60) “January 2nd”

60) January 2nd
By: Johnny Blaze

[Verse 1:]
The real is back, feelin’ jacked
Been a bean; senzu, sayin’/saiyan I’m super; fact
-Is, I practically practiced,
The art of rappin’,
On Christmas I was unwrappin’
Guess what happened?
Davey got wavy
Fused with Johnny Blaze, Super Stoned on the daily
-No show, no Jon Stewart,
I come wit written pieces but this ain’t nothin’ newer
Sooner or later you’ll understand I’m a legend in my craft
When I die, remember me for who I am, not for who I was in the past
They always say nice guys finish last,
So I gotta be a dick in order to get with her fast,
Or so it should be,
I fantasized about you every night for a week,
I dream free
‘Cause life’s a bitch and I’m a slave to her,
Write my thoughts towards these thots ’cause my heart lingers,
She’ll never understand that I’m the man in her favour,
I skip a beat just to box with this stranger,
Got damn, I can’t believe she’s on my mind, wanna be braver,
She doesn’t know it but I’m ready to be her saviour

Don’t be a bitch ass (Don’t be a bitch ass)
Don’t let her go (Don’t let her go)
Can’t let her pass (Can’t let her pass)
But she got a man though (But she got a man though)
If I can convince her this, (If I can convince her this)
She’ll never look back (She’ll never look back)
If I don’t make a blow (If I don’t make a blow)
Then how can I make a wish? (Then how can I make a wish?)

[Verse 2:]
What’s a Vato like me gotta do to be happy?
I check her Instagram, my God she looking so fancy
I go on Twitter, not one tweet sadly
Then I lay in bed and go to sleep cranky
A bitter motherfucker I am, taking actions into my own hands like a vigilante
Sike I lied, da fuck am I suppose to do?
Sit and smoke until she single or pop her man like acne?
I usually don’t have these schemes in my head,
Johnny Blaze wants to burn her man like a slice of toast,
Ironic ’cause I used to be Wonderbread
The more I think about you, the more I feel bummy because you’re almost perfect
Like Kanye said,

[Sample: Blame Game by Kanye West]
“You made life worth it. Stick around some real feelin’s might surface.”

You da one girl and should we end up together,
I won’t pressure you like diamonds, but I’ll treat you like treasure
I mean that with sincerity,
Stay zen and strive for prosperity
When you become single I’ll chip in a hand,
Gotta take you out, but like a Pringle, you canned
‘Cause you don’t know it yet,
Your mind in another world,
I’m livin’ mine like a poet, eh
When oh when the day comes that you’re free,
You ain’t even gotta ask Siri to find me G
Yes sirree,
This is El Salvador’s greatest,
For ten Summers I haven’t seen my family; I’m losing my patience
When I go to Cali I’ll be my cousin’s favourite
Los Angeles and Bakersfield waits for me to watch the sunrise,
Lay on the beach and smoke some Cali Bud one time,
Recline, your seats everybody
Blaze creating fire, it’s getting foggy
The G’Day Man, nineteen, legal now and smoking dope is still a hobby

Don’t be a bitch ass (Don’t be a bitch ass)
Don’t let her go (Don’t let her go)
Can’t let her pass (Can’t let her pass)
But she got a man though (But she got a man though)
If I can convince her this, (If I can convince her this)
She’ll never look back (She’ll never look back)
If I don’t make a blow (If I don’t make a blow)
Then how can I make a wish? (Then how can I make a wish?)

[Verse 3:]
I ain’t no bitch, I ain’t no coward
I’m legit, dunk like Howard
Sike I don’t ball, I just block
Tell Rob Ford to stay away from Rock
You n****s might have swag, or you might have money,
Or you might be a dick, with cute faced honeys,
Or you might be a fancy dude, with a gold ring
But check the birth date man, you ain’t the King
Nah, you ain’t the King
David’s the King
January 2nd


66) “Life’s A Beach/The Way They Make Me Feel

66) Life’s A Beach/The Way They Make Me Feel
By: Johnny Blaze

[Verse 1:] (Life’s A Beach)
She asked why I drank the Coronas,
Seems like this is worse than when she found my marijuana
Sitting here, back at Dragon Beach
It’s cold, I found a Dragon,
Well he found me,
But I’m still feeling weak
Ironic, used to be built strong
Now I’m a lost soul to my family, all I do is wrong
So I wrote this song,
-Just to express my emotions guys,
It was either that or kill myself; aka end my life
Yup, its actually come to this man
I’m at 5%, can’t feel my hands, damn
Life’s a beach and I’m just wind to the sand,
You wouldn’t last a minute in my boots,
You just don’t understand…

