JDF is another guy I know. He’s very talented when it comes to writing, something about the way he describes his life story is remarkable. JDF tweeted me once to do an impromptu cypher where the catch was to keep our bars under 140 characters or less. (see 59) “A Twitter Cypher”) The chemistry between JDF and I on A Twitter Cypher came so natural that we decided to do the sequel to it called 63) “A Twitter Cypher Pt. II” where in the end, I break the 140 character rule to discuss the serious matter that was “The Ebola Epidemic.”

   In addition to our Twitter Cypher series, JDF and I collaborated on a concept he created called 82) “Deep Art” which essentially was about digging deeper into the perception of something i.e. the reference I made where I state that Splash is useless if you’re not in your environment Magikarp! And that’s life; Gyarados evolved, this is deep art, which means sometimes you are put into an uncomfortable situation but it turns out to help you grow as a person or evolve into someone better; wiser and stronger just like Gyarados.

   In 2018, JDF created JLADTV; a live-streaming gaming account via Youtube. Visit JDF’s Youtube page for details on his content