E= DLP #2: 26) “All I Want Is You”

[Verse 1: Johnny Blaze]
Damn, you gone cold man,
I never thought I’d see the day that we’d be friends man,
Now I’m pondering how we got old man,
Known you for more than one, more than two,
More than three, four, years man
Vato Loco since the beginning of time,
“Don’t worry, it’s okay,” you told me, “It’s alright”
Then you forgot about the homies,
Forgot about the homies,
How could you leave me and have me feelin’ so lonely?

   This verse is a reflection of sorts. It’s about my relationship with an old friend, who I will refer to as “RAGE” for your convenience. I’ve known RAGE since kindergarden. Back then, she would pick on me, which is where the, “never thought I’d see the day we’d be friends” line came from, which transitions into, “now I’m pondering how we got old” because it’s wild how time passes you and things change.

   “Vato Loco since the beginning of time,” Vatos Locos was my group of friends from about grade five to grade eleven I would say. Nothing gang related, I promise. The name came from one of my all-time favourite movies, Blood In Blood Out: Bound by Honor:

Protagonist Miklo Velka throwing up the Vatos Locos Forever hand sign

At the time, all I ever wanted was a group of close knit friends that I could call family, much like the family bond displayed in the movie.

There was a period in RAGE and I’s friendship where things drifted. I upset her by telling her my honest opinion of her boyfriend and would apologize for making her feel bad. She’s the one saying, Don’t worry, it’s okay… It’s alright.” In reality however, she was mad.

   “Then you forgot about the homies, forgot about the homies, how could you leave me and have me feelin’ so lonely?” RAGE was angry. She started to distance herself from not only me but from the Vatos too. There was a feeling of abandonment inside me and it sucked.

[Verse 2: Miguel]
I wonder sometimes,
I wonder if I, was wrong
Tryna do right by you got me here
Now all I am is alone

   Miguel actually supports how I felt back then with those four particular lines.

‘Cause her eyes,
And those hips,
And that (ass),
Don’t compare, at all (no)
And at, best, all they do is distract me but now, deep down, when I face it,

   Haha, except this part. I never looked at RAGE as someone I was infatuated with. She was more of a little sister from another mister.

[Hook: Miguel]
All I want is you
All I want is you (now)
All I want is you now
Now that you’re gone, gone, gone

   All I wanted was for RAGE to be my friend again, that’s the whole point.

[Verse 3: Miguel]
‘Cause being your friend, was killing me softly
Hear voices, wondering where I went wrong
It was my fault, in the wrong time,
I wonder so often, regret gets exhausting

   Miguel puts the right words together to capture how I felt: “It was my fault, in the wrong time, I wonder so often, regret gets exhausting.” RAGE was one of my best friends at the time and not being able to go to her, sucked donkey dick. It was indeed exhausting and quite frustrating.

‘Cause her eyes,
And those hips,
And that (ass),
Don’t compare, at all (no)
And at best, all they do is distract me but now, deep down, when I face it,

[Hook: Miguel] (x2)
All I want is you (mhm)
All I want is you (now)
All I want is you now (sugar)
Now that you’re gone, gone, gone, gone, gone

[Bridge: Miguel]
‘Cause they don’t smile,
Or smell like you

No they don’t make me laugh,
Or even cook like you

   Yeah she was a funny ass girl. For the time we were friends, she and I made each other laugh often, feeding off each other’s humour usually, and holy cow! She would bake the BOMB-EST cupcakes:

RAGE’s homemade cupcakes had me like

And they don’t photograph,
Nah, they don’t sex like you
Let’s face it, I can’t replace it
That’s why all I want is you now…

[Verse 4: Johnny Blaze]
I wake up in the morning and think What happened?
Trying to find the answers; Kanye West
You flew like planes, no joke, you jet
Was our friendship, something that, you regret?

   There were a lot of days were I would wake up in the morning and feel empty, as if asking myself: “Damn, how did things switch up so fast?” 

“You flew like planes, no joke, you jet, was our friendship, something that, you regret?” When RAGE wasn’t on speaking terms with the Vatos, it felt like she went on a plane and escaped from us for her own benefit. Had me wondering: “Was I really a shit friend? Does she hate me so much that she regrets being friends with me all together?”