[Verse 2:] (The Way They Make Me Feel)
They make me feel like a degenerate
A devil child, cut my wings,
No longer heaven sent
Delicate, like I get thoughts of a predicate
They wonder where I’m going; Llewelyn
I’m tellin’ you guys right now,
I feel dark like my eyebrow
I’m softer than a white owl
Moaning misery like a-cow
See I’m just some type of animal,
Shoot me down but weed and beer are my antidotes
And I quote,
“You are a fucking idiot, you take things that aren’t yours,
-Say no more…

[Verse 3:]
Trying my best to fix my life
But I’m broken, super glue couldn’t fix it, right?
Yup, exactly
Can’t fix someone who’s broken,
Writing ’cause I feel like shit,
The world’s closin’
-In, on me, it sucks,
Should I roll some dice to change my luck?
Tough cookies LP,
You’re a loner,
And nobody will help me
They made me feel like I’m a monster
Man all I try to do is Stay Zen & Prosper
They make me feel like I’m sick in the head,
I imagine me 6-feet and dead
What a dread,
But instead, I fall, I trip, what’s sprung?
Where’s Summer? It’s Winter; I’m drunk
Glad I continued writing in my Rhyme book
Contemplated ending life but I was shook,
Life, can’t end like this,
Where’s my future?
Grown man, lone kid
Depressing poetry for your bitch asses
Quiet dude, never wanted to make an “Ask” eh,
I’m tired
Tell me what the fuck is real?
Good lord, can’t believe, this is the way they make me feel…

3) “Truth or Truth, Pt. I” [Final Version]

3) Truth or Truth, Pt. I
By: Johnny Blaze

I love this beat man
I love Slaughterhouse
Crooked I, Royce Da 5’9″, Joell Ortiz and Joe Budden
That’s that group right there, that powerhouse rap group
Feel me?
No one doing it better than those dudes right now
So, let me see what I can do on this Truth or Truth beat, off that “On The House” mixtape
You Ready?
Yo-yo-yo, yo!

[Verse 1:]
I seemed to have lost my face,
Went to Vapour Lounge with some friends ’cause they know the place,
I mean, I never been there before,
So my idea of a good time was about to kick at the door
Stoners are immune to the reality of life so when you ask me why I smoke I’ll tell you reality’s a dyke….
-But shes my wife
Unfortunately I admit, I’m addicted to weed,
Or maybe I’m just committed, who’s to say I’m not addicted to me?
My homies don’t approve of anything that I do,
When I asked them to join me they said “I’m sick of this dude”
Kinda fucked up how friends become strangers,
For once in my life I thought I couldn’t be in more danger
I had dreams that I could have good friends, good fam and a good wife,
Then I woke up and realized that this wasn’t real life

[Bridge 1:]
I pause for the beat to drop,
But in my mind, all I hear is the sound of the needle pop

[Verse 2:]
Sadly every day I wake up depressed and alone,
But when I go out, I put on a front like it was a well structured home
My mother hate the way that I look, I’m tired of disappointing her, every day I stress,
I make a mess on the floor of my mind with thoughts that don’t make sense
How could she look her own son in his eyes and tell him “You need to cut your hair, you don’t look like a guy”
Ain’t that some B.S,
My own mother don’t love me,
I should runaway and leave a note like P.S.
I really wished you accepted me Mama,
Difficult to rap this and say I can’t believe you did this to me Mama,
Now I have to grow up knowing you’ll never be proud of me,
Look me in the eye, smile with me
Well fuck you then!
I have a father but he never
cared really,
He was just there for us financially
He never taught me how to ride a bike,
Then when I aged, he wondered why I never ride the night
He should’ve gave me “the talk” man to man but he’s so pussy, he can’t handle being a man to a man
My own brother tellin’ me “Don’t do drugs don’t drink ya see?”
I say You do the same, so fuck you, I hope you bleed hypocrisy!
Nigga always mocking me!
Motherfucker is constantly cocky B!
I’m done with family,
You woulda thought that they ran from me!
I’m in this alone, it doesn’t matter anymo’,
Homies don’t know but fam, I’m grown

