Dealing With Depression

118) “Super Glue”

118) “Super Glue”
By: Johnny Blaze

I dressed the tree with dangled lights and shiny ornaments,
Can’t see past the stars, car alarms wake up the older heads
Pops told me “Son, when the moon’s full, you grow!”
Said to him, Why’s that?
But he didn’t have the answer, as u-sual!
Went from, angry lil’ child! To a, Zen-headed teen!
Now I’mma, completely drained adult!
And my head is in-between!
Two clouds, wild, had to levitate to see the sun!
With my shades on, I stare into the light,
Can you alleviate the dark?
I’m haunted, I’m cursed!
Can’t get behind the wheel, ’cause I’ll drive onto the curb!
That’s never happened but I’m giving y’all imagery!
Angry to Zen, then! Becoming drained; that’s a trilogy!
I walk in the night, in search of a Tosta, Mis-ta!
Halo above me, point at fools just-like-Friez-a!
I’m in my fourth form
Just might be, a rare kind of breed; unicorn, with four horns!
Even though, I am alive, oddly, I’m dead inside!
Cut open my gut, out, spills rotten organs! And a fat, para-site!
It’s been eating me up, since I left, elementary school
Teacher! Teacher! How did you ignore that growing, was-a-ghoul?
Run around cemeteries, gathering up the crew!
Hey soul sista! How was your lunch?
Meet anyone new?
I’m different, I’m desperate,
Say some negative; I’ll let it eat up my intestine!
My blood boils, they served me cold bread! Fuck! My halo foiled
Back on earth and may-be! I needa dig up ol’ dirt
“People don’t change! We just walk in circles,”
So when I bury my fury, rise! As this spectacle’s bound to be hurtful!
Obliterate the cashier and the rest of ’em,
Much like what happened to Planet Vegeta; you neva heard from them
Shut the blinds, there’s nothin’ to see, here, folks!
Store’s closed, come back when the dead be woke, ha!
That’s why we go to Wake’s ’cause we in bad shape!
Guilt, drives us cray!
Similar to my mind’s state!
Ay yo! You better listen you fool!
I came here for good food, and you did me so rude!
I should head-butt ya, stupid, blank, face!
But in, good, faith, I can’t!
This ain’t, G-T-A; makin’ a scene, brings out the lames!
The cops, the popo! The police and stuff,
“There ain’t no justice! It’s JUST, US!”
Word to Sweet, he be tough
Pull up to the house and remember what CJ said, in the beginning of San An-dre’s!
“Fucked everythang up” and that’s how it be, nowadays!
The journey continues, need new threads, head on over to Binco!
But the person who works there, looks like a gringo!
Oh! We in the same boat!
Not nor-mal! We suppose to abandon our mor-als!
No! No! Not in this lifetime!
Call me Gato Blanco, ’cause I still have all, nine, lives!
Yup, this the truth, ‘tween me and you,
I’m stuck on bein’ broken so I guess I need some super-glue!
I guess I need some super-glue!
I guess I need some super-glue,
I’m stuck on bein’ broken, so I guess I need some super-glue..


108) “How Great”

108) How Great
By: Johnny Blaze

I think the lesson to be learned from all of this, is to appreciate every little thing in our lives while we can
Cherish the moment
Reach! both your arms out towards the sky,
Praise this life you are living and breathe in the air that is, essentially freedom
… How great is that?

[Verse 1:]
Scribbling, scribbling, rip out another page,
Poetry of a madman; still I write insane
My domain, was profane,
For years, used God’s name in vain,
My ego was the-size-of-a-crane,
But I felt tiny-as-a-grain
I grew wholeheartedly, apologized for my sins,
Prayed for forgiveness, guidance, strength, and been grateful since
Made a promise that I would never be disloyal for thou is King and I am Prince,
Even though I do not attend church, I am faithful through holy hymns
Glory be, glory be,
To you know who who helped when I had dropped to one knee,
He-healed-heels, laughed in pain; ended my chuckle with “Hee,”
Now I flee, I am free,
Trying not to sound hyperbole
Only one, who gave me spirit of courage, was thee,
Inductee, to-tha-hall of, “I believe”
How, great!
At last, David came to his senses,
Long ago, the kid was suffering from depression,
Around the same time, when he was just a Freshman
Praise due to the most high, now I sound, preachy!
Written in a notebook made of hemp and, the colour was that, of a kiwi!

(Flow Change)
Saying life is sweet as the first-bite from a Fuji Apple,
Lick my lips, every single time I see a booty rattle,
I’ll admit, fit women, get me all, dazzled
Fun-sized, thick thighs, oops, I have, babbled

(Back To Normal Flow)
Quit playin’, playin’, games sweetie,
How great were we?
The greatest inde-ed,
We even hit on Ash-le-y
Ashley is my pipe,
Down, but speak words into the mic,
Loud, sound, do I mean sonically?
Not quite


[Verse 2:]
Never thought I’d ever see the light of day, before May?
I was focusing on how much I weigh
Pushing petals over and over,
Spinnin’ in cycles, sweat, dripped, down my shoulder,
Skippin’ like vinyls, broken, flip to Side B, no dope, I-was-sober
Months without a job,
Bills pilled up like scrap in my garage,
Whenever I opened my eyes, all I saw was a mirage

(Flow Change Like Before)
Is it true when you’re off weed, for weeks upon weeks?
That you go into Cannabis Withdrawal,
Meaning your reality becomes mystique?

(Back To Normal Flow)
At first it was scary,
Craved cannabis, can I just,
Go back to normal already?
Took some time, changed the paradigm,
A break away from it all wasn’t so deadly,
I confined into my redesign,
Read books when I would feel edgy
A Shepherd sold his sheep to advance in his quest for hidden treasure,
Wasn’t enough, he shined glass cups ’til he could move onto future endeavours
To the Pyramids, to the Pyramids,
Travelled through the desert with peers and amid,
He finally made it, discovered his destiny; all seen through a dream
The dream became reality,
The scene was serene; ultralight beams, ruled supreme
Mastered alchemy, how can he,
Take what he learned throughout his journey and use it to his-advantage?
Like the Shepherd, I am in-search-of-an-expert-who-will-teach-me-to-be, candid,
Lettuce/let us go ham/h.a.m. for the bread; that’s-a-sandwich
There’s layers to my soul; peel ’em off one-at-a-time,
There’s levels to these lyrics; try and decipher all-of-my-rhymes,
He who Stays Zen, shall al-ways-thrive,
Those who repent, will cease their demise

How great