And can we intertwine?
You found someone that these plain bitches couldn’t find,
Is it possible that you’ll get married in due time?

   A common theme that occurred in Vatos Locos, was whenever one of us got into a relationship with someone outside of our clique, there always seemed to be friction going on within our group. When RAGE was in the early stages of her first serious relationship, the Vatos tried our best to accept and support RAGE and her boyfriend’s relationship. The dude was cool, calm and collective. Rare type of human, so much so that I think RAGE scored when she began dating him compared to other girls at her school dating him. RAGE and her boyfriend were inseparable, like a newly wed couple.

I knew you were the wifey type, baking sweet cupcakes,
You discovered a new life, better find your love Drake

   At this point, I realize: “Hey, perhaps she’s really in love with this dude,” hence, she found her love; very Drake.

I say I’m sorry, you say “It’s alright”
Damn, said it with sincerity, why ain’t we tight?
I thought we were homies,
Yet you really low-blowed me,
Like an attitude of hatred

   Looking at this part right here, I can see now how insensitive I was. As if apologizing was enough to heal a friendship, not yet realizing that whatever I said about her boyfriend, had hit her to her core and couldn’t be fixed by saying “sorry.” I reiterate the “It’s alright” line that she said in the first verse to highlight that now she’s saying “It’s alright!” expressing the tone that she’s heard enough of my sorries and has had enough of my shit.

   “I thought we were homies, yet you really low-blowed me, like an attitude of hatred” The low-blow line wasn’t in the original. I changed it because it used to include Youforia’s real name (see E= DLP #1). Ironically, though I say: “you really low-blowed me” it’s probably how RAGE felt when I said what I said about her boyfriend.

Look at your life now
Just betrayin’,
You don’t wanna be friends, come to me and say it

   Like many things in life, we go through stages of emotions when it comes to people we care about. At the beginning of verse one, I was disappointed and confused as to why RAGE was being distant. The start of verse four reveals questions going on in my mind which leads to now. Now I’m fuelled. I’m frustrated. I want things to be how it used to be; Vatos Locos Forever type of thing. This is why I accuse RAGE of “betrayin'” because it felt like she turned her back on Vatos Locos without ever coming up to me and saying, “Hey, I don’t think we should be friends no more” type of scenario. She just decided “fuck ’em” I guess.

I’m displayin’,
My thoughts on this paper like I write for real

  So here we are, the cup has runneth over. My frustrations have spilled everywhere and now I’m doing the ol’ self deprecating thing, where I’m totally sweeping the idea of being a real writer under the rug.

I’m sayin’,
Before I promised you that I would never leave,
I loved you like a Sister; don’t ever disbelieve

   My favourite line in this piece. I made a promise to RAGE that I would never leave her side, be there for her when she needs me to be, which in my defence, I have, since she is the one who decided “Nope, fuck this white boy, I’m out” and not me. Despite all this, I did in fact love RAGE. If you’re lucky enough, you will meet people who you easily click with and as that friendship grows, so will the bond. This bond we shared, felt real. When you look at someone as a little sister that you never had, you will do whatever it takes to make sure that nobody hurts them; you protect them. Not because they’re fragile, nay, protect them because you love them and when you love someone, you go out of your way to make sure they’re alright but, I guess I failed in that department. Perhaps I was hurting more than helping…

[Outro: Miguel]
That’s why
All I want is you now (mhhm)
All I want is you now (yeah)
All I want is you now (sugar)
Now that you’re gone, gone, gone, gone
You know that you’re gone (I want you back)


108) “How Great”

108) How Great
By: Johnny Blaze

I think the lesson to be learned from all of this, is to appreciate every little thing in our lives while we can
Cherish the moment
Reach! both your arms out towards the sky,
Praise this life you are living and breathe in the air that is, essentially freedom
… How great is that?

