97) “Blayzie ‘N Thugz Mansion (September 3rd) ft.Blayzie”

97) Blayzie ‘N Thugz Mansion (September 3rd)
By: Johnny Blaze ft.Blayzie

[Intro: Blayzie]
As we’re entering…
As we’re entering….
The new year, and yeno, Christmas is coming up,
I would like to uh, wish everybody a Merry Christmas,
And a Happy New Year,
Uhhh, this last year, yeno, it’s…
Been okay, been…
So-so, yeno,
I could say great but…..
Okay, maybe it was great yeno uh,
Some people are okay, some people, are not but still, life is good
And, what more can I say?
I could say I’m blessed,
I could say I’m lucky,
Or I could say I could deserve what I have right now because I deserve it; because of what I went through…

[Verse 1: Johnny Blaze] (The Bad News / The Flashbacks)
I was at the hospital when I heard the news
Sapo called,
Told me we had lost you,
I didn’t believe it to be true,
My skin pale; began to turn blue,
And if I had-to-choose,
I wish I had been-there, with the-crew!
My jaw dropped,
Stared into space while my heart stopped,
What was I to say?
Everyone in the room watched,
Visions of us,
Watching Wrestlemania 31,
Couldn’t get chu that Arizona Sweet Tea that you wanted
Hoping you cash in that chance to meet Eazy,
L, Pun,
Nate Dogg and ‘Pac,
Or even Roddy, Rhodes,
Savage, Eddie and Benoit
You were the kindest soul in my neighbourhood
Regret I didn’t get you anything last Christmas bruh,
You, me and Mertz smoked Moroccan Hash bowls,
We were beyond stoned,
Played Last of Us and my cousin looked like he had an afro
And if I had to, pick one thing I loved about you,
It’d be your knowledge of Hip-Hop; that’s when I knew,
This guy was cool,
Blaze for Blayzie dudes…

[Bridge 1: Blayzie]
What was I gonna say?
All I gotta say is, enjoy life man,
Enjoy it while you can…..
Try not to be depressed
Uh, get your mind off,
Get your mind off things that make you depressed….
See a psychiatrist yeno?
Channel all that, depression into something that’s positive, yeno?
Like I did…
Yeno, like, it’s hard but,
You gotta try… (x2)

[Verse 2: Johnny Blaze] (Cystic Fibrosis)
A soulja like the image of ‘Pac,
Fire Blast was the mixtape he was suppose to drop
Then C.F. got the best of his heart,
But he lives forever like Monday Night Raw
No matter what, your fight to survive is my inspiration,
I do a lot of stupid shit, but I learned to be more patient
I quit hanging around people who only hold me back,
I don’t owe them jack,
Every time I ask friends to rap,
They nod and say “Yeah,”
But, where are they fam?!
One night, I was mixing this song,
I felt Kevin’s presence; he was watching over me from above
And I couldn’t help but feel relieved,
Brought out my inner hippy,
I’m glad you were listening,
Thank you for being with me
‘Cause these days have been nothing but cruel,
In order to find my zen, I search for the moon
I still have your number in my phone,
We’ll reunite one day,
I’ll bring some herbal clones
But I’ll have to wait ’til I’m grown,
Bet you’re doing good on your own
Ight, I gotta go,
Back to you bro……..

[Bridge 2: Blayzie]
One more time,
So um,
We don’t know,
We don’t know how long we’re gonna live
There’s people,
They always question why, people are living,
And why, they’re on this earth
The thing is me, if I’m on this earth and I make at least one person,
One person happy,
Or satisfied,
If I do, like, one person good,
Then, then that’s worth living
At least, I know, there’s somebody in my life, that I make them happy for me to stay alive,
So that’s why I stay alive…..

[Verse 3: Johnny Blaze] (The Reflection / The Promise)
Dear Kevin, I can’t believe that you’re gone,
You were the first one to ever invite me to record a song,
I knew from the moment we met, you were sick and something was wrong
The coughs I would hear,
Were more severe,
Than the typical stoner after they hit a bong
That’s when you introduced me to Vape ’cause it’s safer,
Grape God Kush was the best flavour
Then, you showed me that in order to live in unity,
People need to show love and be exactly what makes them unique
The family and I went to your viewing,
I broke down in tears and fell to my knees,
Prayed that you made it to the holy gates at ease,
I made a promise to you while you laid asleep,
I’m going to make it in this music industry
And your legacy, will be remembered for centuries

[Sample: Thugz Mansion (Acoustic Version) by 2Pac]
“Picture a place that they exist, together
There has to be a place better than this, in heaven,”

[Johnny Blaze:]
All he wanted was to increase the peace,
Wondering why he had to leave,
Homie, I hope you get to smoke with the OG’s,
-In gangsta fashion,
Keep staying zen,
Hope we someday meet again,

[Sample: Thugz Mansion by 2Pac + (Johnny Blaze)]
-In Thug’s Mansion (In Thugz Mansion)

