60) “January 2nd”

60) January 2nd
By: Johnny Blaze

[Verse 1:]
The real is back, feelin’ jacked
Been a bean; senzu, sayin’/saiyan I’m super; fact
-Is, I practically practiced,
The art of rappin’,
On Christmas I was unwrappin’
Guess what happened?
Davey got wavy
Fused with Johnny Blaze, Super Stoned on the daily
-No show, no Jon Stewart,
I come wit written pieces but this ain’t nothin’ newer
Sooner or later you’ll understand I’m a legend in my craft
When I die, remember me for who I am, not for who I was in the past
They always say nice guys finish last,
So I gotta be a dick in order to get with her fast,
Or so it should be,
I fantasized about you every night for a week,
I dream free
‘Cause life’s a bitch and I’m a slave to her,
Write my thoughts towards these thots ’cause my heart lingers,
She’ll never understand that I’m the man in her favour,
I skip a beat just to box with this stranger,
Got damn, I can’t believe she’s on my mind, wanna be braver,
She doesn’t know it but I’m ready to be her saviour

Don’t be a bitch ass (Don’t be a bitch ass)
Don’t let her go (Don’t let her go)
Can’t let her pass (Can’t let her pass)
But she got a man though (But she got a man though)
If I can convince her this, (If I can convince her this)
She’ll never look back (She’ll never look back)
If I don’t make a blow (If I don’t make a blow)
Then how can I make a wish? (Then how can I make a wish?)

[Verse 2:]
What’s a Vato like me gotta do to be happy?
I check her Instagram, my God she looking so fancy
I go on Twitter, not one tweet sadly
Then I lay in bed and go to sleep cranky
A bitter motherfucker I am, taking actions into my own hands like a vigilante
Sike I lied, da fuck am I suppose to do?
Sit and smoke until she single or pop her man like acne?
I usually don’t have these schemes in my head,
Johnny Blaze wants to burn her man like a slice of toast,
Ironic ’cause I used to be Wonderbread
The more I think about you, the more I feel bummy because you’re almost perfect
Like Kanye said,

[Sample: Blame Game by Kanye West]
“You made life worth it. Stick around some real feelin’s might surface.”

You da one girl and should we end up together,
I won’t pressure you like diamonds, but I’ll treat you like treasure
I mean that with sincerity,
Stay zen and strive for prosperity
When you become single I’ll chip in a hand,
Gotta take you out, but like a Pringle, you canned
‘Cause you don’t know it yet,
Your mind in another world,
I’m livin’ mine like a poet, eh
When oh when the day comes that you’re free,
You ain’t even gotta ask Siri to find me G
Yes sirree,
This is El Salvador’s greatest,
For ten Summers I haven’t seen my family; I’m losing my patience
When I go to Cali I’ll be my cousin’s favourite
Los Angeles and Bakersfield waits for me to watch the sunrise,
Lay on the beach and smoke some Cali Bud one time,
Recline, your seats everybody
Blaze creating fire, it’s getting foggy
The G’Day Man, nineteen, legal now and smoking dope is still a hobby

Don’t be a bitch ass (Don’t be a bitch ass)
Don’t let her go (Don’t let her go)
Can’t let her pass (Can’t let her pass)
But she got a man though (But she got a man though)
If I can convince her this, (If I can convince her this)
She’ll never look back (She’ll never look back)
If I don’t make a blow (If I don’t make a blow)
Then how can I make a wish? (Then how can I make a wish?)