[Bridge 2:]
Ouuuuuuu oh
Nope I ain’t done yet,
I still need to speak my truth,
So don’t rewind it

[Verse 3:]
Today I realized that getting turnt up ain’t what it seems,
Drank so much that Saturday I fell to my knees
Everybody was probably starring, laughing, maybe even askin’ what happened,
Seems like people only remember the times you fail, not the times you prevail
It’s obvious that my real friends judge me even when I’m at my lowest point,
Weird, maybe I should just chill with the people who like to smoke a joint
I mean I ain’t gon’ lie, that day I fucked up, but that’s the reality of life,
If you don’t live and learn, you livin’ an inexperienced life
The other day I was with close friends, we smoked a couple Js, it was cool and shit,
But the weed made me realize what’s happening ain’t legit
My homie was acting like he was on shrooms,
This is the same guy who plays drums in his living room
The same dude who constantly judges me for doing drugs,
But there he was,
Smoking the kush, getting a buzz
At Subway the dude couldn’t eat,
Lettuce falling out of his mouth along with that meat
That was disgusting to witness,
I smoked but I was conscious,
Everyone smoked, everything they said was utterly non-sense
I couldn’t believe my eyes,
I was becoming that person who needed more in his mind,
Who could intake more weed, more alcohol, more food
What’s happening to me?
I need to turn my life around,
The first step in order to succeed,
Is knowing you can go a day without weed
No drinks please,
One too many for me and I’ll be down on my knees,
Like I’m at church when ironically, that’s what I need
I need those things in my life,
I want to be that person who knows that every little thing is gonna be alright
Bob Marley stays in my soul even when I’m blazed,
‘Cause knowing you’ll be okay, is a good thing to say
I honestly don’t know how I’ll get a job,
I’m an inexperienced gringo who stays at home like a slob
Maybe I should fix my resumé,
Make myself sound better than what I really am
Look at Sam,
Kicked out of his home,
Got on the phone with his Grandma,
She took him in,
He got a job,
Went back to school,
And got it in
How is it possible that stoners can get a job but not me?
I know I’m not trying but feels like even when I try they’ll just lie and say “We’ll call you”
Like that stupid bitch Missy,
You lied to me, you said I got the job at the shop,
I told all my friends that I would be working at a thrift shop
They all shut me down, told me it’s sketchy
Well how supportive of you,
-But they were right
She ended up tellin’ me that the position has been filled,
Which doesn’t make sense ’cause you said I’d be making bills
So next time don’t say the job is yours,
‘Cause now you look like a stupid, motherfucking whore…

[Bridge 3:]
Hol’ up, hol’ up, let me stop this for a second,
That was the old DLP,
Let’s talk in present time; from my perspective

[Verse 4:]
My Moms just found out I smoke dope
She said I’m stupid, she didn’t raise me like this, guess she’s lost all hope
And my brother, he snapped; raged at me, started yelling like a lunatic
He got in my face, where was my father? In the living room, all you heard was *click*
That’s the sound of the remote,
My Mama came into my room, grabbed my backpack and told me to throw away the dope
Sweet lord Jesus,
If I don’t get rid of my stash, she might call the police
-And, we don’t want no problems in here,
I’m just a stoner, lazy and might die a loner, but it’s my Mama I fear
-The most, if I quit smoking dope, will I really be livin’ the life I want?
Or livin’ a life to suffice the needs of my mother, I can’t front
-As if it wouldn’t bother me
But all I wanna see is you smile obviously
Mama don’t think less of me please! Don’t leave me stranded!
Yeah I’m a pothead but don’t panic, it’s only organic!
Man oh man seeing you break down is not something I wanted to see,
I can’t even pee, tears fall down my face and because I’m sick, I suddenly sneeze
I don’t wanna be the reason you die,
I couldn’t handle such a tragedy,
I would never be able to sleep; I would just stay up and cry
Why, why, why did this have to happen man?
I’m feeling suicidal like the white boy from Stan
And, how can I be the man if I’m the reason for your pain?
Guess I’m a piece of shit, I should die in vein
Sometimes I wonder will I really end up working for Double-X-L?
Will I eventually reach my goals, become a person who excelled?
I be lying if I said that doesn’t bother me,
This is truth or truth, and for the record I try not to lie, honestly
Truth be told if it weren’t for this pen and pad,
I’d be jumping off a bridge and land
-On a train track
Get demolished by a train, crap!
And this be the realest shit I ever wrote…

