71 1/2) “FourFiveSeconds”

71 1/2) FourFiveSeconds
By: Johnny Blaze ft.Rihanna

[Verse 1: Rihanna]
I think I’ve had enough
I might get a little drunk
I say what’s on my mind
I might do a little time
‘Cause all of my kindness,
Is taken for weakness

[Hook: Rihanna]
Now I’m, four, five, seconds from wildin’,
And we got three, more, days ’til Friday
I’m just tryna make it back home by Monday, mornin’,
And I swear, I wish somebody would tell me,
Ooh, that’s all I want

[Verse 2: Johnny Blaze]
Woke up hungover,
Drank too much, now I’m sober
But I still feel embarrassed
Man I wish I could care less

[Hook: Rihanna]
Yeah, I’m ’bout four, five, seconds from wildin’,
And we got three, more, days ’til Friday
I’m tryna make it back home by Monday, mornin’,
And I swear, I wish somebody would drive me,
Ooh, that’s all I want

[Bridge: Rihanna]
And I know that you’re up tonight
Thinkin’, “How could I be so selfish?”
But you called ’bout a thousand times!
Wondering where, I’ve been
Now I know that you’re up tonight
Thinkin’, “How could I be so reckless?”
But I just can’t, apologize!
I hope you can understand, yeah

[Verse 3: Johnny Blaze]
If I ever strike a fist,
Remind me why I was pissed
That’s a side of me that I don’t like,
So prevent me from going psych’!
See all of my wisdom, mhmm,
Is wasted at System

[Hook: Rihanna & Johnny Blaze]
Now I’m, four, five, seconds from wildin’
And we got three, more, days ’til Friday
I’m tryna make it back home by Monday, mornin’,
And I swear, I wish somebody would tell me,
Ooh, that’s all I want
Four, five, seconds from wildin’!
And we got three, more, days ’til Friday
Just tryna make it back home by Monday, mornin’,
And I swear, I wish somebody would tell me,
‘Cause that’s all I want


72) “Frieday the Thirsteenth”

The B.L.A.Z.E. Blog Post Series: The Night Special

72) Frieday the Thirsteenth
By: Johnny Blaze

[Verse 1:]
Woke up, late for school
No big deal, my teacher’s cool
Yeah, we call him “Matt,”
Facts: there was only 2 of us by the end of his second class,
-And, I found out I got a 85 on my law, 90 on my sociology tests,
Bet, I could continue the good grades like I’m on a roll
So now my goal is to be Honour Roll
Then I’ll proudly accept that honours scroll,
And get staff to take pictures of me, then I’ll show the globe
Via my blog, you guys are great,
Hope you liked my “i” song

[Verse 2:]
Earlier, received a text from Diego
Sorting out what we were gonna do bro,
So I met with him after school, soul!
We actually met by destiny,
I was putting on my headband then I see a mexican next to me
“Oh hey man”
Said the yung Chino,
We used to smoke dope and stay lowkey doe
“Sergio’s gonna be here soon,”
Sergio’s here?
He’s one of my peers, from High School too,
Nah, that’s my homie, but I’ll explain why he wanted to duel
We met with him at Gabbys; a bar so infamous to me
I mean there’s one by Dragon Beach, my school, and near GBC
This guy was drinking at the bar
Said Wazzap, shook hands, and this was just the start
Got our booth on lock,
Sergio’s feeling nice and Diego likes to taunt
Then “Jonathon” came
No, that’s not how it’s really spelled, but it’s funnier that way
The waitress surprisingly had the line of the day
“Do you want it smooth?”
Haha, neat
Her comedy was the biggest burn and that’s when Sergio felt defeat
Then Salinas came meanwhile, “Jonathon” was getting ready to eat
Sergio became a mobster
I was trying not to drink too much; staying zen, don’t want no problems
Occasionally, he would have a smoke to “take it easy, meng”
Then he would come back and do it again
Laughed so much my stomach felt like a ferris
Wise Hyde eating fries guy
He got caught with a steal
But anyways, we eventually left to go to the “Fuego Latino” event held at GBC
The poster read “Pupusas, empanadas, churros and more for free!
So we were convinced instantly
The line was butt
Security would check your belongings and might even lift your nuts
Some ma’fuckin’ crazy shit right?
We were drunk, hungry,
I was stoned and then it became night

