“Said you might have had some but you need a real one,
You might have had some but you need a real one,
You might have had some but you need a real one,
Said you might have had some but you need a real one.”

     Thursday, November 26th, 2015, Brooklyn, New York emcee Fabolous released another free mixtape to the world entitled Summertime Shootout (the first one he released for free in 2015 is called Friday Night Freestyles; a classic for 90s Era Hip-Hop Heads.) Given the reputation ‘Loso has for creating high-quality, boom-bap style raps, he did not disappoint with this project.

     Track number two on Summertime Shootout is called Real One ft.Jazzy; an artist most people have never heard of but do not discredit her musical ability; she gets her moment to shine near the end. The song begins with a sample of Lauryn Hill‘s vocals from the song she did with The Fugees back in 1996 titled Killing Me Softly. Now, if you’re not familiar with The Fugees, you pretty much suck. The Fugees were a short-lived Hip-Hop/Rap & R&B trio but in their time together, they made timeless music and it’s evident here, because even ‘Loso recognizes it by sampling the soulful, Lauryn Hill.

     What I also like about this song is that ‘Loso took a classic record like Killing Me Softly and put his own, modern spin on it with help from newcomer disc jockey, DJ Automatik.

     Needless to say, this track is a blessing. If you love Hip-Hop or appreciate bars and storytelling, you’ll enjoy this track without a doubt. Take it from me, the EinsteinOfRap; I wouldn’t be vocal about this track if I didn’t think it was great. And! if listening to this song made you want to get the mixtape, you can download it… here!



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