This song was written in four different periods of my life
That is why this is the deepest piece I ever wrote for real
Love me or hate me, without having writing as an outlet,
I would be dead with my tombstone that reads “David Lazo-Pineda; The Einstein Of Rap”
Because that’s how my legacy shall proceed,
Truth or Truth, Pt. I is undoubtedly me

The Rise and Fall of Vatos Locos

If you know me in real life you might know that I once created a group called Vatos Locos. But what ever happened to “Vatos Locos?” What happened to this group of friends that one day were like family and the next thing you know, they parted ways? Well, the time has come. It is time to tell the story of Vatos Locos.
Lets start from the beginning. It all started when *doo-loo-loo* (if you also know me, you would know I would always say doo-loo-loo before telling a story) I was in grade five. My best friend at the time Justin Andrade and I would always cause trouble and naturally shit disturb our teacher, Ms. Sternak. We loved to be reckless, loud and quote lines from the movie “Blood In Blood Out: Bound By Honor,” which is undoubtedly one of my favourite movies of all time:
(Miklo Velka; one of the three main characters from the film “Blood In Blood Out: Bound By Honor,” showing the Vatos Loco sign)
Even though Justin and I were two different people, we shared this common interest and absolutely adored that film. Mainly because the story revolves around three Chicano characters, two whom are brothers and the other is their cousin. The movie also unveils the concept of family, honour, loyalty and empathy. Needless to say, these three Chicano characters were Vatos Locos and that was something Justin and I admired dearly. There is this one line from the film that Justin and I would quote all the time; “Vatos Locos Forever!” One day, we decided we are Vatos Locos and at age ten, I believed with all my innocence that it would last forever. But then something unexpected occurred. It was the end of the year and my best friend was leaving Toronto; and I wasn’t sure if he was coming back…
A year went by and I reacquainted myself with friends whom I met when I was in Kindergarden (yeah, you read correctly, Kindergarden.) In grade six, the four of us became Boylicious, but that’s a story for another day.
Fast forward to grade eight. I formed a strong friendship with one member of Boylicious named Damian Da Cunha and I made an unexpected friendship with one Jason Vieira. These two guys would assist me in filling the Vatos Locos void:


(Left to right: Myself, Bradley, Damian and Jason)

Just like that, the three of us were tighter than a pair of skinny jeans on a white girl. We even went to the same High School together and on the first day, I stated Well, this is the beginning of the rest of our lives. It’s a shame that didn’t last either, because one group member fell into a different crowd of people at school. Nevertheless, by the time I was in grade ten, Vatos Locos was growing at a rate even Mr. Vacarri couldn’t calculate.

Who was involved at this point? Damian “What?” Da Cunha, Bradley “Va-ja-hine-nah!” Inacio, Matthew “Chubs” Pereira, James “Trololololol” Da Costa, Alexandra “Courtney Love/Xela/Alice/ etc.” Fontes, Diego “Pinche Mexican” Rivera, Courtney “Shenanigans” Shannon and Henrique “Lopesh” Lopes.

Now I knew Bradley from elementary school but it was when he came to Romero in grade ten that he became a Vato. To this day, I don’t remember how Chubs and James became Vatos. There was never really an “initiation” so to speak but they were hilarious guys and I loved them. Same goes for Alex and Diego. However, Courtney was a different case.

We were at a party and I witnessed her drunk for the first time. The things she said were hilarious, so hilarious I made her a Vato Loco that night. Despite my best effort, she didn’t last long as a Vato Loco but it’s not a bad thing. I still got respect for her, shout out to Courtney!

Last but not least, Lopesh! I knew Henri since grade seven in Ms. Gimblette’s class. He had the illest three pointer shot; we called it the “Henri Shot.” But in High School, as Vatos Locos grew, so did our friendship. I know it bothered him for the longest time that it took so long for him to become a Vato and I apologize buddy. For the record, I still have the video of when you were finally initiated into Vatos Locos and if you don’t remember, I will l send you the video haha:


Did ya keep track? There was officially eight members of Vatos Locos at this point and things were looking great. We actually had great times together some that I personally will never forget. Whether it was times we went bowling to birthday parties to celebrating a team’s victory in futbol or simply hanging outside on the front stoop, we had blessed times as a group. But we also had our downfall…

It started when two out of the eight members of the group were getting closer than usual. And by usual, I mean a bromance. It sparked a conflict within the group because of negative, hateful comments that were made daily by the two and it was something that didn’t bother me until one day, it all came out like when a virgin busts a nut for the first time. Naturally I approached the two members who were making disrespectful comments and thus resulted in the second dismemberment in Vatos Locos history. From that point on, the group fell apart as relationships within the group were not as strong as they used to be. Then on March 13, 2013, I made the announcement via Twitter that it was officially over:


Nevertheless in present day earth, I am proud to say I remain friends with majority of the group members and as the years go by, I know in my heart that these guys are in my life for a purpose. What that purpose is, I don’t know exactly, but I do know I love them like Floyd Mayweather loves money.

