82) “Deep Art”

82) Deep Art
By: Johnny Blaze & JDF

[Verse 1: JDF]
One thing’s for certain if that curtain closes,
I’mma tear that shit down; with a screw driver
Fuck the driver, I can drive my own car
I’m amazed to say I’m not a star
Won’t you stay?
Don’t you leave ’cause leavin’ me is going too far
Believe in me,
Believing me ain’t so hard,
Not smart, but I’m not a retard
Think I fumbled it, time to restart
Not a rapper just speaking from me heart
If you ever think me and the game gonna depart,
Then you better reevaluate,
‘Cause this is deep art

[Verse 2: Johnny Blaze]
So I guess this is where I come in right?
No slow it down, I’m just a guest, came here to write!
See I’m hella sick,
Coughing out rhymes, yelled out Whore! ’cause she loves the dick
Freestyling, retrial man,
Why isn’t George Zimmerman in jail yet?
Or in hell, damn..
Got a little too deep but we just riding waves like a Captain or a sailor,
‘Cause going on trips are in my favour
Just to make a rapper’s delight seem ight
But I’m just bang-bang boogie to the boogie to the boogie the beat,
DLP’s on fleek,
Make your mind cheep-cheep,
Like birds retweet,
And I know I’m sweet
Now what you see is not an illusion,
DLP and Josh, same kids from school and,
Now we just growin’ up,
Sellin’ dope on the regular, gotta get my cut
So do it, go do it, go do, do, do it
Deep art for your weak hearts,
Breaking bad news, shot with the barrett,
I’m the king of this king-dom,
Like a painting of the B.K. standing behind Floyd Mayweather,
Posted up on these walls and if they can talk,
I’d whisper You suck
That shit get deep
Man I swear to God that shit get so deep,
Deep, deeper than missing your favourite artist live,
Deeper than being a drug addict but keep tellin’ lies
Deeper than when you find out your partner’s cheating
The deeper you get,
The deeper you bleed man
So don’t you stress,
Stay Zen and you’ll be blessed

[Verse 3: JDF]
Life hasn’t been the most pleasant
Started on the street, not even a peasant
Had to get up on my feet to get my Mom and Sis a present
I wish my Grand Paps was still wit me
That shit hurt but I played it off like it didn’t hit me
Momma always had a frown
Life turned upside down and criss-crossed me out,
Now I’m at a crossroads, listening to guys talk ’bout shit they ain’t really ’bout
It’s hard for a man in my position to smile
I’ve been hurtin’ for a long while
Committing felonies, waiting for the day I catch a trial,
I be on some grungy shit I ain’t even in denial
But when it comes to this, I’ll catch a body then ghost like West Nile
Or begin to roast like the ghost from 8 Mile

[Verse 4: Johnny Blaze]
I’d be lyin’, if I said I wasn’t high man
Was at a prom after-party, last night?
Yeah, sorry,
Still a little flabbergasted
Went from one beer to no beers so in the tub they didn’t last and,
Funny how the world works
You somehow always know somebody who knows somebody, that’s my word
It’s called the six degrees of separation theory
You know somebody because there’s four people in-between you two
That’s six people in total, my point?
The world’s small, or maybe it’s just this city, maybe not so much in, Detroit?
I could draw pictures of stoned clocks on my arm,
Freeze the moment or get rocked by an omen,
Maktub on the wrist?
Ignorance is bliss
Guess you could say I have time on my hands because it was writ
Let us sit, let us unravel
The world is ours now, don’t worry about time travel
Even though your mind rattles
Don’t get caught up in it, like a poké-mon, battle
Splash is useless if you’re not in your environment Magikarp!
And that’s life; Gyarados evolved, this is deep art


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