[Verse 1:]
Scribbling, scribbling, rip out another page,
Poetry of a madman; still I write insane
My domain, was profane,
For years, used God’s name in vain,
My ego was the-size-of-a-crane,
But I felt tiny-as-a-grain
I grew wholeheartedly, apologized for my sins,
Prayed for forgiveness, guidance, strength, and been grateful since
Made a promise that I would never be disloyal for thou is King and I am Prince,
Even though I do not attend church, I am faithful through holy hymns
Glory be, glory be,
To you know who who helped when I had dropped to one knee,
He-healed-heels, laughed in pain; ended my chuckle with “Hee,”
Now I flee, I am free,
Trying not to sound hyperbole
Only one, who gave me spirit of courage, was thee,
Inductee, to-tha-hall of, “I believe”
How, great!
At last, David came to his senses,
Long ago, the kid was suffering from depression,
Around the same time, when he was just a Freshman
Praise due to the most high, now I sound, preachy!
Written in a notebook made of hemp and, the colour was that, of a kiwi!

(Flow Change)
Saying life is sweet as the first-bite from a Fuji Apple,
Lick my lips, every single time I see a booty rattle,
I’ll admit, fit women, get me all, dazzled
Fun-sized, thick thighs, oops, I have, babbled

(Back To Normal Flow)
Quit playin’, playin’, games sweetie,
How great were we?
The greatest inde-ed,
We even hit on Ash-le-y
Ashley is my pipe,
Down, but speak words into the mic,
Loud, sound, do I mean sonically?
Not quite


[Verse 2:]
Never thought I’d ever see the light of day, before May?
I was focusing on how much I weigh
Pushing petals over and over,
Spinnin’ in cycles, sweat, dripped, down my shoulder,
Skippin’ like vinyls, broken, flip to Side B, no dope, I-was-sober
Months without a job,
Bills pilled up like scrap in my garage,
Whenever I opened my eyes, all I saw was a mirage

(Flow Change Like Before)
Is it true when you’re off weed, for weeks upon weeks?
That you go into Cannabis Withdrawal,
Meaning your reality becomes mystique?

(Back To Normal Flow)
At first it was scary,
Craved cannabis, can I just,
Go back to normal already?
Took some time, changed the paradigm,
A break away from it all wasn’t so deadly,
I confined into my redesign,
Read books when I would feel edgy
A Shepherd sold his sheep to advance in his quest for hidden treasure,
Wasn’t enough, he shined glass cups ’til he could move onto future endeavours
To the Pyramids, to the Pyramids,
Travelled through the desert with peers and amid,
He finally made it, discovered his destiny; all seen through a dream
The dream became reality,
The scene was serene; ultralight beams, ruled supreme
Mastered alchemy, how can he,
Take what he learned throughout his journey and use it to his-advantage?
Like the Shepherd, I am in-search-of-an-expert-who-will-teach-me-to-be, candid,
Lettuce/let us go ham/h.a.m. for the bread; that’s-a-sandwich
There’s layers to my soul; peel ’em off one-at-a-time,
There’s levels to these lyrics; try and decipher all-of-my-rhymes,
He who Stays Zen, shall al-ways-thrive,
Those who repent, will cease their demise

How great

The Life Of Pablo: Is This One Of The Greatest Albums Of All-Time?

The Life Of Pablo: Is This One Of The Greatest Albums Of All-Time?
By: David Lazo-Pineda

Wowowowowowow! Holy fuck! So, first off, this is just a sample of what his album features as Kanye West’s seventh solo studio album The Life of Pablo has yet to be released to the public. However, this is basically a first-listen run-through of the version played live at Madison Square Garden during his Yeezy Season 3 Fashion Show. You can find pictures from that event on his Twitter page.

Warning: There will be spoilers. I am going to share how my listening experience was. Because lets face it, if you’re a Kanye West fan, you were like “WHERE’S THE ALBUM KANYE?!” since Yeezus dropped in ’13.