[Verse 3:]
I ain’t no bitch, I ain’t no coward
I’m legit, dunk like Howard
Sike I don’t ball, I just block
Tell Rob Ford to stay away from Rock
You n****s might have swag, or you might have money,
Or you might be a dick, with cute faced honeys,
Or you might be a fancy dude, with a gold ring
But check the birth date man, you ain’t the King
Nah, you ain’t the King
David’s the King
January 2nd


75) “Baby Blue”

75) Baby Blue
By: Johnny Blaze ft.Action Bronson

[Hook: Action Bronson]
Why you always all on my back?
Why you gotta do me like that?
Why you gotta act like a bitch, when I’m with you?
Baby girl I’m blue

[Verse 1: Johnny Blaze]
Sometimes on cloudy days you gotta listen
These words might be wisdom
My vision was to leave a legacy
KC said music is my destiny,
Huh, you’re telling me
All I need in this life of sin,
Is me and my good pen
Yeah, all black everything, I’m back to my old days
Where I could pick up women and lift their souls up even in the hallways
Things change but I’m the same old me
Except I smoke weed and drink green tea
All your games won’t be played ’cause I played them all
Which means I’m not stupid, I learned to play the game real smart
It’s not rocket science but some broads are broad what is this?
They lack intelligence and that loses my interest
Now I slow down when it comes to these topics
If you see me in public and bring it up, I’m gonna drop it

[Hook: Action Bronson]
Why you always all on my back?
Why you gotta do me like that?
Why you gotta act like a bitch, when I’m with you?
Baby girl I’m blue

[Verse 2: Johnny Blaze]
So many women in my life have run off into the sunset
Glad I don’t have a son yet
I discovered there’s a new cleaner at my job
She looked about my age and if she isn’t, that’s odd
Mopping the track, I jumped over the lines so you could say we crossed paths
We introduced ourselves,
Stoned as pavement, her hair was the colour of an oak bookshelf
Her eyes and her smile had me feeling some type of way
So needless to say, she made my day
When my high was gone, so was she
Thought to myself Was I hallucinating or did I really see?
I better snap out of it, you’ll never understand this feeling ’till you try it
I might be abusing this substance but what should I sub in? A trumpet?
Haha, haven’t played that instrument since Emerson would say “Crumpets”
I know the answer to my problem, all I gotta do is stay triumphant

[Hook: Action Bronson]
Why you always all on my back?
Why you gotta do me like that?
Why you gotta act like a bitch, when I’m with you?
Baby girl I’m blue

[Verse 3: Johnny Blaze]
The only thing that can interrupt a yawn, is a scare
Where’s the snare?
When I first heard this beat, I said Do I dare?
-Spit some shit,
Twisted like licorice
Dipped in cigarette
-Ash, got you blinkin’, wipe that eyelash
-Fast, some people forget my last name has a dash
It’s hyphen P-I-N-E-D-A man I oughta kick your ass!
Nah, I take that back
You remind me of a bitch who verbally attacked
Poked her in the eye now she can’t
Now I sound mean,
-Gee (Gene)
Hold you hostage like a microphone sitting in front of a green screen
And realize that everything in the background doesn’t matter; you seeing things
I hope you, won’t do what they did boo boo
I hope you like Otis too,
‘Cause if you do, I’ll definitely notice you
I hope you want me, I hope you keep me
I hope I don’t catch fe-fe-fe-feelings… Ah!

[Hook: Action Bronson]
Why you always all on my back?
Why you gotta do me like that?
Why you gotta act like a bitch, when I’m with you?
Baby girl I’m blue

[Outro: Johnny Blaze]
La, la-la-la
Baby girl I’m blue

78) “Converse”

