Who’s This “EinsteinOfRap” You Speak Of?

I am the “EinsteinOfRap” because I know as much about Rap as Albert Einstein knew about life. I know I am knowledgeable when it comes to understanding not just music, but Hip-Hop and Rap as a whole, which is why I want to share to those who are interested. “Johnny Blaze” is credited on my rap pieces of writing, because he is my writing persona. He is I and I am him.

I openly share my writing here, mostly in a rhyming/rapping style. I have a series entitled “Who Did It Better?” where I compare two songs in which the concept and or beat is the same however, it is performed by two different artists. Last but not least, I like to show love to other artists I know of on my blog, a “Collaboration” if you will. It’s a great thing because it’s combining more than one person’s mind and thoughts, creating something incredible.

Have any questions about the pieces I post? Feel free to comment on any post and I’ll reply. Thanks for checking out my blog!

P.S. If my writing offends you, don’t take it personally. Most of my pieces are written in the moment and I usually don’t feel the same afterwards. It’s just me expressing myself so you can like it or leave it alone.

-Stay Zen and Prosper