78) “Converse”

78) Converse
By: Johnny Blaze

Last Sunday on my way home from work,
Was a strange trip, I’ll tell ya though, it could’ve gone worse
Arrived at Dundas West Station,
Sat at the bench, I was tired, looked like shit, then I was put into a situation
A purple-haired woman sat beside me
She said something
Had my earphones in, took one out assuming this was going to be a quick question
“I like your shoes” she said
Man, this girl must be on drugs, was in my head
Oh, thanks, but, not really. They’re really dirty
I was wearing leather Converse; that’s what she was referring
-To, and I thought the conversation was over but then she introduced herself
“My name’s Stef,held her hand out for a shake,
I said I’m David and I gently shook it just in case
I told her They don’t really make these shoes anymore
She seemed to be delusional, ’cause my kicks she adored?
How? And why?
She asked me if I always wear shades at night
Yeah sort of, it’s like my thing
“Take them off, I wanna see your eyes
I was laughing but I thought Fuck it, and went with it guys
She liked how green they are
I didn’t know what to say, looked at the sky and laughed; har-har
Stef noticed my bracelet read D-O-R
Assumed I was from Ecuador
Actually El Salvador I explained
Stef didn’t believe it, she’s Polish-Italian meh, okay
I said some words in Spanish,
Just to prove even though I’m white, I can sort of speak the language
Stef was convinced
She tried speaking in Spanish too but it was pretty shit
Compliments were made on my body type
She thought I was a trainer
Told her I’m a cleaner
-At a gym, High Park area
She acted like she knew where it was but I knew she had no idea
The 168 came, and man, I realized time passed
I remember when I arrived, the sign read “168-Symington 18 mins” so it wasn’t going to be fast
We got on the bus, she sat beside me
As the bus was speeding ahead,
She whispered in my ear “I’m on M
I knew she was on drugs, but MDMA? Sheesh!
The tides turned from there
She revealed she hasn’t slept in 48 hours, real shit, I swear
I noticed her bag was out of this world,
Mainly because it had a milky way design, you know, that white galaxy in space that swirls?
Maybe she was a hippie,
I mean, why else would she be sitting with me?
She told me she goes to raves and plays drums
I said No way! That’s sick, what else hun?
Okay, obvi I didn’t call her hun
She smokes weed but I told her I’m going on a break ’till 4/20 comes
She asked for my number
So that when I go back to toking, she could hit me up and smoke a sack with her and some others
Whatever, sure, gave her my digits
She text me, I saved it and at this moment I realized I’m still in this
-Bus, her stop came and she gave me a hug
Told her Goodnight
Conversing with this girl was strange but she liked my Converse and even though that’s insane,
I guess that’s alright…


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