78) Converse
By: Johnny Blaze

Last Sunday on my way home from work,
Was a strange trip, I’ll tell ya though, it could’ve gone worse
Arrived at Dundas West Station,
Sat at the bench, I was tired, looked like shit, then I was put into a situation
A purple-haired woman sat beside me
She said something
Had my earphones in, took one out assuming this was going to be a quick question
“I like your shoes” she said
Man, this girl must be on drugs, was in my head
Oh, thanks, but, not really. They’re really dirty
I was wearing leather Converse; that’s what she was referring
-To, and I thought the conversation was over but then she introduced herself
“My name’s Stef,held her hand out for a shake,
I said I’m David and I gently shook it just in case
I told her They don’t really make these shoes anymore
She seemed to be delusional, ’cause my kicks she adored?
How? And why?
She asked me if I always wear shades at night
Yeah sort of, it’s like my thing
“Take them off, I wanna see your eyes
I was laughing but I thought Fuck it, and went with it guys
She liked how green they are
I didn’t know what to say, looked at the sky and laughed; har-har
Stef noticed my bracelet read D-O-R
Assumed I was from Ecuador
Actually El Salvador I explained
Stef didn’t believe it, she’s Polish-Italian meh, okay
I said some words in Spanish,
Just to prove even though I’m white, I can sort of speak the language
Stef was convinced
She tried speaking in Spanish too but it was pretty shit
Compliments were made on my body type
She thought I was a trainer
Told her I’m a cleaner
-At a gym, High Park area
She acted like she knew where it was but I knew she had no idea
The 168 came, and man, I realized time passed
I remember when I arrived, the sign read “168-Symington 18 mins” so it wasn’t going to be fast
We got on the bus, she sat beside me
As the bus was speeding ahead,
She whispered in my ear “I’m on M
I knew she was on drugs, but MDMA? Sheesh!
The tides turned from there
She revealed she hasn’t slept in 48 hours, real shit, I swear
I noticed her bag was out of this world,
Mainly because it had a milky way design, you know, that white galaxy in space that swirls?
Maybe she was a hippie,
I mean, why else would she be sitting with me?
She told me she goes to raves and plays drums
I said No way! That’s sick, what else hun?
Okay, obvi I didn’t call her hun
She smokes weed but I told her I’m going on a break ’till 4/20 comes
She asked for my number
So that when I go back to toking, she could hit me up and smoke a sack with her and some others
Whatever, sure, gave her my digits
She text me, I saved it and at this moment I realized I’m still in this
-Bus, her stop came and she gave me a hug
Told her Goodnight
Conversing with this girl was strange but she liked my Converse and even though that’s insane,
I guess that’s alright…

77) “The Poem About Nothing”

77) The Poem About Nothing
By: Johnny Blaze

The philosophy behind my posts,
Has some sort of blurred line or so,
Everyone hopes
People tend to live life,
Even those who go to sleep are
Mesmerized by the potency
And so it should,
On & on we continue, but it’s up to,
U to change; Captain Ginyu
That will do,
Nah, they disappear, magic; ta-dah!
Opportunity is just a tune to me
They can’t force me to hear a eulogy
Here lies a man with a plan
Inception is the question,
Never doubt what your
God can offer; Easter is in session

74) “u”

The B.L.A.Z.E. Blog Post Series: The Girl Was Special, Special (lol)

74) u
By: Johnny Blaze

I fantasized about you last night in bed
It was me walking down my street,
No sign of police,
I don’t think I was high, holy!
I saw you hanging out with your Auntie, just out front on the veranda
So I immediately crossed the street and hugged you, might have been listening to Sweet Home Alabama
Ironic isn’t it? Maybe, but this lady,
Was my first love
My second kiss,
I held her snug
What are you doing here?
“Nothing much, just hanging out”
This doesn’t happen every day
I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk,
She said “Sure,” and for once I wasn’t stumped
We went to my favourite place to sesh
Innes Bridge; lowkey it’s the best
On a beautiful day, you should see the view from the,

And it was gorgeous
She acknowledged it, I hugged her again and she was all for it
This is the closest thing to happiness, If I died tomorrow, I can say I died in peace
She said “That was so cute”
I kissed her like she was my boo
I held her hand and we went to the other side
A walk down memory lane was on my mind
Brought her to the fence, where we would chill on this cement bench

We made out some more,
She sighed in grace leaned her head toward
-My shoulder, lets go older,
Walked her toward the exact spot where I asked her out and broke up with her

Then I got on one knee and said
Will you marry me?
Nah, it was a joke though,
Her laugh was cute and at the bench, we smoked some bowls oh,
Then we walked to the last spot where we kissed in the rain the day she left