[Verse 3:]
We got in finally and naturally,
We put my belongings away so that they wouldn’t confiscate my Ashley
Turns out the food wasn’t even ready; they slacked
So FryHyde went to go get my bag
Salinas said we could go to Erick’s;
Jayman was gonna be there, gotta smoke
-With him, and his sister quit smoking dope
She’s focused on taking notes
A C.O is what she hopes
-To be, and we even made a LCBO run
Got that Moosehead, Proof, and we were sprung!
Well I was because I was excited to hit a bong, which I did
Because the day was long, and my friends were arguing like kids
FryHyde made Sergio’s ear numb
Then for the rest of the day, he complained about his ear drum
We got to back to Erick’s
I reenacted the JAWS theme song and Jayman was hysteric
-cally laughing,
And finally Sergio wasn’t trying to get at me
I ripped a bong and my lungs were relaxed like a girl in a thong
Then I hit the Volcano
Deeeecent, 100% THC bro!
I was baked,
Played DBZ on the Vita; I was flying mate!
We went to grab some shawarmas,
I was feeling nice from the marijuana
Then we decided it was time to go home uh,
But we forgot our stuff at Erick’s place
We went back and then I realized my shades weren’t on my face
The trip home was a trip yo
Walked home from Weston,
No buses in sight; what a recession
There was food on my table,
It was 1:02AM, am I able
-To eat this or will I shleep watching cable?
I did, and I did!
I guess you could say, Friday we got Fried, aye?
And we were thirsty on this thirteenth of March

Frieday the Thirsteenth

65) “Misery Loves Company”

The B.L.A.Z.E. Blog Post Series: The Day Special

65) Misery Loves Company
By: Johnny Blaze

Misery loves company,
That’s why it always comes for me
Sitting on this bench,
Beer in my hand ’cause I’m stressed
Guess, why I’m strugglin’?
For one, my Moms is constantly buggin’
Two, I got bills to pay; true
Three, still haven’t applied to College; eee…
Four, I could probably think of more
But why waste paper?
I got more friends than haters
I got more views than a single clue at what I’m gonna do,
-With my life,
That’s why I write,
My only outlet, it will be here when weed’s not,
Thinking How will I get my shit together?
I need to stop,
And roll
A doobie? Ou wee!
Can I share with a girl? Have her livin’ a little loosely?
Excuse me, I gotz to turn the page,
Literally and metaphorically
*Pauses to take a sip from beer can*
I’m here man!
Wish I had more cash, more booze,
Might not be able to stand!
I slam women in writing ’cause I’m a loser, I’m not exciting
Just a quiet kid, long blonde hair,
I listen to Rap a lot; I constantly swear
Where, am I right now?
Toke Park, a kid wearing a Kanye-style mask,
Just passed by like a cat meows
Gonna see Damieow
And Dee-aye-geoo too,
Like Goku, I got two
-Balls, really want a bitch to suck them all
Ew, my verses just got dirty like Ol’ Bastard
But I know she’ll be on her knees and calling me “Master”
Nah, but in all seriousness,
I need to “Finish, It!”
Need to go to school and get good grades,
But I’ll probably go home and play as The Alliance; that’s Ryback and Johnny Blaze

66) “Life’s A Beach / The Way They Make Me Feel

66) Life’s A Beach/The Way They Make Me Feel
By: Johnny Blaze

[Verse 1:] (Life’s A Beach)
She asked why I drank the Coronas,
Seems like this is worse than when she found my marijuana
Sitting here, back at Dragon Beach
It’s cold, I found a Dragon,
Well he found me,
But I’m still feeling weak
Ironic, used to be built strong
Now I’m a lost soul to my family, all I do is wrong
So I wrote this song,
-Just to express my emotions guys,
It was either that or kill myself; aka end my life
Yup, its actually come to this man
I’m at 5%, can’t feel my hands, damn
Life’s a beach and I’m just wind to the sand,
You wouldn’t last a minute in my boots,
You just don’t understand…

