84) “Grey Matter”

84) Grey Matter
By: Johnny Blaze & Midnight

[Verse 1: Johnny Blaze]
Big Na$ty handing me an Altoid
‘Cause I’m about to talk my shit,
Making loud noise!
Clap-clap, that was just a decoy
Milking these bars,
Raisin’ chips like Ahoy
I can’t let the dough crumble,
Refuse to let it get de-stroyed
I’ve seen some paranoid,
-Trainers get em-ployed
Watched them get fat off the cheddar but wasting the cheese on steroids
That is something I avoid
Poppin’ expensive pills and being angry would get me very a-nnoyed
To change the subject matter,
I drink tall cans ’til I can’t stand
Or ’til my bladder can’t hold no more; forever after
The brewski helps individuals live a little loosely
Quit being Looney Tuney
You Tweety Birds gotta git off Social Media and get groovy
Like a ScHoolboy with a high IQ of 140
Who drinks a 40 when nights are lonely
For days that get gloomy,
He lights the finest of erbs and exhales real smoothly
Then has the strangest craving for a smoothie
He sees a bad bitch with ass and tits
Melons got his banana up like a championship
-Hanging from above a ring, use a ladder
He drops some slander so announcers will have to censor it
He feels on top of the world then the chick with big tits gives the ladder a kick
Bam! Fell on his ass like Seth Rollins
I said, Baaaaammmmmm! R.I.P. to Phil Colins!
See I am the day Yelawolf meets Jim Carrey
What does that mean huh? I’m not ordinary!
What’s extraordinary is no one close to me has died
*Knocks on wood*
But I’ve lost a lot of friends,
Some made me feel stupified!
Some still live in the six,
Some reside
Some are still flippin’ the script,
Some are unified
Some at one point, held me down like an anchor
Some opened their mouths too much and stabbed me in the back with a dagger
What they all commonly share is the theory that they were all once there
-For me, that’s past tense,
I live in the present
The essence, of my presence,
Will give life to these dead men
-And women
But I can’t bring back people I’ve already killed off from my life so I let them rest in a cemetary
Just like their coffin, they are dead, gone and buried
Ironic that even through all of this drama I still get stoned like a hammer
I guess in this context, I am grey matter…

[Verse 2: Midnight]
Smoked out,
Chillin’ wit tha pistol grip,
Ready to load tha clip,
9 on ya hip,
Blue bandana to cover tha busted lip
Momma ain’t raise no bitch,
So he taking no shit
Beats bumpin’ in tha whip
Seat all tha way back,
Now they cruisin’ in tha 6
M16 made his little brotha do a backflip n all them foes?
They dipped
They emptied tha clip but not a single shot touched tha boy; they wanted to hit
The whole scene lit
To think this was all over flippin’ a brick n catchin’ a lick?
Now his trigga finga be catchin’ an itch
Motha’s oldest son, now ready for tha pitch
Skippin’ his school just to buss his 2′ at them fools who thought they could get away smooth
Built to believe this real shit’s real cool
But where was tha glory in killin’ a Jitt who can’t tie his own shoes?
He promised to protect,
He tryna forget
-By drinking some booze
Vexed by tha liqua now this was his cue
Locc’d out,
Lurkin’ tha scene tryna find dis dude
Callin’ him out like his soul was due
Hollow tips left him lookin’ black n’ blue
Tha sweetest revenge, but bussin’ them shots won’t help them mental wounds mend
Fendin’ for ya self will neva keep you alive,
We shootin’ each other so how will man expand n’ survive?
So dive into tha shallow end where only tha primitive thrive,


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