Track Número Uno: Ultra Light Beams

Who’s on the opening song off this album? Full of surprises. Last chance, you can still not read this. Ready? There’s a lot of gospel. Church choir type of singing, from Kelly Price, then a melody from The-Dream, who doesn’t get enough credit as an artist but we’ll leave it at that. Oh man, then, Chance The Rapper spits. The part that made me at awe is as follows:

“My daughter look just like Sia, you can’t see her
You can feel the lyrics and spirit coming in braille
Timing of the underground, come and follow the trail
I made Sunday Candy, I’m never going to hell
I met Kanye West, I’m never going to fail
You said ‘Let’s do A Good Ass Job with Chance three,’
I heard you gotta sell it to snatch the Grammy
Let’s make it so free and the bar so hard
That a day one, gosh darn, part you can’t tweet”



Yup. Lets reflect on that. Chance confesses that Kanye once asked him if he wanted to make “A Good As Job” for “Chance Three.” A Good Ass Job was the album title for Kanye’s fifth solo effort in order to conclude his College, registering-late, graduating, then-getting–well, a good ass job theme. His fifth album ended up being My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and since then, talks about that concept ended. That is, until now. Now, we know following the success from 10 Day and Acid Rap, Chance The Rapper’s third mixtape–or quite possibly, his debut album, could be called A Good As Job which would make things come full-circle; Kanye West being a Chicago-native idol of Mr. Bennett ever since he was a teen and his fans know that by listening to his music. I truly hope A Good Ass Job is the title for Chance’s third solo project and if it does end up being his debut album, lets all buy it, support it and help him win a GRAMMY because it’s Chance’s time to shine. Kanye blessed him anyway, even if you disagree. Moving on!

 Track Número Dos: Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

Metro Boomin produced the first part of Father Stretch My Hands. Kid Cudi offers some necessary vocals:


Everythang still G.O.O.D.

Future says one line–yes, Future. Lean-sippin’ Future but he and Metro Boomin are close and that makes Kanye West and ’em tight. Second part includes G.O.O.D. Music’s newest signee as announced via President Pusha T’s Twitter. Desiigner is a Brooklyn, NY artist and Kanye has used his talent wisely on this live version of the album.

 Track Número Tres: Freestyle 4

When you listen to this beat, you’re gonna understand why it’s titled “Freestyle” simply because the beat is composed to be rapped on by any talented emcee really. Kanye drops the beat near the end and proclaims he is the Ghetto Oprah. It’s funny, trust me.

Track Número Cuatro: Famous

We get to hear Rihanna, who is just accepting the fact ANTI is her most successful album to date. Then we hear the same drums introduced on Real Friends ft.Ty Dolla $ign, followed by some Woo’s and ad-libs by legendary Hip-Hop producer Swizz Beatz. The first couple bars, Kanye reignites the flame on his situation with Taylor Swift in the past by rapping:

“For all my Southside niggas that know me best
I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex
Why? I made that bitch famous
(Swizz Beatz: God damn)
I made that bitch famous
For all the girls that got dick from Kanye West
If you see ’em in the streets give ’em Kanye’s bests
Why? They mad they ain’t famous
(Swizz Beatz: God damn)
They mad they’re still nameless



Ah, what sweet, sweet bars. At one point, the coolest shit happens. Kanye & Swizz go head-to-head. Kanye plays with his 808 drum machine while Swizz acts as a hype man and it works to a delightful degree.

Track Número Cinco: High Lights

High Lights gives off the vibe similar to songs like Say You Will, Love Lockdown and Bad News off Kanye’s fourth solo album 808’s & Heartbreak. Young Thug and The-Dream are on this one and it’s so dope. You can never go wrong with Kanye West behind the production and he raps like passionate Kanye which is the type of shit people feel, “They don’t even need to intellectualize it, life is a feeling process” word to Big Sean’s father.

Track Número Seis: Feed Back

I’ve only listened to the second verse of Feed Back and it’s where Kanye raps from the perspective of a fan; kinda like Eminem’s Stan but with satire. Here’s an excerpt:

“See I invented Kanye, there wasn’t any Kanyes
And now I look and look around and there’s so many Kanye’s
I used to love Kanye
I even had the pink polo, I thought I was Kanye
What if Kanye made a song about Kanye
Called I Miss The Old Kanye



Track Número Siete: Fade

Expect similar drums and strings from No Church In The Wild off the Watch The Throne collaborative album with Jay Z, on this track. Kanye puts his sampling to G.O.O.D. use. Ty Dolla $ign and Post Malone (the guy who made White Iverson) are heard on this one, not a fan of Post Malone but Ty Dolla $ign is definitely a talented singer.