Now to reflect on Vatos Locos as an entity, was it a failure? Sure, happened three times before I realized I don’t need to label my group of my friends; I just need to know that they are my friends, homies that will be there for me as well as I will be there for them. But I do believe life is funny that way. I worshiped the film Blood In Blood Out so much that I completely lost track of how it affected my life for more than five years. I wanted what Miklo Velka had in the movie, I painfully desired something like Vatos Locos. But just like the ending of the film Blood In Blood Out: Bound By Honor, you can’t force something to happen it has to happen naturally. Now with that being said, I think it is safe to say Vatos Locos will live forever; through this blog post so to speak. And that kids is the story of how Boylicious was– uh, I mean… That is the rise and fall of Vatos Locos.









-David Lazo-Pineda

The Dawn of a New Era

Ladies and gentlemen, Summer is over as of today. It is now time for some of you to discontinue your drug habits that you picked up over the course of two months and begin to not only live soberly, but live life productively. Yes, the days of popping Mollys at raves, smoking ganja with your homies, playing beer pong with people you just met are officially over or for now that is. Because lets face it, tomorrow you will be going to your first day of College or University! How crazy is that? Seems like just yesterday you were wearing a uniform to school and trying to figure out “X” on an isosceles triangle. But this was something that was bound to happen. Even in High School, teachers would stress the importance of “finding yourself” and discover what you truly love to do in hopes that when you eventually figure out who you are, you can go to College or University and become a successor.

Although all of this may be overwhelming for some, you must look on the bright side of things. Some of you are blessed because you are allowed to move out and live on your own! Who would not want that right? No more bitching from Mom and Dad or your siblings because guess what? The only person that can tell you what to do, is you and only you. But, “With great power comes great responsibility” (I’ve always wanted to write that one, thanks Ben Parker) and needless to say, living on your own is a testament of how well you can manage being a mature individual in today’s society.

Too much responsibility eh? No big deal, nothing wrong with living at home with your parents/guardians and/or siblings because quite frankly, not everyone has the privilege to move out or to afford residency for that matter. And nothing says “College/Uni life” like spending money on material items that are an essential for success. But it’s like what Ray from Trailer Park Boys once said “That’s the way she goes.” Therefore, be prepared financially, mentally and physically because you are going to spend however number of years studying your asses off to maintain that average you worked for in High School. I mean, they probably don’t give a shit about you because all they want is your money. In the end, it truly is up to you to decide if you can make it or break it.

Now don’t let that intimate you one bit! Use this as the motivation to conquer everything that comes your way. You want to prove everybody wrong, remember? All those teachers and adults that said “you won’t make it” or “there’s no future in that field,” can go frig off! You want to make it in this world and if I were you, I’d go back to the same people who told me no and tell them I proved you wrong! Wouldn’t that be awesome? Fuck yeah it would.

If you’re wondering “Why is DLP writing about College/University? Isn’t he going too?” The answer to that is yes, but in due time. First I will be taking the year off to dig deeper into myself whilst working because ma’fuckas need money. So, I shall see you guys in September 2015 no big deal 🙂 Anyways, I better end this blog post soon so you guys can prepare yourselves for the big day tomorrow and with that being said, I’d like to dedicate the following poem to the Class of 2014:

The Dawn of a New Era

By: Johnny Blaze

Hey class of 2014,
It’s me, good ol’ David LP
I’m happy to see most of you guys are going back to school this fall,
I’m sprung over Summer still, but hey, in school try Adderall
Don’t be worried y’all,
Word is that drug will help you maintain focus,
So studying will be easier, as long as you’re under the potent
And we all know that’s important
Yeah this is the dawn of a new era
You are given the opportunity to reinvent yourself, start over,
But girls, you don’t have to put on too much mascara
‘Cause you might scare uh, the fell-ah’s
And you don’t want to do that,
Lookin’ to find “the one?” First you must chat
It’s easy, get to know new people don’t think it’s sleazy
I know it sounds cheesy but this is your time to shine
Fuck High School, you get to study what you love so continue the grind
In hopes that one day you’ll say “The world is mine”
And in due time it will
Just hustle hard and don’t fail
This is your only chance to prevail
That goes to females and males
Well, I wish you good luck on your first year of University or College
When the time is right, party hard and in the end, attain valuable knowledge.