So I decided to kiss her one last time and walked her to my house hopin’ for some sex
And that was the end

18) “Guilty Conscience”

The B.L.A.Z.E. Blog Post Series: The Prequel to “DLP Vs. Johnny Blaze” Special

18) Guilty Conscience
By: Johnny Blaze ft.Eminem 

[Verse 1: Johnny Blaze]
I woke up this morning with voices in my head
One was tellin’ me how last night with her was great,
The other was sayin’ how I gotta message the other girl before it’s too late
See lately I’ve been dealin’ with thoughts that aren’t easy,
So when I’m silent, I’m really schemin’
I foreshadow it being like,
When I’m with her, I’ll be thinkin’ ’bout the other girl,
And when I’m with the other girl, I’ll be thinkin’ ’bout her
Man no good can come from this
It’s Winter time so you know I’ll end up like the old me
Which means sad and lonely
It’s literally mind in one place, heart in another
Oh brother…

[Hook: Eminem]
These voices, these voices, I hear them
And when they talk I follow, I follow, I follow

[Verse 2: DLP & Johnny Blaze]

Stop the ignorance!
You’re fucking inconsiderate!
You got a great girlfriend!
You stupid fuck!
Don’t throw that away just to sleep with a stupid fuck!
And you wanna try your luck?
You shmuck!
If I was you I’d kill myself,
If I was you I’d,

[Johnny Blaze:]
-That’s enough of you DLP!
Why don’t chu go dream about her while I’ll be in bed with the other girl under my sheets!
No fuck it I need closure bro!
I loved the other girl but she never gave me closure, that hoe!
Who can blame me, have you seen the pictures?
She be grindin’ on her girls
That’s the type that’s willing to get witcha!
So I’mma take advantage
And if that makes me a bad person fuck it I’ll manage, I’ll manage!

[Hook: Eminem]
These voices, these voices, I hear them,
And when they talk I follow, I follow, I follow

[Verse 3: Johnny Blaze & DLP]

Well, well, look what the cat dragged in

Shut up

You knew this would happen

Seriously fuck off, I’m nappin’

No you ain’t
Wake the fuck up and lets talk about it
They both left you didn’t they?

Yeah, guess I couldn’t play
Thought I could hook up with the other girl and still date her
But I couldn’t, I’m truly not a player
You remained in the back of my mind
Tellin’ me “Don’t do it you know that’s a relationship crime!”

Interesting, continue your rhyme

In due time my conscious
I should’ve known all of this was non-sense
Man oh man, I made a mistake conscious, what do I do?

Allow me to enlighten you
Girls are nuts, they make a fuss
You get mad so you tend to cuss
Who would you rather fight and bicker with?
A random, inconsiderate who doesn’t know the difference between dreams and reality?
When in actuality, there must be a reason her and the other girl were brought to you
Give it some thought you fool!
It’s obvious the universe had this mapped out and at last (atlas) you figured it out
Try not to cry or pout,
I’mma let you know what it’s about
Move on and forget about both girls
Yes you loved them and they loved you,
But in order to truly make them happy,
Realize they don’t belong with chu


Settle down, let me finish
I’m almost near the fin, ish
Let me enlighten you, so focus
A wise man said when one door closes, another one opens
Therefore, you could reminisce over all the good times and bad times you had with these girls,
Or you could grow a set of bualls,
Go to school and run those halls!
Head to the washroom and piss in the stalls or even on the walls,
Witness your urine just fall
When the seasons change so will you
And yes Winter might always be bad luck for you, but Summer won’t
I mean you got a lot going for you when some people don’t
Remember, always keep your head up and know that YOU WILL MEET SOMEONE BETTER
Because you’re a great guy
People tell you all the time,
Just patiently wait ’til it’s nice weather

Whatever, you’re just the voice in my head,
I’m sorry DLP, but I think it’s time we go to bed