Track Número Ocho: FML

There’s this really soft and slow instrument playing, Kanye does somewhat like a Spoken Word poem and then outta nowhere, The Weeknd’s voice is heard on the hook. Yup. I guess it makes sense because The Weeknd is a Pop-star ever since Beauty Behind The Madness debuted in 2015. Nonetheless, this collab is decent, this is the hook The Weeknd sings:

“Wish I would go ahead and fuck my life up!
Can’t let them get to me,
And even though I always fuck my life up!
Only I can mention me”

Track Número Nueve: Real Friends

We’ve heard this one already. The drums are tight. The beat itself expresses how simplicity can still be a masterpiece. There’s no doubt in my mind that anyone who listens to this track will enjoy it, mainly because we can all relate to it. Once again, Ty Dolla $ign does what he does best and Kanye usually brings out the best in people; maybe that means Kanye truly is one of the BEST. Hmm…

THE FINALE, Track Número Diez: Wolves

We finally get Wolves although it appears on the Live @ MSG version, Vic Mensa’s verse didn’t make it as well as Sia’s verse as heard on their SNL performance last year:

Frank Ocean comes out of the cave he’s been hiding in and sings to close out The Life Of Pablo which is fitting since he opened Watch The Throne with No Church In The Wild; Frankie’s first collab with Kanye:

“The rings all ring out
Burn out, cave in
Blackened to dark out
I’m mixed now, fleshed out
There’s light with no heat
We cooled out, it’s cool out
Life is precious
We found out, we found out
We found out”

Verdict? Judging by this first-listen, I can tell you that it is possible that The Life Of Pablo could be one of the greatest albums of all-time. I can see why Kanye believes it. There’s layers-on-layers-on-layers of content and this is just me scratching the surface. I hope that this album will be in stores soon because I am anxious to own it and I can’t wait to hear the full-studio version of TLOP. Now I go to sleep.


You know why I’m here

60) “January 2nd”

60) January 2nd
By: Johnny Blaze

[Verse 1:]
The real is back, feelin’ jacked
Been a bean; senzu, sayin’/saiyan I’m super; fact
-Is, I practically practiced,
The art of rappin’,
On Christmas I was unwrappin’
Guess what happened?
Davey got wavy
Fused with Johnny Blaze, Super Stoned on the daily
-No show, no Jon Stewart,
I come wit written pieces but this ain’t nothin’ newer
Sooner or later you’ll understand I’m a legend in my craft
When I die, remember me for who I am, not for who I was in the past
They always say nice guys finish last,
So I gotta be a dick in order to get with her fast,
Or so it should be,
I fantasized about you every night for a week,
I dream free
‘Cause life’s a bitch and I’m a slave to her,
Write my thoughts towards these thots ’cause my heart lingers,
She’ll never understand that I’m the man in her favour,
I skip a beat just to box with this stranger,
Got damn, I can’t believe she’s on my mind, wanna be braver,
She doesn’t know it but I’m ready to be her saviour

Don’t be a bitch ass (Don’t be a bitch ass)
Don’t let her go (Don’t let her go)
Can’t let her pass (Can’t let her pass)
But she got a man though (But she got a man though)
If I can convince her this, (If I can convince her this)
She’ll never look back (She’ll never look back)
If I don’t make a blow (If I don’t make a blow)
Then how can I make a wish? (Then how can I make a wish?)

[Verse 2:]
What’s a Vato like me gotta do to be happy?
I check her Instagram, my God she looking so fancy
I go on Twitter, not one tweet sadly
Then I lay in bed and go to sleep cranky
A bitter motherfucker I am, taking actions into my own hands like a vigilante
Sike I lied, da fuck am I suppose to do?
Sit and smoke until she single or pop her man like acne?
I usually don’t have these schemes in my head,
Johnny Blaze wants to burn her man like a slice of toast,
Ironic ’cause I used to be Wonderbread
The more I think about you, the more I feel bummy because you’re almost perfect
Like Kanye said,

[Sample: Blame Game by Kanye West]
“You made life worth it. Stick around some real feelin’s might surface.”