[Outro: Blayzie]
Like Drake said, “Y.O.L.O!”
Hmph, nah I’m joking,
None of that bullshit,
What the fuck is “Y.O.L.O?”
You only live,
You only live once right?
How ’bout you only die once!
But anyways,
I don’t wanna bore you, anymore
So, all I gotta say is one more time is,
Merry Christmas to all you,
Happy New Year,
Use condoms…..
If you’re gonna rob people,
Uh, hide your identity
And don’t leave the, weapon in the ‘Mercy
That’s all I gotta say
I’m gone,
Oh and, rest in peace to, my friends,


92) “New Slaves (Freestyle)”

92) New Slaves (Freestyle)
By: Johnny Blaze ft.Kanye West & Frank Ocean

[Verse 1: Johnny Blaze]
I’m a slave to the kicks I’m in,
Convinced that the comfort of these Converse make me win
No such thing, I walk to the rhythm of a drum,
Mind in the stars,
Body in limbo; going round and round like a bun
You see there’s a major identity issue in the place I’m from
That means that some people are stupid and put up a front
What’s ya life like boy?
Buying gold Michael Kors?
Stussy and snaps?
All you douches, look so fuckin’ wack
Used to always look “Fresh!”
Now my whole closet’s a mess
Spendin’ time in class,
When I should be making cash,
Guess I’m a, new Dave

[Bridge: Johnny Blaze] (x2)
You see there’s liars and there’s cheaters,
But I rather be honest than be a schemer
You see I’m classic and they be slapstick
Thinking what goes around doesn’t come around is just manic

[Verse 2: Johnny Blaze]
What’s my prophecy?
To look

[Sample: So Fresh, So Clean by OutKast]

“So fresh and so clean (clean)
That don’t mean much to me,
And I don’t want to seem,
Like a narcissist but believe,
Me when I say You are what you wear,
So I’ll just rock hoodies and Dickies ’cause I really don’t care,
About my style but look,
You can stare but don’t jook,
My style ’cause even though I’m not stylishly,
An icon, doesn’t mean you should copy me
Just paste your mind to the rhythm ever so effortlessly
And recognize my skin tone doesn’t mean I’m not part of slavery
We slaves to the jewelry,
Brands, school and the governmental industries
I know that education is free,
I rather be making music at ease
Y’all be selling your souls for stacks,
I be on that “Stay Zen & Prosper” track
Throw some keef into my Ashley then light a match,
Burn my worries into stone, promise I won’t even feel a scratch!
I’m a slave to this dankery!
I’m a slave to weed!
I’m a slave to weed!
I should pack another bowl, rip(r.i.p.) to the lost ones holmes!
I mean the ones that are done,
I mean I’m suppose to be King,
But people address me as God’s son
See my identity is in question,
Am I really a human or am I slave to the world’s worst blessing?
Meanwhile the c-o-p’s,
Keep killing screaming teens,
Black, hispanic, and other ethnicities
They try to control us with rage,
Then we become the new slaves
So let me get this straight,
Got enough heart, so let me explain
How can we break from this institution,
If it’s designed to screw us?
Fuck the higher-power authorities,
I’ll kidnap your daughter and fuck her sorority
‘Cause girls are slaves to the d-i-c, -k,
And they love to say,
Stupid shit like “All guys are the same”
Who told you try them all?
Who told you to drink ethanol?
Get your mind fixated,
We are all slaves, soon to be blazed man..

[Outro: Kanye West & Frank Ocean]
I won’t end this high, not this time again
So long, so long, so long, you cannot survive
And I’m not dyin’, and I can’t lose
I can’t lose, no, I can’t lose
‘Cause I can’t leave it to youuuuuu-ouuuuu-ouuuuu-ouuu, ouu
So let’s get too high, get too high again

[Frank Ocean:]
Too high again, too high

[Johnny Blaze:]
I am the sun but too tired to shine,
Slept in the deep, green sombre that I call mine,
Light earth with fire and let it blow with the wind,
Watch as it evaporates into air; smoke away your sins…

73) “What’s On Your Mind? (Pt. II)”