72) “Frieday the Thirsteenth”

The B.L.A.Z.E. Blog Post Series: The Night Special

72) Frieday the Thirsteenth
By: Johnny Blaze

[Verse 1:]
Woke up, late for school
No big deal, my teacher’s cool
Yeah, we call him “Matt,”
Facts: there was only 2 of us by the end of his second class,
-And, I found out I got a 85 on my law, 90 on my sociology tests,
Bet, I could continue the good grades like I’m on a roll
So now my goal is to be Honour Roll
Then I’ll proudly accept that honours scroll,
And get staff to take pictures of me, then I’ll show the globe
Via my blog, you guys are great,
Hope you liked my “i” song

[Verse 2:]
Earlier, received a text from Diego
Sorting out what we were gonna do bro,
So I met with him after school, soul!
We actually met by destiny,
I was putting on my headband then I see a mexican next to me
“Oh hey man”
Said the yung Chino,
We used to smoke dope and stay lowkey doe
“Sergio’s gonna be here soon,”
Sergio’s here?
He’s one of my peers, from High School too,
Nah, that’s my homie, but I’ll explain why he wanted to duel
We met with him at Gabbys; a bar so infamous to me
I mean there’s one by Dragon Beach, my school, and near GBC
This guy was drinking at the bar
Said Wazzap, shook hands, and this was just the start
Got our booth on lock,
Sergio’s feeling nice and Diego likes to taunt
Then “Jonathon” came
No, that’s not how it’s really spelled, but it’s funnier that way
The waitress surprisingly had the line of the day
“Do you want it smooth?”
Haha, neat
Her comedy was the biggest burn and that’s when Sergio felt defeat
Then Salinas came meanwhile, “Jonathon” was getting ready to eat
Sergio became a mobster
I was trying not to drink too much; staying zen, don’t want no problems
Occasionally, he would have a smoke to “take it easy, meng”
Then he would come back and do it again
Laughed so much my stomach felt like a ferris
Wise Hyde eating fries guy
He got caught with a steal
But anyways, we eventually left to go to the “Fuego Latino” event held at GBC
The poster read “Pupusas, empanadas, churros and more for free!
So we were convinced instantly
The line was butt
Security would check your belongings and might even lift your nuts
Some ma’fuckin’ crazy shit right?
We were drunk, hungry,
I was stoned and then it became night

[Verse 3:]
We got in finally and naturally,
We put my belongings away so that they wouldn’t confiscate my Ashley
Turns out the food wasn’t even ready; they slacked
So FryHyde went to go get my bag
Salinas said we could go to Erick’s;
Jayman was gonna be there, gotta smoke
-With him, and his sister quit smoking dope
She’s focused on taking notes
A C.O is what she hopes
-To be, and we even made a LCBO run
Got that Moosehead, Proof, and we were sprung!
Well I was because I was excited to hit a bong, which I did
Because the day was long, and my friends were arguing like kids
FryHyde made Sergio’s ear numb
Then for the rest of the day, he complained about his ear drum
We got to back to Erick’s
I reenacted the JAWS theme song and Jayman was hysteric
-cally laughing,
And finally Sergio wasn’t trying to get at me
I ripped a bong and my lungs were relaxed like a girl in a thong
Then I hit the Volcano
Deeeecent, 100% THC bro!
I was baked,
Played DBZ on the Vita; I was flying mate!
We went to grab some shawarmas,
I was feeling nice from the marijuana
Then we decided it was time to go home uh,
But we forgot our stuff at Erick’s place
We went back and then I realized my shades weren’t on my face
The trip home was a trip yo
Walked home from Weston,
No buses in sight; what a recession
There was food on my table,
It was 1:02AM, am I able
-To eat this or will I shleep watching cable?
I did, and I did!
I guess you could say, Friday we got Fried, aye?
And we were thirsty on this thirteenth of March

Frieday the Thirsteenth