You da one girl and should we end up together,
I won’t pressure you like diamonds, but I’ll treat you like treasure
I mean that with sincerity,
Stay zen and strive for prosperity
When you become single I’ll chip in a hand,
Gotta take you out, but like a Pringle, you canned
‘Cause you don’t know it yet,
Your mind in another world,
I’m livin’ mine like a poet, eh
When oh when the day comes that you’re free,
You ain’t even gotta ask Siri to find me G
Yes sirree,
This is El Salvador’s greatest,
For ten Summers I haven’t seen my family; I’m losing my patience
When I go to Cali I’ll be my cousin’s favourite
Los Angeles and Bakersfield waits for me to watch the sunrise,
Lay on the beach and smoke some Cali Bud one time,
Recline, your seats everybody
Blaze creating fire, it’s getting foggy
The G’Day Man, nineteen, legal now and smoking dope is still a hobby

Don’t be a bitch ass (Don’t be a bitch ass)
Don’t let her go (Don’t let her go)
Can’t let her pass (Can’t let her pass)
But she got a man though (But she got a man though)
If I can convince her this, (If I can convince her this)
She’ll never look back (She’ll never look back)
If I don’t make a blow (If I don’t make a blow)
Then how can I make a wish? (Then how can I make a wish?)

[Verse 3:]
I ain’t no bitch, I ain’t no coward
I’m legit, dunk like Howard
Sike I don’t ball, I just block
Tell Rob Ford to stay away from Rock
You n****s might have swag, or you might have money,
Or you might be a dick, with cute faced honeys,
Or you might be a fancy dude, with a gold ring
But check the birth date man, you ain’t the King
Nah, you ain’t the King
David’s the King
January 2nd

94) “Five Fingerz of Death”

94) Five Fingerz of Death
(Exibit DLP / Slaughter / 4:20 Blaze It /Here, Weed, Go! / Dead Residents)
By: Johnny Blaze

*1. Exhibit C instrumental by Jay Electronica*

[Intro:] (Exibit DLP Freestyle)
Man, it’s been a minute,
Not gonna lie
I feel that I just enjoy taking the time to make music work
It has to be natural, but at the same time,
It has to hit me with an enormous amount of inspiration to go through with an idea
So lets get lost like kids at Ikea
(Find me)

[Verse 1:]
Find me at the bridge packin’ Weed-O’s for breakfast
A satisfactory taste,
Chew some gum to increase the pressure
By lunch, I’ll be high,
Chasing honeys in my mind,
Only thing that surrounds me are these bees but these b’s are in disguise
They like to bandwagon on whoever’s so hot
Then a week from now, you’re looked at as a hater; s/o to Meek Milli for keepin’ it real, like it or not
Seen CyHi go on IG; let L.I.O.N. drop
Right at the same time, I hear a pop,
Next thing you know there’s little piggies in the sky
You can’t chop them down but that choppa sound proves piggies can fly

*scratch, scratch, scratch*

*2. Lil’ Piggies instrumental by Joell Ortiz & !llmind*

Where the fuck is my lighter at, fuck!

Fuck it,

[Verse 2:] (Slaughter Freestyle)
Y’all can’t fathom my desire to win!
I carry my own weight like the trainers at my gym!
Life will pass by you!
Sometimes it will get violent,
You might even cry, it’s the truth!
Shady guy wearing shades at night
Like Justin Timberlake in Dior shape,
Next to Hova in a clean suit and tie
That’s still to come though if I’m not mistaken,
Three little piggies in a barn,
Set your alarm to “BAKE” den,
I wonder why like a Common dreamer
I seem to be getting lost in my thoughts like at night when I’m gone,
My mic skills are raw,
Like Jake Gyllenhaal,
In Southpaw!
We blaze to the rhythm of the next beat,
Light a doobie,
Get all groovy, if you’re feeling me

*scratch, scratch, scratch*

*3. Son of a Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield*

[Bridge 2:]
Oh hey, found my lighter!
But the beat still goin’