[Verse 2:] (The Way They Make Me Feel)
They make me feel like a degenerate
A devil child, cut my wings,
No longer heaven sent
Delicate, like I get thoughts of a predicate
They wonder where I’m going; Llewelyn
I’m tellin’ you guys right now,
I feel dark like my eyebrow
I’m softer than a white owl
Moaning misery like a-cow
See I’m just some type of animal,
Shoot me down but weed and beer are my antidotes
And I quote,
“You are a fucking idiot, you take things that aren’t yours,
-Say no more…

[Verse 3:]
Trying my best to fix my life
But I’m broken, super glue couldn’t fix it, right?
Yup, exactly
Can’t fix someone who’s broken,
Writing ’cause I feel like shit,
The world’s closin’
-In, on me, it sucks,
Should I roll some dice to change my luck?
Tough cookies LP,
You’re a loner,
And nobody will help me
They made me feel like I’m a monster
Man all I try to do is Stay Zen & Prosper
They make me feel like I’m sick in the head,
I imagine me 6-feet and dead
What a dread,
But instead, I fall, I trip, what’s sprung?
Where’s Summer? It’s Winter; I’m drunk
Glad I continued writing in my Rhyme book
Contemplated ending life but I was shook,
Life, can’t end like this,
Where’s my future?
Grown man, lone kid
Depressing poetry for your bitch asses
Quiet dude, never wanted to make an “Ask” eh,
I’m tired
Tell me what the fuck is real?
Good lord, can’t believe, this is the way they make me feel…

39) “Seven Eleven”

39) Seven Eleven
By: Johnny Blaze

[Verse 1:]
As I walked up the street from my house so to speak,
I see my neighbour J.B with Linda whom went to Cuba for a week
We had a brief chat, stayed zen, just increasing peace
But it was when I arrived at Mike’s where I saw liquor, many types
Some J.D. here, Crown Royal there,
Sat down and had a sip from a 40; the taste was fair
Getting the kush with none other than Thomas,
Was a responsibility we both accomplished
Brought the good stuff back to the party,
Went straight to work, no food, no drinks, I’m busy, I’m sorry
Grinding these buds weren’t easy and like Pac said, “Hate to sound sleazy, but tease me, I don’t want it if it’s that easy”
So Thomas rolled some blunts with all of that green,
It was established Mijo and I make a great team
Know what I mean?
Lexxxi tasted like peach that night,
Mixed with some green? Alright
Everyone was getting their buzz on, even Bradley yo
Haven’t smoked with him in years, not to shabby bro
The time has come, we were ready to get shtoned,
Made our way to the bridge, wait, hold!
It’s Fairy and Dam Dam, with flowers oh for me?
You shouldn’t have buds, they weren’t but I was fuckin’ with him cause that’s my B
-My brother, for real, not in blood but known him from time
I love him to death fuck anyone who won’t accept that and declines
So we invited them to come to the party later
But right now we gotta get shtoned I can already see Gator
The bridge was dope, did Guns Blazing; that’s my signature toke
It was two blunts, one joint, Gator was like “It won’t work bro”
But it did, proved him wrong and ignited it
I was delighted, but then I heard Mijo, gotta see what’s the deal yo
With Sergio behind me, we reached the top of the bridge,
Derek yelled out “Mijo!” and laughed like a kid
But so did I, he was dipping, shout out to FryHyde for always being a wise guy

