Featured Artists


Terrell is someone I know personally. He was the first artist to be featured on my blog who wasn’t somebody like Kanye West or J. Cole. Terrell approached me a year ago or so via Social Media and pitched the idea to write our version of the classic NAS song One Love. He sent me his verse and I wrote one to tell the story of how some of the things I experienced in life, can help him be wiser, bolder and more aware of what’s around him. Terrell’s influences come from the roots of Old School Hip-Hop (which he mentions in his verse on our version of One Love titled 38) “One Love”) such as KRS-ONE, Big L, Big Pun, Nas, Q-Tip and more. Terrell continues to create, grow and is identifying what he was destined to be. Thank you for inspiring me Terrell!


FryHyde is one of my best friends. We sesh every now and then and sometimes the one they call FryHyde can get creative and say some wise things. Although he’s only featured on one post titled 54) “A Weed Rap” the lines he provided for that post was enough for me to work out a concept: “The kids want buds, not talking about friends,
I’m talking about strains, how ironic” FryHyde continues to be dope and wise.


JDF is another guy I know. He’s very talented when it comes to writing, something about the way he describes his life story is remarkable. JDF tweeted me once to do an impromptu cypher where the catch was to keep our bars under 140 characters or less. (see 59) “A Twitter Cypher”) The chemistry between JDF and I on A Twitter Cypher came so natural that we decided to do the sequel to it called 63) “A Twitter Cypher Pt. II” where in the end, I break the 140 character rule to discuss the serious matter that was “The Ebola Epidemic.” In addition to our Twitter Cypher series, JDF and I collaborated on a concept he created called 82) “Deep Art” which essentially was about digging deeper into the perception of something i.e. the reference I made where I state that Splash is useless if you’re not in your environment Magikarp! And that’s life; Gyarados evolved, this is deep art, which means sometimes you are put into an uncomfortable situation but it turns out to help you grow as a person or evolve into someone better; wiser and stronger just like Gyarados. You can expect JDF and Johnny Blaze to collaborate in the future, as we have plenty of ideas to share to the world of bloggers.


Potrick is an old friend of mine, back when we used to take turns playing Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku II on my Gameboy Advance during recess in the second grade. When we reunited and became accomplices again, I realized this guy is a big time stoner; just like me. Potrick actually inspired me to do a sequel to A Weed Rap which was never an idea at first but the fact that he can freestyle, beat box and smokes dope, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I approached Potrick through text with an idea to do a sequel to A Weed Rap which essentially was named 70) “A Weed Rap II” and it couldn’t have come out better. The verse he so graciously provided me with was lyrical, witty and simply put, it was harder than a dab hit. In 2016, Potrick, along with artists Big Homie Ooak & Razeray, formed a trio known as WildBoysEntertainment or W.B.E for short. In early 2017, all members of W.B.E came together to drop a irresistible single entitled Two Lips Freestyle. Summer ’17, Potrick released his debut project, Hibernation EP.

“Midnight” a.k.a. “Big Na$ty”

Big Na$ty and I go way back to the fifth grade where we would call our teacher Ms. Sperm-Sack because her name sounded like so. We once accidentally met up at the infamous “Bridge” in our neighbourhood one late, late, night. The both of us were quite drunk and if you didn’t know, I only feel comfortable rapping in front of people when I’m drunk. That night at “The Bridge,” Big Na$ty spit the nastiest freestyle I’ve ever heard. He has everything from flow to storytelling to just making you sound like a bitch even if you didn’t do anything to him. Haha! Nevertheless, Big Na$ty’s raw, off-the-dome style of writing/rapping convinced me to get him on a post, which we did called 84) “Grey Matter” and you will immediately pick up the flow that Big Na$ty uses in his provided verse on Grey Matter. He’s dope and I look forward to getting him on more projects and songs in the future.