[Verse 3:] (4:20 Blaze It Freestyle)
I figured out that Cypress Hill sampled this
Gonna give it a shot like Diego at Gabbys,
On the Tequila,
I’ve come across many thotties,
But it’d be lovely to have my own señorita
‘Til then,
I’mma just keep l-i-v-i-n’,
Don’t come at me with drama or beef,
My only interests are prosper and to maintain my zen
Will you join me?
Used to wrap my papers around a pen,
Guess that explains why my writing is so dope
And we still vibin’ and toke-in’,
Excuse me as I must take a hit of this fine joint that I’m hold-in’

*lights joint*

*4. Here We Go instrumental by Mac Miller*

*coughs repeatedly*

[Verse 4:] (Here, Weed, Go! Freestyle)
100 Grand Kids…
Thanks Mac for dropping a new joint,
Finna go O.D. in the A.M. like I’m ScHoolboy
My I.Q. is as high as Malcolm’s,
Walk in the night wearing shades like Walter White,
Reese, do we (Doowie) have a problem?
You won’t like the outcome
Staring me down like a falcon,
Never lip sync but tonight, I’m watching Fallon
Hold your controller,
I’m immortal, like Hulk Hogan
Second thought, he’s a racist, ironic that “Brother!” used to be his slogan
Me and my brother went from zonin’ to buying each other clothes
We may be blood but we both know how to make each other explode
Like The White House in that movie with Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum
This weed?
Tastes yum
Blowin’ smoke towards my neighbours house
Do me a favour,
Don’t do me no favours,
I’ll handle your bitch like she’s my spouse
I’m like Jigga in ’96
That was the year I was born; fuckin’ lit!

*scratch, scratch, scratch*

*5. Dead Presidents II Instrumental by Jay-Z*

[Verse 5:] (Dead Residents Freestyle)
And I’m after residents that like to test me
Knock on my front door,
Ring my bell,
Then they just leave
Jehovah’s witness with a pamphlet in hand
I see you from my bedroom window,
I’m creepin’ on the come up like Bone Thugs with a bag of the greenest endo
That’s why people erk like the nerd who’s the son of a Winslow
Fuck, my pen broke,
Guess I gotta go again so,
Let me vent from within lord,
God, I come to you as a sinner,
I believe I’m destined to be a winner,
Even if I gotta go through hell,
Fuck it, life’s been grimmer
I know in the bible, little David slays Goliath,
That means I should be King,
What would happen if people praise me, like the Messiah?
My heart stronger than a giant,
And just so I don’t sound biased,
I’mma have the beat drop,

[Verse 6:] (Acapela)
Lift my soul up,
Reasons why David in the bible was crowned “the highest”
We about to keep the high going!
Freestyling for free,
Tune out if you feel my style is boring!
Check my words of wisdom out
Some women are like a sweet tooth,
They ache unless they use drugs; word of mouth
My provocative words literally roll off the tongue,
Suck on this,
Rave girls in the sun,
Y’all like to slop on dick,
Pacifers, and the blunt
I’m done!

Five fingers,
In Miley Cyrus,
Just spittin’
Now I’m slimer
Can’t retire,
Bow down and call me sire
(Fuckin’ Lit!)
(Johnny Blaze bitch!)

86) “I Bought A Picture Frame Today…”

86) I Bought A Picture Frame Today
By: Johnny Blaze

Remember Frieday The Thirsteenth?
Bet, I could continue the good grades like I‘m on a roll
So now my goal is to be Honour Roll
Then I’ll proudly accept that honours scroll,
And get staff to take pictures of me, then I’ll show the globe
I bought a picture frame today
Because yesterday,
I won the award and you would think that’s great
But it truly isn’t
At Romero, I only won an award for “Highest Academic Achievement In Grade Nine Science Applied”
This was before I did drugs,
Before I was a open-minded guy
That was the only award I ever recieved in my four years of High School
Marijuana made me lazy
What else is new?
Right, I got this cute 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper that states I’m on a roll
And we’re not talking about joints,
We’re talking about me attending an alternative school/community college
To think at this point, I would have all the haters abolished
My mom’s thinks I’m a disappointment
She can’t accept that I am a highly functional stoner
She wants me to change,
Like giving up an organ and I’m the donor
I know I’m exaggerating to say the least,
All I want from my family is acceptance because according to this paper, I can complete
-University courses
At home, I do all the chores and,
I work weekends at a job I dispise
Mr. Moneybagz said “You’re successful in my eyes”
So how come when I recieved this achievement,
I wasn’t as pleased man
See I’m just like Eazy-E, I’ll break it down real simple
I know I’m smart, funny, talented,
But others look at me like I’m a criminal
I bought a picture frame today,
Because I wanted to put my first of many honour rolls in it,
Seal it,
Hang it so that when I stare at the corner of my ceilin’,
I’ll always remember that I can continue winnin’
I bought a picture frame today…