IMG_4566-Stay Zen and Prosper,

David Lazo-Pineda

43) “Be Free”

43) Be Free
By: Johnny Blaze

[Verse 1:]
I’m strugglin’ now
‘Cause I seem to always fuck up my lifestyle
It’s true,
I can’t really deal
With all the bullshit that my past has done to me, for real

[Hook:] (x2)
All I want to do is take the chains off
All I want to do is break the chains off
All I want to do is be free
All I want to do is be free

[Verse 2:]
Can you feel my pain?
‘Cause it exist though nobody notice; God damn it’s a shame
I wanna love again,
But there ain’t a woman out here that can accept my zen
Oh, man

[Hook:] (x2)
All I want to do is take the chains off
All I want to do is break the chains off
All I want to do is be free
All I want to do is be free

[Verse 3:]
People getting killed, pulling Smiths at will
Just increase the peace,
Stop the violence please!
I can’t take it anymore,
Bodies dropping to the floor
This we can’t ignore,
This we can’t ignore

[Hook:] (x2)
All I want to do is take the chains off
All I want to do is break the chains off
All I want to do is be free
All I want to do is be free

40) “If I Should Have A Son…”

“If I Should Have a Son…”

By: Johnny Blaze

If I should have a son, let it be known first off that I was the one. I was the one who had to grow up with a father who was never there for me or cared for me. He was just there for us financially. I was the one who had to deal with the fact that growing up, my father was nothing but the first three letters. Fat. He was a fat man; a man who you will never meet and I won’t allow you to meet him, ever. Not even at his grave site. But who am I kidding, calling my father a man is a compliment and he doesn’t deserve such false recognition. If I should have a son, I’ll make it my mission to fit the definition of Dad, now peep this transition.

I will be the one who plants the seed into your mother’s soil. I will be the one who puts headphones on your mother’s baby bump just so you can hear Bob Marley thump. I will be the one who teaches you everything you need to know about old school Hip-Hop and slap you silly if you listen to Pop. I will be the one, when push comes to shove, no matter what happens when you’re born, I’ll show you nothing but love. Because I will be there for you day in, day out, rain or shine whatever the weather. I’m telling you this because when I was growing up, I didn’t know any better. I thought perhaps life is but a dream and my childhood was nothing but a nightmare. You might scare, away all the pretty girls with your brutal honesty and if I should have a son, you’ll be so modesty.

Now when you go to elementary, I don’t want you to be that kid in the schoolyard who thinks he’s better than everyone. You will be the best thing that has ever happened to me; my trophy son. I’ll pick you up and hold you high in the sky, and as the sun shines, recognize, that kid, you’ll always be mine. If I should have a son, I’ll watch him discover himself as he enters high school but word of advice, don’t do drugs it’s true, it’s not cool. I witnessed first hand how a student can go from a 90 percent average to not caring about anything and became a drug addict.

I was never good at sustaining a relationship so if your mother leaves me, I’m sorry but I’ll maintain you if, you promise to never leave my sight. I might be the clingy type but deal with it kid, I’m going to hold you tight. And I will never let you go, even when I get old and my skin starts to show, signs of aging, I’ll be watching you graduate high school, go on to college and become something amazing. But be careful, the universe has its ways of making life difficult. You’ll realize, as you get older that women are complicated. You’ll get heartbroken more times than you will fall in love, trust me I’ve been there kiddo. Sometimes you can’t always be a hero.

When the time comes and the universe throws you a once in a lifetime opportunity, accept it, no questions, especially if it’s a woman who loves you for who you are inside and out. Then you’ll have a job but be smart, don’t get into something you won’t like. Do what you love to do and enjoy life. If I should have a son, he’ll eventually get married and start a family of his own, and I will still be around to be a grandfather; wise and bold. Last but not least when I die so to speak, I want you to remember this, don’t think it’s weak. Stay zen and prosper, that’s my life’s motto son. It’s time to pass on the torch, you are the chosen one.