The B.L.A.Z.E. Blog Post Series: The Rhyme Special

73) What’s On Your Mind? (Pt. II)
By: Johnny Blaze ft.Kanye West & Nate Dogg

[Verse 1: Johnny Blaze]
I converted into an Introvert
Used to love company, now I just kick ’em to the curb
Seen this chick who looks like a pornstar that I wank to
You know what that means right?
That makes her a skank too!
Life for me is just weed and brews, weed and brews, weed and brews
And I’m a backpacker
Pat on the back ’cause my rap is delicious like the snack in my bag and I’m the answer that Kanye was coming after
Get plastered by this force
Do I really mean that? Of course!
‘Cause I’m lit for your love baby, lit for your love
Loading the smith, pull the trig’ all you hear is the slug
I was built to be strong,
My lungs could be iron and I love the first hit from a bong
So why don’t you just stay with me,
‘Cause weed is all I need
No really, weed is my therapy,
The air I breathe,
Helps me blossom like a cherry tree
I used to have a cherry but she didn’t cherish me,
And I would try not to be with Mary
But she still wouldn’t marry me
I’m just merry as can be
Just copped that new Big Sean CD,
So I be like,
Walk into my house with a quarter O,
Half of me wants to smoke the other half doesn’t know
If I blow up will I really accept the globe?
Or would I go toe-to-toe-to-toe-to-toe with “The Man” who tries to put on a show-for-show, and for sho’ people would say “Woah!”
I speak from my brain,
I write from my heart
I see the loose change,
Then I remember who I was from the start
Feelings were mutual
The decisions I made were crucial,
I fell from the top, I dust myself off,
I’m coming for the title
Number one contender like Shawn Michaels
So sweet your chin will feel the music
Like Triple H with no hair; you lose kid
This the game, and how you play it,
It’s all about control and if you can take it,
It’s all about,
-Hol’ up, had to clean my mouth
Silence the writer? Never that, I silenced you from going south
And where’s my thank you?
If you was my child, I would spank you
Disrespecting my craft, I live for this!
You nothin’ but a girl getting tailored, so I’ll Kanye you real swift
Oh my God, I’m plottin’, I’m schemin’
Fuck boys don’t know why I’m undefeated
And bitchez ain’t shit but hoes and tricks
They can lick their lips but only want to taste the tip
Then they suck on deez nuts!
So yeah, I was Snoopin’, no lion (lyin’), I’m zilla
Makes me happy that I’m doing better than you Ms. Heart-Killa

[Bridge: Kanye West]
“You ain’t got the answers
You ain’t got the answers Sway
You ain’t been doing the education
I am Shakespeare in the flesh
Walt Disney, Nike, Google
Let me create more
Or do you want to marginalize me ’till I’m out of my moment?
I am the number 1 most impactful artist of our generation
You ain’t got the answers man…

[Verse 2: Johnny Blaze]
I wear shades in the Winter
I get shade from people, they tend to turn away, guess it’s ’cause I’m different
But when Summer comes, I’ll look just like the rest of them
I spit on these copycats; coughing up some phlegm
But it’s not he that isn’t original,
He’s just an individual and I’m the modern day Einstein
My poetic imaginative cleverness maneuvers through your cerebral cortex and your mental,
That’s not coincidental
Hard to rub off your temple
Yeah five days a week I attend a Community College,
‘Cause I needed to get my cerebrum polished
Because basically, I want all the haters abolished
I will not fail, I will succeed
Flourish, nourish and refurbish
-Myself, without becoming skirmish
When I said I will become a great writer I wasn’t kidding
If I work for XXL Magazine or REVOLT TV,
And I get there because of a Bachelor’s of Journalism Degree,
I would forever, sever the feeling of being proud
And when my first article is published,
Let it be known that I did it all without being corrupted
That’s why my entire blog is one long monologue
And why my words are maktub and my attitude is nice like my hair when it’s shampooed
I refuse to be boohooed
So I guess I’m blessed ’cause my hands were meant
-To do this forever, and to my future endeavours,
A salute is due to my next rendevous

[Bridge: Johnny Blaze]
When it comes to being true, at least true to me,
One thing I found, one thing I found
I will never let me down

[Verse 3: Johnny Blaze]
Something extravagant has happened here
In front of me sits an old married couple and I guess they can’t hear…
See, they’re using sign language to communicate with each other, like a conversation
Got my shades on, blind to what’s around me, just can’t circle the circulation
The dude has white hair in a ponytail; groovy
The woman seems younger than him, they look like the kind to name their child Stewie
Crazy, this was all in front of me while on the bus
Don’t take your senses for granted,
You won’t regret it, trust
A wise girl once told me Thoughts and Thots will kill you,”
And what they will do is ’cause hell, la-di-da-di-da-di-do
Six whips, sadistic twist-the-nip shit,
50 Shades of “Would you like another one,” kink-tips
I’m SO Baked!
I feel great,
Mind in another world,
Soul seeking for sea lake,
Right mate?
Or Right Guy?
Then I proceed to pat “guy” on the back repeatedly,
My voice sounds like a mini-me,
And it’s a hard knock life, for Dave,
He smokes dope, every day,
He can’t seem to get away,
He can’t seem to get away,
It’s a hardknock,
-Woah, got in my Jay Z zone, fuck you FryHyde,
HOVA’s the man, he bangin’ Beyoncé in his Range Rover,
“Oh don’t do it,” Yah!
“Oh my God,”
Worldstar meets Vine,
Talking with a serious voice,
Wearing shades ’cause they’re blinds,
Must confess, these days I stress, like in the dayz of Mr. Ngu-yen,
Please, please oh no, don’t you try,
DLP and Johnny Blaze are both the same guys?

[Bridge: Nate Dogg & Johnny Blaze]

[Nate Dogg:]
Hold up! Ayyyy,

[Johnny Blaze:]
-Johnny Blaze is the man to be king,

[Outro: Johnny Blaze]
Fuck DLP, he like a low-life Eazy-E
Oh now I’m dissin’ Eazy b,
Writing on fleek to this dizzy beat
-By Dre, and okay,
You say I got to wait
In this city I don’t play,
Ms. Misleading doesn’t phase
What’s On Your Mind DLP? Please say!”
Fuck you, see me on “DLP Vs. Johnny Blaze”

*drops pen*