82) “Deep Art”

82) Deep Art
By: Johnny Blaze & JDF

[Verse 1: JDF]
One thing’s for certain if that curtain closes,
I’mma tear that shit down; with a screw driver
Fuck the driver, I can drive my own car
I’m amazed to say I’m not a star
Won’t you stay?
Don’t you leave ’cause leavin’ me is going too far
Believe in me,
Believing me ain’t so hard,
Not smart, but I’m not a retard
Think I fumbled it, time to restart
Not a rapper just speaking from me heart
If you ever think me and the game gonna depart,
Then you better reevaluate,
‘Cause this is deep art

[Verse 2: Johnny Blaze]
So I guess this is where I come in right?
No slow it down, I’m just a guest, came here to write!
See I’m hella sick,
Coughing out rhymes, yelled out Whore! ’cause she loves the dick
Freestyling, retrial man,
Why isn’t George Zimmerman in jail yet?
Or in hell, damn..
Got a little too deep but we just riding waves like a Captain or a sailor,
‘Cause going on trips are in my favour
Just to make a rapper’s delight seem ight
But I’m just bang-bang boogie to the boogie to the boogie the beat,
DLP’s on fleek,
Make your mind cheep-cheep,
Like birds retweet,
And I know I’m sweet
Now what you see is not an illusion,
DLP and Josh, same kids from school and,
Now we just growin’ up,
Sellin’ dope on the regular, gotta get my cut
So do it, go do it, go do, do, do it
Deep art for your weak hearts,
Breaking bad news, shot with the barrett,
I’m the king of this king-dom,
Like a painting of the B.K. standing behind Floyd Mayweather,
Posted up on these walls and if they can talk,
I’d whisper You suck
That shit get deep
Man I swear to God that shit get so deep,
Deep, deeper than missing your favourite artist live,
Deeper than being a drug addict but keep tellin’ lies
Deeper than when you find out your partner’s cheating
The deeper you get,
The deeper you bleed man
So don’t you stress,
Stay Zen and you’ll be blessed

[Verse 3: JDF]
Life hasn’t been the most pleasant
Started on the street, not even a peasant
Had to get up on my feet to get my Mom and Sis a present
I wish my Grand Paps was still wit me
That shit hurt but I played it off like it didn’t hit me
Momma always had a frown
Life turned upside down and criss-crossed me out,
Now I’m at a crossroads, listening to guys talk ’bout shit they ain’t really ’bout
It’s hard for a man in my position to smile
I’ve been hurtin’ for a long while
Committing felonies, waiting for the day I catch a trial,
I be on some grungy shit I ain’t even in denial
But when it comes to this, I’ll catch a body then ghost like West Nile
Or begin to roast like the ghost from 8 Mile

[Verse 4: Johnny Blaze]
I’d be lyin’, if I said I wasn’t high man
Was at a prom after-party, last night?
Yeah, sorry,
Still a little flabbergasted
Went from one beer to no beers so in the tub they didn’t last and,
Funny how the world works
You somehow always know somebody who knows somebody, that’s my word
It’s called the six degrees of separation theory
You know somebody because there’s four people in-between you two
That’s six people in total, my point?
The world’s small, or maybe it’s just this city, maybe not so much in, Detroit?
I could draw pictures of stoned clocks on my arm,
Freeze the moment or get rocked by an omen,
Maktub on the wrist?
Ignorance is bliss
Guess you could say I have time on my hands because it was writ
Let us sit, let us unravel
The world is ours now, don’t worry about time travel
Even though your mind rattles
Don’t get caught up in it, like a poké-mon, battle
Splash is useless if you’re not in your environment Magikarp!
And that’s life; Gyarados evolved, this is deep art