[Verse 2:]
Went back to Mike’s and he fired up the grill,
Everyone was coolin’, no foul movement, just chill
And then the sweetest fuck on the planet walked in
It was Matthew no longer crowned Chubs
But that’s my homie too, don’t fuck around son
I made him a drink and when he asked what it was,
I said J.D., Sa-prize muthaphukka!
It was sure enough to get him buzzed
Then Bia Bia, Mar Mar, and a handful of people came through,
And I discovered there was more 40’s, it was true
So you know I was sippin’ those,
Even Bia realized chugging a 40 was like woah!
So she took the bottle from me but I wasn’t mad it was empty anyway,
Yung Shleep came and it was a better day
He packed Ashley, that’s my main squeeze
A day one bitch who will never let you down, she’ll put you at ease
Then Mijo returned and so did FryHyde
Why I oughta, naw I lied, I love that guy
Mijo came clutch, some top secret ganja and in minutes we rolled it up
So it was time to get high again lost count at this point
But who am I to give a fuck? Just pass around the joint
Even the girls Mijo brought joined…

[Verse 3:]
It was clear that everyone was either drunk, high, or both how cute,
It was time to play beer pong with 40’s; that’ll suit
It was drunk Diego and Gator vs drunk Michael Scofield and I, Davey Wavey or Johnny Blaze
My day one homies know ain’t a damn thing changed
But yes, peer bong was exhilarating
When we missed, we stressed
Ricardo giving advice on the sidelines,
We never got the chance to hear Gator spit some rhymes
Then I had to switch teams, ’cause Diego was drunk like Mr. Lahey
But he was determined to finish the game, that’s great G
Mijo filled in for Michael and it was a battle of drunk Mijos
And these guys were dyin’, laughin’ yeno?
What impressed me the most was drunk Diego because he actually managed to still play beer pong, scoring and shit
His shots weren’t even bullshit, they were quite legit
But it was time to call it quits
It was late and we had to get him home quick,
Or else he’ll get sick
Gotta look out for my homies no matter what kid
Kudos to Marco for playing afterwards even without beer,
A replacement was made, it was Crown Royal, cheers!
When everyone was beyond wasted, went to Mercer and had real talks, no waste shit
It came to the point where I had to sober up and go home but the only thing on my mind wasn’t time,
I was thinking ’bout my bed and how it seemed like heaven
Oh shit, I forgot, I didn’t go to 7/11.

37) “These Days”

37) These Days
By: Johnny Blaze ft.The O’My’s

[Hook: O’My’s] (x3)
These days I’ve seen my best
Need be lay me to rest
Smoke, drink, relieve my stress
Hard times, they got the best of me, I guess

[Verse 1: Johnny Blaze]
(This is the first time you see me use this flow)
I’m runnin’ on time, timing is infinite
I’m way out of line, the pressures of drinking is not proper etiquette
Better yet, I seem like a hypocrite,
Say don’t do drugs and stay in school,
But didn’t listen and now I’m upgrading, cool
Never knew that Marshal could offer me such an opportunity!
So I am blessed, yes, fuck Nguyen and his lunacy
Truthfully, I could go on with this flow for days,
Knew I would come back to writing in one take, like I do on essays
Pray, pray, pray that I don’t write something wicked ’cause if I hate you
You’ll get shocked by the thunder, the lightning man I’ll take one peek-at-chu,
You’ll look back at me like “Da fuck, are you Pikachu?”
Simply put in words I am the greatest at what I do and I do it the best
What I got left is the confidence to be a great writer now that’s something to digest
I’m smoking the potent of emotionless Mary
You can tell by the smell that the strain is sweeter than Halle Berry
Can I get a muthaphukkin’ amen?

