school, and near GBC
This guy was drinking at the bar
Said Wazzap, shook hands, and this was just the start
Got our booth on lock,
Sergio’s feeling nice and Diego likes to taunt
Then “Jonathon” came
No, that’s not how it’s really spelled, but it’s funnier that way
The waitress surprisingly had the line of the day
“Do you want it smooth?”
Haha, neat
Her comedy was the biggest burn and that’s when Sergio felt defeat
Then Salinas came meanwhile, “Jonathon” was getting ready to eat
Sergio became a mobster
I was trying not to drink too much; staying zen, don’t want no problems
Occasionally, he would have a smoke to “take it easy, meng”
Then he would come back and do it again
Laughed so much my stomach felt like a ferris
Wise Hyde eating fries guy
He got caught with a steal
But anyways, we eventually left to go to the “Fuego Latino” event held at GBC
The poster read “Pupusas, empanadas, churros and more for free!
So we were convinced instantly
The line was butt
Security would check your belongings and might even lift your nuts
Some ma’fuckin’ crazy shit right?
We were drunk, hungry,
I was stoned and then it became night

[Verse 3:]
We got in finally and naturally,
We put my belongings away so that they wouldn’t confiscate my Ashley
Turns out the food wasn’t even ready; they slacked
So FryHyde went to go get my bag
Salinas said we could go to Erick’s;
Jayman was gonna be there, gotta smoke
-With him, and his sister quit smoking dope
She’s focused on taking notes
A C.O is what she hopes
-To be, and we even made a LCBO run
Got that Moosehead, Proof, and we were sprung!
Well I was because I was excited to hit a bong, which I did
Because the day was long, and my friends were arguing like kids
FryHyde made Sergio’s ear numb
Then for the rest of the day, he complained about his ear drum
We got to back to Erick’s
I reenacted the JAWS theme song and Jayman was hysteric
-cally laughing,
And finally Sergio wasn’t trying to get at me
I ripped a bong and my lungs were relaxed like a girl in a thong
Then I hit the Volcano
Deeeecent, 100% THC bro!
I was baked,
Played DBZ on the Vita; I was flying mate!
We went to grab some shawarmas,
I was feeling nice from the marijuana
Then we decided it was time to go home uh,
But we forgot our stuff at Erick’s place
We went back and then I realized my shades weren’t on my face
The trip home was a trip yo
Walked home from Weston,
No buses in sight; what a recession
There was food on my table,
It was 1:02AM, am I able
-To eat this or will I shleep watching cable?
I did, and I did!
I guess you could say, Friday we got Fried, aye?
And we were thirsty on this thirteenth of March

Frieday the Thirsteenth


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