86) “I Bought A Picture Frame Today…”

86) I Bought A Picture Frame Today
By: Johnny Blaze

Remember Frieday The Thirsteenth?
Bet, I could continue the good grades like I‘m on a roll
So now my goal is to be Honour Roll
Then I’ll proudly accept that honours scroll,
And get staff to take pictures of me, then I’ll show the globe
I bought a picture frame today
Because yesterday,
I won the award and you would think that’s great
But it truly isn’t
At Romero, I only won an award for “Highest Academic Achievement In Grade Nine Science Applied”
This was before I did drugs,
Before I was a open-minded guy
That was the only award I ever recieved in my four years of High School
Marijuana made me lazy
What else is new?
Right, I got this cute 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper that states I’m on a roll
And we’re not talking about joints,
We’re talking about me attending an alternative school/community college
To think at this point, I would have all the haters abolished
My mom’s thinks I’m a disappointment
She can’t accept that I am a highly functional stoner
She wants me to change,
Like giving up an organ and I’m the donor
I know I’m exaggerating to say the least,
All I want from my family is acceptance because according to this paper, I can complete
-University courses
At home, I do all the chores and,
I work weekends at a job I dispise
Mr. Moneybagz said “You’re successful in my eyes”
So how come when I recieved this achievement,
I wasn’t as pleased man
See I’m just like Eazy-E, I’ll break it down real simple
I know I’m smart, funny, talented,
But others look at me like I’m a criminal
I bought a picture frame today,
Because I wanted to put my first of many honour rolls in it,
Seal it,
Hang it so that when I stare at the corner of my ceilin’,
I’ll always remember that I can continue winnin’
I bought a picture frame today…


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