[Hook: O’My’s] (x2)
These days I’ve seen my best
Need be lay me to rest
Smoke, drink, relieve my stress
Hard times, they got the best of me, I guess

32) “Project Turn Up”

32) Project Turn Up
By: Johnny Blaze

[Verse 1:] (Day 1)
I smoked three joints before even heading into the party bus,
It was reckless of me to do so, but pardon my tardiness
‘Cause I was fried for hours man
We drove for awhile, then we made it to the Cottage, damn!
But it was pitch black and that, didn’t go well
People could’ve fell into the pit, though it wasn’t deeper than-a-well
I grabbed my shit and approached the porch, still feeling gloom
Everybody bum rushing the door; what they wanted was a room
And suddenly we found one; a bunk bed for four
That’s The Toke Park Boys, no room for whores
So we explore the Cottage, it was huge to say the least
Now we got to check the fridge, beer had me like sheesh!
There was liquor for days, but hey,
We all took a shot and went into a room,
Started rolling up some pot,
Then after God knows how many beers I had,
Saw this bottle of Bacardi Puerto Rican Rum 75%,
And hence the percent, it was finna get me bent
As soon as the liquor touched the inside of my throat, I felt the need to choke, but nope, I was drunk and still wanted to toke
Then Reckless shouted “Yo it’s 4:20!”
So we chugged a beer then Jay came with a bottle of Cîroc,
Tasted like medicine ask Chris, we shared the same thought
Everything after that was just a blur
The Bacardi touched me in ways, but my mentally was Eh, sure
So needless to say I was a drunk fuck
Ruben helped me up when I ran out of luck
It sucked but hey, that’s the way of the road
And I may be quoting Trailer Park Boys, but that’s the way shit goes

[Verse 2:] (Day 2)
I awaken from being seated in a chair,
I looked like shit, not to mention my bright, messy hair
To be fair though, I did make it to my bed and this was Saturday afternoon
Spent the whole day rehabilitating from the night when there was a moon
Although I avoided drinking that day, smoking a blunt had me feeling okay
So it wasn’t the worst day ever, I can’t complain,
I overheard people talking about cops in our lane
Such a shame, how paranoid people got
How could they come in? They need a warrant for that!
So that act, is something that, wouldn’t happen
I’m laughin’, because of how wild things got,
Heard so many stories and damn my mind was still lost!
Went to bed for the last time and things were getting cold,
So I wrapped myself in a hoodie, and went to sleep like Ohh

[Verse 3:] (The Last Day)
It’s seven in the morning on a Sunday,
And everyone was knocked out; guess they had a fun day
“TURN UP!” was all I would hear, but today, it was Jayman and I who conquered what’s here
Enjoying the morning sky, Courtney woke up with squinty kind of eyes
She was pretty turnt up too
But I wasn’t there to witness it so yeah go ahead and boo
-Me but it’s whatever, back to the story,
We wanted to climb Blue Mountain but the path was confusing like a pregnant teen on Maury
So we head back to the porch,
And Nicole says “Eric Salina’s parents are here”
We tripped out, it was true though so have no fear
Eric came and left, but his phone was stolen
Not to mention his wallet was taken, that’s not cool like when people say I’m from Poland
Smoking weed in the morning, the definition of a wake and bake
Went into the kitchen for some chicken, seen a die on the table, guess somebody gave it a shake
I thank God that I didn’t throw up anymore, I was fully recovered; my body was rested
The motive of the day was to eat, smoke weed and have zero stresses
‘Cause this was our last day here
Taking selfies like I’m on Instagram straight flexin’
We travelled to The Village and headed to Sunset Grill
Breakfast at noon? Sweet, my taste buds were surreal
Then we ate Menchies; frozen yogurt was amazing,
Not to mention I had the munchies, cause earlier I was blazing
We explored The Village, the sight was incredible
This was a beautiful place, but not somewhere I would settle yo
‘Cause I need diversity in my life,
I can’t live in a community full of white people
Even though I blend in cause my skin is bright
But that’s light work, baby food, ain’t worried bout nothin’,
We got back to the Cottage waited for somethin’
That somethin’ was the party bus, packed our bags and there was a lot of us
And still nobody could find Eric’s phone
I still feel bad that he went home
-Alone, and this isn’t a Maculay Culkin movie,
A drunk DLP’s attitude would be like Don’t move me!
But hey, shout out to everyone who attended Project Turn Up, Blue Mountain was blessed, can I get a amen?
The Cottage life is something I want to relive again