POWEr…LE$$ (Spoken Word)

By: Johnny Blaze

December 19th, 2015
One-fourteen A.M……

[Verse 1:] (Peace)
Is the only word I can find, to describe,
How I feel, deep down inside,
Inside what? My mind? My head?
It’s 1AM; I should be in bed,
Got work in the morning and being awake is a dread
I feel locked and twisted,
I often shifted, my op-ti-mism,
The plot of my life thickens,
Part of me wants to pursue a path that used to be, non-exis-tent
Was never good at Math; can’t calculate what-the-difference,
Is, between the girl that I caught feelings for,
And me, young DLP; those three letters are my initials pour,
Out my feelings and somehow I spilled,
Too much already, and I was raised not to cry over milk,
What’s the deal? I’m a man who wants to maintain peace
Lately-she, is going through stuff and it wor-ries-me
She knows how I feel about her, but can’t quite take it all in
She feels defeated; I wanna show her she can always still win
I’m the one that’s fallen for her,
It’s Winter and her mind is snowed-in
I just wanna clear the way for her,
Let her realize I’m not just a friend; I’m her saviour,
Together, who knows what we could create later
But for now, she remains troubled, like what my mind is, to this paper

[Verse 2:] (Anger)
We had a conversation and by the end?
I was the sourest
Not sure if that’s a word, but after what I heard?
Her work life is absurd
She’s being treated like shit, or say a turd,
It saddens me, I want to see her get high up like a bird,
POWEr…LE$$; her wings cut off, heading down like a bell curve
I appreciate that she opens up to me, really, I’m a fan,
She vents out how her day is and I listen and understand
I bring peace,
She’s angry
All that’s between her and me?
Is money, and she’s getting all that she can,
And, I’m glad
She knows what school she wants to attend and has a plan
I, on the other hand, have a million things to do but she’s my main focus, damn…
I have patience with her, I just want to be her man,
United we stand, divided we fall and even then?
I’ll be there to catch her when she lands

[Verse 3:] (Money)
Told her Quit your job please! And sounded like a coward, yes
Promoting the idea to quit in her head may have thrown her off course,
It’s easier to quit than to fight, sure,
But in this case, she’s still young; money isn’t that impor-
-Tant, don’t be afraid to for-feit,
Who cares what you could afford,
I of course, will support, you, like a good friend,
Coming close to-the-end,
Giving in, to each stroke, of my pen